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Chapter 622 - Star-scarred Robe

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Chapter 622: Star-scarred Robe However, the protective properties were just one of the advantages. The six mageweaths were far more valuable than that.

Everyone knew that mages had to rely on meditation to continuously acc.u.mulate their mana, and there were environmental and emotional conditions that had to be fulfilled in order for meditation to work. It was not possible to practice meditation anytime and anywhere. If a mage was not in a safe environment during meditation, he would likely have no ability to put up any resistance in an emergency.

Therefore, another great benefit of the Star-scarred Robe was that when a mage wore it, he could automatically absorb the power of the stars to maintain a high recovery speed even without meditation. Mana was the root for mages. If they were to face a shortage of mana during the battle, it would undoubtedly prove deadly. Hence, this absorption could help during battles.

Elemental Wyrms had infinite mana, thus obtaining a terrifying image in legends. Due to the fact that they could use their mana freely to destroy any strong magic or opponent, they were extremely daunting opponents. The Star-scarred Robe was much less formidable, though its mana recovery abilities and the help that it could give to mages were not to be belittled.

There were now only three Star-scarred Robes belonging to the elves, one of which was owned by the elven queen, the others owned by the descendants of the Star Sage and stored in the treasure vault of the Queldana Family, respectively. Even in the Elven Kingdom, only a few elves knew about the robe. How did Lin Li, a human mage, find out?

Elder Randy was stuck in a dilemma, but the current circ.u.mstances did not allow him to hesitate any longer. The Star-scarred Robe was nothing compared to the life of Princess Elune. Of course, the elves were not pushovers, either. Must I give it to him just because he asks for it? Elder Randy thought.

“Please rest a.s.sured, Mage Felic. The Star-scarred Robes are not here at the moment, but I can get others to bring them here as soon as possible. However, can you go and see the poisoned elves first? I am afraid that their bodies will not last long.” Elder Randy decided to pull a scheming trick in a bid to get Lin Li to treat the poisoned elves and Princess Elune first. He reckoned that it would take at most one or two days for the toxins to be removed completely. By then, he could probably reconsider giving Lin Li the Star-scarred Robes.

Lin Li appeared to be stuck in a dilemma as if he did not see through the scheming tricks of the elven elder. However, he still ended up agreeing to take a look at the poisoned elves, though he did not promise that he could get rid of the poison.

Elder Randy was exhilarated. He felt that everything would be worth it as long as he could rescue Princess Elune, be it swallowing his pride or making hefty promises.

Soon, under the guidance of Elder Randy, Lin Li arrived at the tent that Princess Elune was in. The high-level elves had all been waiting there, and they seemed to have instantly heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the human mage.

In the opinion of the high-level elves, Randy really deserved to be the eighth elder of the Emerald Council—Lin Li who had been feigning ignorance had finally come forth after Randy stepped in.

However, when Lin Li was about to enter the tent, he turned to look at the elven elder, and said, “Let me first look at the condition of the poisoned elves. You don't have to follow me. You'd better arrange the matters regarding the Star-scarred Robes.”

“Don't worry, I'll arrange it right now,” Elder Randy said while nodding smilingly.

Lin Li walked into the tent, while Elder Randy stayed outside where he got surrounded by several high-level elves who had all heard Lin Li mention the Star-scarred Robes[1]. As the senior executives of the Queldana Family, they naturally knew about the Star-scarred Robes. All of them knew how important the Star-scarred Robe was to the Queldana Family. However, after hearing the conversation between Lin Li and their Elder Randy…

Although he was the eighth elder, they found his decision to be a little too rash. Princess Elune was the princess of the Elven Kingdom, not the princess of the Queldana Family. They felt that it was unfair for them to give away their Star-scarred Robe for the sake of saving her life.

It was not that they could not figure out which was more important, Princess Elune or the Star-scarred Robe, but rather that they could not tolerate giving the Star-scarred Robe away to a lowly human mage.

It was true that Princess Elune and the poisoned elves needed the antidote from Lin Li, but that did not change their impression or opinion of him. Although the high-level elves were extremely polite when they faced Lin Li now, they still thought of him as a disgusting human mage who often hung around dirty Undead creatures.

Only n.o.ble beings like the elven queen and the Seven Sages were qualified to wear the Star-scarred Robes. The human mage Lin Li only happened to discover an antidote for the poison by chance, yet he had the audacity to covet their Star-scarred Robes. They found it to be absurd and unacceptable.

Although the high-level elves did not dare to directly blame Elder Randy, they still had some complaints, and did blame him to a certain extent deep down in their hearts. It wasn't a big deal to give Lin Li some benefits, but they felt that Elder Randy should have just given him some herbs, and not offer to give him the Star-scarred Robe. Besides, the Star-scarred Robe was regarded as a secret in the family. How could Elder Randy give it to him voluntarily?

Elder Randy glanced at the high-level elves sternly, and said, “I will not investigate to find out who told him about the Star-scarred Robe for now. Everything will be alright as long as Princess Elune is safe and sound. However, in the future, please remain tight-lipped and think twice before saying anything.”

The high-level elves thought that Elder Randy was the one who had voluntarily offered to give the Star-scarred Robe to Lin Li, while Elder Randy suspected that one of them had leaked the secret, especially suspecting those two who'd gone to persuade Lin Li.

However, they couldn't just constantly suspect each other. No matter what, the Star-scarred Robe could never be given away just like that. Elder Randy had long made up his mind. He beckoned a high-level elf over and instructed him to go home and get the Star-scarred Robe. At the same time, he also told him to take his time.

Everyone instantly understood his intentions. The antidote would require at most one night to remove the poison, and once the poisoned elves recovered, there would be no need to give the Star-scarred Robe to Lin Li.

With such an idea settled, the emotions of Elder Randy and several high-level elves were much more stable than before, and in fact, they were even a little bit proud of their brilliant scheme. Elder Randy and the high-level elves did not feel guilty about breaching the agreement, because they knew that humans were experts at going back on their word. In that case, there would be nothing wrong to feed them with their own medicine, the elves thought.

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At this moment, Lin Li also exited from the tent with a frown. He continuously shook his head and seemed to be mumbling something.

However, despite having hoped for a long time, the high-level elf who was sent back to take the Star-scarred Robes still did not receive any new instructions from the elders, though he returned to the camp presumptuously. He thought that he would just be taking the robe out for a walk, and he reckoned that Princess Elune and other poisoned elves must have been completely recovered after a few days. However, after he understood the situation, it was already too late, and he couldn't go out with the robe again, because it would be blatantly telling Lin Li that they did not wish to give him the robe.

Elder Randy touched the family treasure with his hands. Even though he could not bear to give it away, the robe had already been brought to the campground, and there was no excuse he could give to Lin Li. Since Lin Li knew that they had Star-scarred Robes, he probably knew that it had already been delivered to the campground too. Not to mention, the poisoned elves and Princess Elune had not recovered completely. One could only imagine how dire the consequences would be if he were to back out now.

Hence, when Lin Li went to the elves' tent to continue with the treatment again, Elder Randy, who had been waiting long ago, reluctantly took out the Star-scarred Robe.

“Mage Felic, this is the Star-scarred Robe that you want. I believe you have the ability to tell its authenticity. Please take extra care of Princess Elune and the poisoned elves.” He then handed the robe to Lin Li.

“Oh, this is the Star-scarred Robe. Elves are truly credible and people of their words. Thank you, then.” Lin Li accepted it without standing on ceremony, and immediately placed it in the Ring of Endless Storm without checking, because he could tell that it was genuine just from the mageweaths on it.

Elder Randy and several high-level elves watched Lin Li put away the Star-scarred Robe while feeling deeply anguished. They knew that the Star-scarred Robe would never have anything to do with the Queldana Family again. In any case, as long as Princess Elune was able to remain safe, their sacrifice would be worth it. That was the only way Elder Randy could comfort himself.

For this round of treatment, Lin Li did not retain anything. He used sufficient doses of potion according to the amount of toxins in the poisoned elves. After the treatment, Elder Randy could tell that their condition had greatly improved without even having to check thoroughly.

“Mage Felic, how much longer will the treatment take?” Elder Randy asked apprehensively.

Lin Li stroked his chin, and smilingly answered, “There's no need for further treatment. The toxins in their bodies have been removed, and their power will recover tonight.”

Elder Randy, who was already feeling the pain of giving the Star-scarred Robe away, stared at Lin Li while gritting his teeth angrily, and snapped, “Mage Felic, didn't you say that treatment for them couldn't be too hasty!?”

Greatly taken aback, Lin Li nonchalantly said, “Is it hasty? It's already been a few days. If you think it's too fast, why don't we repeat the entire treatment all over again? Actually, I can go slower. 10 days or two weeks shouldn't be an issue.”

[1] Actually, the author isn't too clear whether the deal is to give LL one or two of those robes. LL wanted two, but then author writes as though the elves are going to give him just one. We'll stick to the initial version, but don't be surprised if it ends with the second one. Wouldn't be the first time.

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