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Chapter 619 - Taking Advantage

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Chapter 619: Taking Advantage

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Indeed, a greedy person will definitely not be taking an adventure in the Haiga Mountain Range. Since he's a mage and he isn't after the treasure of the Immortal King, is he only after money? Obviously, that is impossible. What really makes these humans tempted is their pursuit of strength.

 Having figured this out, Culofen suddenly felt much more confident. Pretending to be indifferent, he casually asked, “These days, I don't see you here often, Mage Felic. You must have been studying magic on your own, eh? Speaking of magic, there are some things in our elven family that may not be available in your world. If there are any issues about magic, you may tell us about it, and perhaps you can find an answer here.”

To be honest, even an ordinary elf might not be able to get personal advice from Culofen, let alone a human mage, yet Culofen was now offering to give a human mage some tips and a rare learning opportunity. Even Legendary-mages like Cheyenne and Borg would be happy to discuss magic with elven Legendary-mages.

 However, Lin Li ‘s reaction was completely beyond the expectations of Culofen. Instead of taking up the rare learning opportunity, Lin Li actually shook his head slightly, and said, “Thank you for your kindness. My current level of magic may be relatively shallow, but I haven't encountered any problems that were too difficult to solve.”

 Upon hearing the answer from Lin Li, Culofen's face stiffened a little, but he soon returned to normal again. “Haha, it doesn't matter. In fact, I wasn't referring to a specific problem. Us elves do have some solutions that would be useful for mages to enter the Legendary-realm. For example, the realization of the nomological power. Although many people say that you can only understand it by yourself, there are actually some ways to shorten the time required.”

 I will give you a shortcut to the Legendary-realm, and you probably will do me a favor out of grat.i.tude. To those below the Legendary-level, the Legendary-realm and mastering the world's nomological power are a G.o.dly thing, Culofen thought to himself, believing that no one could refuse such a temptation.

 “Hehe, do you mean spiritual guidance? But the insights gained through this method are all from the guide, and although the difficulty of understanding the nomological power is reduced, even if it is successful, the path in the future will be more difficult than that of others. It might be 100 or more times harder,” Lin Li said disapprovingly.

 In the magical world, it was generally believed that mages understood the nomological power and that relying on themselves was the only way to enter Legendary-realm. The spiritual guidance that Lin Li mentioned was an express route that would allow a Legendary-mage to become a guide. The mental strength of the two would be merged together, after which the guide manipulated the nomological power to allow the guided person to achieve enlightenment.

However, there would also be the problem of success rate, followed by the nomological power which could only be understood by the guided with the help of a guide. In other words, it was equivalent to being directly limited. Even if one had entered the Legendary-realm, it would still be extremely difficult to break through the restriction and advance further. In fact, it was almost right to say that further possibilities were restricted. If one were to break through those boundaries, he would be talented enough not to need a guide, and would have a great chance at entering the Legendary-realm. Of course, Culofen might be referring to other methods, but their nature should be the same.

Culofen's face froze again. Although he was not talking about spiritual guidance, it didn't really make much difference. Since Lin Li had already made such a statement and mentioned the side effects of this method, it meant that he was rather knowledgeable.

At this moment, Culofen suddenly remembered the methods the human mage used to subdue Jacques that night. Although on that day, the Chief Elder Randy and several high-level elves had all realized that his methods were extraordinary and reckoned that Lin Li must have used powerful magical equipment, he now began to wonder if Lin Li actually wasn't a Legendary-mage already.

 Culofen could not quite believe his own speculation. The elves had inherited part of the genes of the High Elves; hence, they definitely felt a great sense of superiority over the other races. However, even the younger elven geniuses had never become Legendary powerhouses at such a young age. None among the Helios, Druids, and the Seven Sages had ever entered the Legendary-realm at such a young age.

 In order to verify his guess, Culofen casually raised some questions about the Legendary-realm and talked about his own understanding of the nomological power. Those who knew nothing about the Legendary-realm would never be able to talk about these topics. Even if one's knowledge is based on hearsay, he would let the cat out of the bag once they went deeper.

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Lin Li had never deliberately concealed his own strength. Seeing how polite Culofen was, he decided to add a few sentences too. He then added on to Culofen's topic and casually talked about his own understanding. There would be no need for an in-depth discussion in Lin Li's opinion.

However, under the harmonious facade, Culofen wished he could smack his own mouth. At this rate, when would he broach the topic of Princess Elune again? There had been various points when Culofen wanted to stop and s.h.i.+ft the topic back to Princess Elune. However, Lin Li's replies made him continue talking, and thus drifting further and further away from his own agenda.

Throughout the entire afternoon, Culofen took on the role of a storyteller. Those stories were very common among the elves, and none of the younger ones would be interested in listening to them. However, even after the sky turned dark, Culofen still had yet to talk about Princess Elune again, and it was fair to say that nothing serious was mentioned.

Seeing that it was getting late and that he would make no progress if he were to go on, Culofen had no choice but to stand up awkwardly and excuse himself.

Lin Li then walked Culofen out of the tent.

After leaving the tent, Culofen turned around and smiled wryly. When he arrived, he did consider the possibility of how tough to deal with Lin Li might be, but he did not expect the outcome to be as such. Lin Li did not give him any hostile att.i.tude, and was instead very polite when listening to his stories and talking to him. Lin Li's politeness was the reason it was even more difficult for Culofen to say anything.

Culofen returned to see Chief Elder Randy and his peers, to whom he briefly explained what had happened in Lin Li's tent. When he mentioned Lin Li's Legendary-realm strength, his peers were undoubtedly surprised, but everyone was paying more attention to the poisoned and unconscious Princess Elune. The most important thing to do now was to enlist Lin Li's help.

“What Culofen did today is not exactly useless. Well, at least the relations.h.i.+p between us and this human mage should have eased a little after the conversation they had today. In that case…” After looking around at several high-level elves, the elder kept his eyes fixed on one of them. “Gildor, you may go this time. Don't beat around the bush and cut straight to the chase about our situation.

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