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Chapter 618 - Hope

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Chapter 618: Hope

The unknown poison could actually be dealt with? The high-level elves were flabbergasted, just as if they had heard the craziest thing ever. The Queldana Family's elders felt like they had seen a glimmer of hope. They just had to find out the reason for the dissipation of the toxins in Moonsaber Panther's body.

The elven elders and the high-level elves got a grip on themselves and a.n.a.lyzed the characteristics of the Moonsaber Panther together, from its usual habits to its body's characteristics and various legendary tales about it. They wondered if it had something to do with its eating habits, or because it naturally had some kind of power. Could it be…

The atmosphere in the tent became extremely rowdy all of a sudden. At this crucial juncture, the elders and high-level elves had all decided to put their ident.i.ties aside and try to find the desired outcome.

However, that atmosphere did not last for long. Whenever an elf raised a possibility, a few others would immediately beat his idea down. Gradually, after various rejections, they began to take longer to think, and silence once again filled the air.

“Could it really be… Impossible, that can't be.” The high-level elf who had brought Moonlight in to the tent immediately shook his head and tried to beat down the conjecture that he had just come up with.

Another elf peculiarly asked, “Felefin, what did you want to say? What's possible? Tell us about it. We can't let it go even if it's just a possibility.”

“It can't be, Ferner, we'd better stop wasting time on this and think about other clues that we haven't thought of yet,” Felefin said while shaking his head.

At this moment, the elven elder spoke. Although his tone was calm, he sounded a little hopeful. “Tell us about it. Even if its impossible, it might give us some signs and tips that can lead us to the correct mindset.”

“Senior Randy, it really is impossible. Do you remember what I said when I brought Moonlight back? I happened to see that human mage named Felic feeding something to Moonlight, but it was too late by the time I stopped him.” The thought of it made Felefin frown with a look of disdain.

Hearing these words, several elves frowned. Such a major thing happened that night, so they certainly would know what the culprit's name was. The elves had often seen themselves as far superior to humans and other intelligent races. Not to mention, Lin Li was often hanging around an Undead creature; hence, they naturally felt more disgusted.

“It is indeed impossible. How could that human have such a power since he's companions with a filthy Undead creature? Even Elder Eddie couldn't remove the poison in Princess Elune with Natural Rejuvenation, let alone a lowly human mage. He definitely can't provide an antidote for the poison.” Ferner had also gained the agreement of his peers.

The Natural Rejuvenation technique used by the elders was taught by the legendary Druids, and all souls could be resurrected using the Natural Rejuvenation technique so long as they had yet to be broken. They did not believe that the change in Moonlight had something to do with Lin Li, who was horrendous in their opinion. Hence, they decided to believe that it was a sign from G.o.ddess of Nature, Monferra.

However, after a moment of silence, Elder Randy said, “It's such a peculiar poison. Maybe he really has some special techniques.”

In fact, what the elven elders said might be what the high-level elves had thought about too, though they found it hard to accept the idea. When they were trying to find out the reason, they should have instantly thought about the thing that Lin Li had fed to it. However, because of their own pride and prejudice against human beings, they avoided the possibility of the cure being what Lin Li had fed to the panther in hopes of finding other reasons.

Even after having discussed and come up with numerous possibilities, they still couldn't find an acceptable answer. However, they realized that they ought to forgo their pride for the sake of their family's survival at this point.

“That human mage works with an Undead creature all day, so it's possible that he might have some sinister means,” Ferner said, seemingly trying to give himself an out. He was just trying to say: “Despicable people will resort to despicable means. We are the lofty elves, so it's normal for us not to know about these things.”

However, no matter what, the elves were all facing one common problem: how to get the despicable human to save Princess Elune and the injured elves?

The high-level elves had a terrible impression of the human mage Lin Li, especially after the incident that night. The fact that he often interacted with an Undead creature was already unacceptable for the elves. Not to mention, some young elves were severely punished because of the human mage Lin Li. The elves thought that it would be nothing wrong to describe Lin Li with derogatory adjectives.

However, it was not the time for the elves to care about their pride now. If the poisoned elves and Princess Elune could not be rescued, it'd be a huge disaster for both the Queldana Family and the entire Elven Kingdom.

Elder Randy glanced at the faces of several high-level elves, only to see that they were all awkward and too afraid to even make eye contact with him because they knew that one of them had to seek help from the human mage Lin Li.

Actually, without having to ask, those high-level elves all knew that Lin Li was probably the reason for everything that happened to the Moonsaber Panther at this point.

If it were another human, such as the ones from the Dark Blade or the Malfa Family, the elves would probably not feel as awkward. Those humans wished that they could get acquainted with the elves; hence, the elves would not need to send their request at all. As long as they told the humans about the situation, the latter would definitely come forth to provide help.

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However, Mage Felic clearly had a different mindset from the other humans. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten into such a huge conflict with the elves for the sake of an Undead creature. It was obviously impossible to get Lin Li to help just with a single sentence. They definitely had to lower their pride and plead with him.

With a false smile on his face, Culofen reached out, lifted the tent curtain, and entered. “Mage Felic, I'm so sorry. I should have visited earlier, but there are too many things to handle in the camp. Hence, it had to be delayed until today.”

“Oh, you are…” Lin Li did not know who he was, because while Borg wanted to introduce them at the start, the elves did not bother getting to know other humans.

Culofen's smile did not change, and he introduced himself to Lin Li very politely. “My name is Culofen, and I'm mainly in charge of welcoming and arranging human adventure teams.”

Lin Li did not pull a long face, and instead greeted him politely. He then asked Culofen for the purpose of his visit. Of course, he had already guessed his intentions, but then again, the elves had nothing to do with him. Hence, why should he bother helping them?

What are you doing here? Asking for help?

Although that was the truth, the high-level elf could not bring himself to say it. However, while he was on his way, he had already figured out what to say. He believed that a few words should be enough to make Lin Li comply.

Culofen glanced at the decorations in the tent and turned to look at Lin Li. “Mage Felic, the conditions in this camp may be a little poor. I don't know if you have gotten used to living here yet. If you need something here, please don't hesitate to tell me, though.”

Borg would definitely be shocked to see the high-level elf swallowing his pride and acting so meekly. Even the fellow elves had never seen such a side to him before. Culofen who had a high status in the Queldana Family was actually so polite to a human mage for the first time!

However, Lin Li did not buy it, though he remained very polite. He did not accept the goodwill of Culofen, and instead shook his head with a smile. “I came here for adventure, not for amenities. There's nothing I can't get used to. I don't think I lack anything, because the Malfa Family has already prepared everything for me.”

“Oh, yes, that's good to hear.” Culofen smiled unnaturally, but desperately tried to find a way to tackle Lin Li. Wait, he's a mage! Culofen suddenly got an idea. Since Lin Li was a mage, he must have a great desire to improve magic.

Although the elves had been implicated and almost fell into disastrous circ.u.mstances after the Dark Age, they still survived and expanded to the current extent. In terms of the relations.h.i.+p between elves and High Elves in the Dark Age, they were not only related by blood, the elves had also inherited a lot of the cultural heritage of the High Elves, the most important of which was all kinds of magic books.

Although most of the elves had learned nature magic after the settlement of the Emerald Forest, they did learn other magic too. Moreover, the magical cla.s.sics left by the High Elves were also very helpful, be it nature magic or other types. All types of magic would have to return to the origin of Rule Power in the end. This was why at the Legendary-realm, even magic below the Legendary level could be used well by a mage that had never learned it before.

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