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Chapter 608 - Elves

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Chapter 608: Elves

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Lin Li touched the Dream Garden on his finger, and pressed Xiao Hua back into the ring. He thought that the baby Elemental Wyrm had already hatched, and no longer needed to absorb large amounts of magical elements. Although these magical beasts appeared to be quite silly, who didn't want to live their life in peace without the abnormal fluctuations in magical elements?

As if to prove Lin Li's words, the team didn't encounter any ma.s.sive herds of magical beasts on the way anymore. Some intelligent beasts even ran away when seeing them. Before this, during the two rounds of attacks, these beasts didn't back down no matter what, just as if they had deep grudges with the team.

At night, there were many more defensive magical devices and people on patrol when the team was resting. Much to everyone's surprise, the night was extremely calm, and the people could finally loosen their nerves and have a good sleep.

The next morning, the team prepared to set off again. After a night of good rest, the team was rather energized. The rare peaceful night was very important to this adventurer team because they were going to enter the true forbidden zone of the Haiga Mountain Range today.

Here, level-18 and 19 magical beasts were common, and it was normal to meet Legendary magical beasts if one was unlucky. To worsen the situation, there seemed to be prehistoric magical beasts here according to rumors from the Ledin Kingdom.

Although the majority of the prehistoric magical beasts had been killed or exiled during the rule of the High Elves, n.o.body could guarantee that prehistoric magical beasts were extinct in Anril. After all, those prehistoric magical beasts that existed during the times of the Wyrms and t.i.tans were at least level-23 or 24. If one was unlucky, even a Sanctuary-realm powerhouse could be…

 The Anril now was no longer what it was like 1,300 years ago, when powerhouses were common. Most Sanctuary-realm powerhouses lived solitary lives, and appeared once in a few hundred years. Some even traveled through the cracks between s.p.a.ce and time, searching for the fundamental secrets of the world.

Sanctuary-level magical beasts were considered the most terrifying beings in the world. If they were to meet one unfortunately, even this hundred-odd-strong team with five Legendary powerhouses would need enough luck to escape.

Upon venturing deep into the Haiga Mountain Range, Cheyenne, Borg, and even Lin Li raised their guard. This region was rarely visited by people ever since the prehistoric times. Even the Elven Kingdom that was so near couldn't consider this land their own.

While the team slowly advanced, Lin Li used the same time to study the treasure he had while keeping up his guard. Although all three factions had this map now, only the one with Lin Li was the original. The one with the Malfa Family was just a copy that Adelo had produced. As for the Dark Blade, they had gotten the map through their spy in the Malfa Family, so it could only be considered a copy of a copy.

Over the past few days, Lin Li appeared to be very free as if he was just in the Haiga Mountain Range to hunt. However, he was actually busy examining the treasure map, and could now remember every minute detail on the map.

From his understanding of the treasure map, Lin Li knew that the Malfa Family and Dark Blade had been more than prepared to get the Immortal King's treasure. Although they had changed the route a bit according to Osric's adventure diary, the final route taken was still the correct one. According to the map that Lin Li had, they would reach the area that the Immortal King's treasure might be in within three days. It was just that n.o.body was sure of its exact location.

“It seems abnormally peaceful lately…” Lin Li released the Warlock's Eyes and scanned the surroundings for anything unusual. These past few days seemed too peaceful. Other than the two magical beast attacks before, the team didn't encounter any danger at all.

However, in this forbidden zone deep in the Haiga Mountain Range, calmness meant abnormality. After all, legends said that the Haiga Mountain Range was the playground of magical beasts. Powerful beasts had lived here for thousands of years. How could they let so many intruders come in just like this?

Lin Li looked where the Legendary masters were standing, and pressed Xiao Hua back into Dream Garden with a Legendary magical crystal.

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Even though Lin Li had seen powerful existences like the Elemental Wyrm and t.i.tan Spirit, he was still cautious about the Legendary prehistoric magical beasts. He had defeated the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar because of the Magic-forbidding Domain created with the Heart-piercing Potion, while the t.i.tan Spirit lost to the Requiem Array. However, Lin Li couldn't guarantee that he could strike at the weakness again if he were to face a Sanctuary-level prehistoric magical beast.

The team prepared for battle after bringing back the injured scouts from the forest. However, what came out from the forest wasn't any powerful magical beast, but a group of green-haired, pointy-eared elves.

The presence of the elves didn't ease the tension. Every elf was equipped with either a set of bow and arrows or a magic staff, making the situation tenser than before.

Although humans had accepted the existence of the Elven Kingdom, and the kingdom had frequent interactions with the human nations, the deep grudges between the two races weren't easily resolved by a mere 1000-plus years. The elves saw humans as their foes, while humans saw elves as outsiders. If it wasn't the Haiga Mountain Range, there might still be rules to restrain the two races to prevent war. However, here in the Haiga Mountain Range, which didn't belong to any party or influence, there was no restraint at all.

Just as the Legendary masters from the adventurers team had come to the front of the team and the two parties were on the verge of battling, Borg from the Dark Blade suddenly laughed.

Borg didn't say anything to others, and flew towards the group of elves, not seeming to be surprised by their presence at all.

 The place was quiet. Only faint sounds of conversation between Borg and the elves could be heard. Borg talked to one of the elves in a fluent elven language. Though it couldn't be considered a happy conversation, they didn't seem to be at odds. Following their conversation, a few other elves walked out from the forest.

Lin Li's pupils contracted when he saw the elves that walked out later. These elves weren't typical elves. Judging from the power waves from their bodies, they had definitely reached the Legendary-realm. One of them was even stronger than Vidas, whom Lin Li had encountered earlier. He probably had the power of level-23 already.

Like the High Elves, the elves enjoyed longevity that made humans jealous. After the mixing of races during the Dark Age, the elves possessed part of the blood of the High Elves. Thus, their talent in magic was much higher than humans'. Though it was difficult to judge who was right or wrong during the war at the end of the Dark Age, the elves would have succeeded the High Elves as the rulers of Anril if they hadn't been purged.


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