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Chapter 603 - Spirit

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Chapter 603: Spirit

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Although the skeleton of a t.i.tan was not as precious as the remains of the Dragon of Destruction which was one of the five Dragon Aspects, Lin Li could put the t.i.tan skeleton to great use with his current abilities.

The Dragon of Destruction mastered the Laws of Darkness and Laws of Destruction, and there were also plenty of Dark Force and Destruction Force in its bones. Given Lin Li's current abilities, it would be almost impossible to fully utilize it without any wastage. He could probably only achieve such a feat when he became a Divine Smith. That was the reason that he had not touched the skeleton of the Dragon of Destruction after such a long time.

However, the skeletons of t.i.tans were completely different. Since Lin Li was a Smithing Guru, he could use them to forge weapons, create strong magic arrays, or build indestructible castles. He could fully utilize it without any wastage.

 However, after confirming that it was the skeleton of a t.i.tan, the first thing that popped up in Lin Li's mind was that the Black Front Fortress was finally going to be completed.

Lin Li and the necromancer Sendros had once spent some time together in the Blackstone Mountains. After seeing that Lin Li had brought Death Knights out from the Scar of Death, he decided to give Lin Li the design sketch of Black Front Fortress that he had been keeping for a long time.

Black Front Fortress was a type of barracks that was specially designed for Death Knights. It could transform mana into Death Aura, and when a Death Knight was placed in the fortress, it could not only continuously strengthen its physical strength, it could also speed up the digestion of the soul fire. Actually, this advantage applied to other Undead creatures too.

After Lin Li became a Legendary-mage, the battles that he faced were on a whole new level, and the Death Knights did not have the right to join in at all. Be it the Alchemy Colossus which was almost legendary, or the Crimson Dragon from the underground palace, neither of them was something a Death Knight could match, what more the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar.

The army of Death Knights could destroy everything without saving anything for Lin Li. Although Lin Li was no saint, he could not bring himself to do something so ruthless like the Retribution Knight Rodhart. It was impossible for him to use the entire spirit power of the Breezy Plains to enhance his strength. In fact, he had almost forgotten about the army of Death Knights which he had arranged to be situated in the mountains near the Tower of Dusk where they could roam around.

Actually, Lin Li had been keeping the design sketch of the Black Front Fortress for some time now, and he had never once taken action, because it was way too difficult to find the suitable materials. If the t.i.tan skeleton was used to build the Black Front Fortress, the benefits would definitely outweigh the cost of the materials mentioned in the design sketches.

The t.i.tans had the power to control Thunderbolt, and their bodies had also been tempered by Thunderbolt. The power of Thunderbolt within their bones was not that of the evolved Thunderbolt. Instead, it was the power of Thunderbolt in its purest form that existed when the world began. A Black Front Fortress built using the t.i.tan skeleton would not only provide an immense amount of power of death, but also allow the Death Knight to possess the power of Thunderbolt.

Undead creatures were the most afraid of Holy Light—it was their Achilles' heel. However, if the Undead creatures could possess the power of Thunderbolt, it would give them greater resistance to Holy Light. Soul fire that had been cleansed by Thunderbolt would become purer and much more powerful. Perhaps the Death Knights might just break through their natural limits and grow to become true Retribution Knights.

Lin Li thought, Rodhart is nothing. I'll bring out 16 Retribution Knights in one go. By then, I shall see what you can do. 

Lin Li burst into laughter at the thought of 16 Retribution Knights a.s.sembling together. He reckoned that even a Legendary figure like Rodhart would not be able to stand strong against the Retribution Knights.

Lin Li gradually began to come up with a plan and ideas how to put the t.i.tan's skeleton to good use. However, he did not quite know what to do about the t.i.tan Dragon Spear.

The purest power of Thunderbolt that was concentrated in the t.i.tan Dragon Spear was the power that first broke the world of chaos. It was so strong that even an ancient Wyrm wouldn't be able to resist it. Even the Helios' Scepter that Lin Li was wielding couldn't be compared with such a powerful weapon.

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However, the problem was that the t.i.tan Dragon Spear was a proprietary weapon of the t.i.tans, and every t.i.tan Dragon Spear could only be used by its rightful owner. Hence, outsiders obviously couldn't use them, either. Due to the fact that the t.i.tan Dragon Spear was an extension of a t.i.tan's life, it contained the power of the Thunderbolt that had been acc.u.mulated after every near-death experience.

Lin Li and Sendros had once discussed Necromagic, and the topic of spirits was naturally unavoidable. Sendros had been asking Lin Li regarding some knowledge on pharmacy; hence, he obviously wouldn't refuse to answer Lin Li's questions. However, even as a Master Necromancer, Sendros could not give Lin Li an exact answer, and had merely told him some of his conjectures.

In Anril, some of the more authoritative statements about the form of the spirits suggested that the soul might fall into eternal sleep or completely vanish after death. It might even become resentful ghouls. Of course, there was also a possibility of being swallowed by Undead creatures that used the Spiritual Force to enhance their own power.

 However, Sendros also mentioned that before the Dark Age, it was said that ancient Wyrms and t.i.tans would not return to their spiritual states after death. After the death of a t.i.tan, their strong willpower that had been fused with Thunderbolt would be concentrated into a spirit and stored in the Pantheon. On the other hand, after an ancient Wyrm died, its willpower and mental strength would both be concentrated in the Dragon's Spirit and placed in the Dragons' Graveyard in endless time and s.p.a.ce.

 However, Sendros had no idea where the Pantheon and the Dragons' Graveyard were and what they looked like. In fact, even the three Sanctuary figures of the Supreme Council probably wouldn't know the answer to this question. In short, no matter where the Spirit or Dragon's Spirit went in the end, they definitely wouldn't vanish.

In fact, this statement was not surprising. Ancient Wyrms and t.i.tans were born out of chaos, and were powerful races that were born when the world began. During the growth of the t.i.tans, they had to continue to strengthen their bodies and willpower with the power of the Thunderbolt. Their willpower was probably already extremely terrifying.

Lin Li was worried about encountering the t.i.tan Spirit here. Although it was said that the t.i.tan Spirit would return to Pantheon, this was definitely an exceptional case because the t.i.tan Dragon Spear contained both the power of Thunderbolt and the t.i.tan's ma.s.sive willpower. When the t.i.tan died, he would become a spirit, and the t.i.tan Dragon Spear would re-integrate into the spirit and protect its partner in another form after entering Pantheon.

 Although the t.i.tan Dragon Spear in front of him had lost its life, it still showed no sign of dissipating. That could only mean one thing—the t.i.tan was extremely out of luck, for its spirit did not even get a chance to enter the Pantheon after death. Hence, the t.i.tan Dragon Spear naturally had no chance to be incorporated into the spirit, either.

If there was really a t.i.tan Spirit in it… Well, no one would be generous enough to let someone else covet his skeleton and weapon. An adult t.i.tan basically had power above level-25, thus making them possess Sanctuary-level power.

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