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Chapter 602 - Titans

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Chapter 602: t.i.tans

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It was truly giving Lin Li a headache. He'd initially already had a limited understanding of the magical beasts, yet none of the physiques of the magical beasts in his memory could match that of the skeleton in front of him. Connoris had also stopped moving. If he knew about it, he definitely wouldn't miss the opportunity to show off.

 Besides, there was something strange about the skeleton. Even the skeletons of the mighty magical beasts would have decomposed by now. However, the skeletons in front of him not only showed no trace of decay, but gave off a gilded appearance under the reflected light.

 Although Lin Li was unsure what the actual reason for that phenomenon was, he could be certain that it had definitely been tampered with by a powerful force that was concentrated in the skeleton. The unknown existence was also the reason it could've been preserved until now. At the same time, it also meant that the owner of the skeleton must have been powerful.

Since he could not think of a reason, Lin Li could only temporarily put away his doubts. He raised his hand and released a Warlock's Eyes, which allowed him to scrutinize every corner of the cave. After scanning the cave, he discovered that there seemed to be nothing too special about the cave apart from the giant spear and the skeleton.

All of a sudden, the Warlock's Eyes stopped, and a flicker of doubt flashed in Lin Li's eyes. After the careful observation of the cave, Lin Li realized that he began to find the bones vaguely familiar. It was completely impossible, for he felt that he definitely wouldn't find the skeleton of a magical beast familiar. Besides, it was obviously not the skeleton of an ancient Wyrm.

 The skeleton was way too huge, and Lin Li seemed to be unable to picture the entire skeleton regardless of which angle he chose to perceive it from. Hence, under the control of Lin Li, the Warlock's Eyes flew up to the top of the cave and gazed down at the scene below.

However, when the whole image of the skeleton was relayed to Lin Li's mind through the Warlock's Eyes, Lin Li got a great shock. The ma.s.sive skeleton seemed to resemble a human skeleton when looked at through the Warlock's Eyes.

 Yes, it was obviously a human skeleton whose hollow eyes seemed to be two caves, while the neatly arranged ribs seemed to be curved pillars. Although everything was humongous beyond imagination, it was definitely the skeleton of a human, though enlarged thousands of times. It did seem to be a Skeletal Warrior.

 Lin Li was certain that he had recognized it correctly. It would really be ridiculous if he couldn't even recognize the human skeletal structure. After looking at the giant spear, Lin Li seemed to have found an answer for his doubts.

 It was the weapon of a giant!

 What kind of giants would have such a huge body and use such a huge weapon? Even the largest giants of Anril would seem like dwarves compared to this colossal skeleton. Not to mention, this giant could easily crush Anril's giants to death without the use of the spear.

 The answer was self-evident in relation to the time identified by the Time Travel Spell. During the prehistoric times tens of thousands of years ago, only the t.i.tans, which competed with the ancient Wyrms for Anril, had such a huge size. The huge spear was likely to be a legendary weapon used by the t.i.tans, known as the t.i.tan Dragon Spear.

Whether it was the spectacular skeleton or the giant spear that was lying quietly on the ground, the shock of it all was indescribable. However, what really made Lin Li agitated was the significance of the two items. Just like ancient Wyrms, t.i.tans were born out of chaos at the beginning of the world, and were one of the most powerful races.

The High Elves had always been arrogant, and enjoyed comparing themselves to G.o.ds. They considered themselves the best of all races, and thanks to their magical genetics, they had had powerful magical powers since birth. The High Elves who carried royal blood would definitely be in the Legendary-realm.

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 The fact that the efforts put in by most humans to enter the Legendary-realm often turned out to be futile simply showed that the High Elves undeniably had a reason to be prideful and arrogant.

Even with the power of t.i.tans, not everyone could overcome this level, and every subsequent collection of Thunderbolt's power would be tougher and more dangerous than the one preceding it.

The violent power of Thunderbolt had an unrestrained character in the first place, and anyone who wanted to suppress it had to suffer the relentless recoil. The fact that t.i.tans kept the power of Thunderbolt in their blood did not mean that it'd completely surrendered. Whenever a new power was introduced, it would trigger a recoil from all of the previously acc.u.mulated power. In other words, every acc.u.mulation was a life-endangering test of willpower and ability for t.i.tans. The difficulty of the test would also increase exponentially each time.

 As the t.i.tans grew, the power of Thunderbolt would gradually lose its effect on the t.i.tans' body, while the previously acc.u.mulated Thunderbolt in their blood would be gradually subdued by t.i.tan's mighty willpower and become part of their body.

 During their coming-of-age rituals, the t.i.tans would use the power of Thunderbolt between the heavens and earth to induce all of the power that had been fused with their own willpower and separate Thunderbolt from their bodies again to form their very own t.i.tan Dragon Spear. That would be the most thrilling and daunting moment for the t.i.tans. Only by truly overcoming this tough obstacle would they be considered to be genuinely mature. They would then become an adult t.i.tan with Sanctuary-level strength.

There was a reason for the strength of every powerful existence. It was through such cruel and merciless tests that almost every adult t.i.tan would develop Sanctuary-level strength. Hence, the t.i.tan Dragon Spear formed by the power of Thunderbolt was a symbol of t.i.tans reaching adulthood and their most powerful weapon.

 Staring at the giant skeleton and spear in front of him, Lin Li subconsciously swallowed his spit. At his current level, ordinary treasures were no longer significant to him, and he would barely be tempted or enticed by advanced magical equipment, rare magical gemstones, and Legendary magical crystals.

 However, what was now right in front of him was the remains of a t.i.tan and what seemed to be a t.i.tan Dragon Spear. Even a powerhouse of the Sanctuary-realm would jump at the chance to grab them and declare owners.h.i.+p over the items, let alone Lin Li.

As a Guru of several major auxiliary professions, Lin Li had a more thorough understanding of the value of those two items as compared to the powerhouses of the Sanctuary-realm. The figures of the Sanctuary-realm would probably pay the most attention to the legendary t.i.tan Dragon Spear, but in Lin Li's eyes, the giant skeleton of the t.i.tan was far more enticing—though he had already kept the remains of the Dragon of Destruction in his Ring of Endless Storm.

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