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Chapter 601 - Mysterious Skeleton

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Chapter 601: Mysterious Skeleton

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Swallowing a level-10 magical crystal would allow one to attain the level-10 power of the magical crystal, while swallowing a Legendary magical crystal would allow one to attain Legendary mana too.

Lin Li's adventurous trip was actually very fruitful this time because he had obtained plenty of high-level magical crystals, especially when he got Norfeller to take advantage and steal a bunch of level-17 and level-18 magical crystals. Besides, even without the gains from this adventure, he wouldn't be making a loss. However, he did have plenty of uses for the magical crystals.

 The crystal of the Dragon of Destruction alone required a ma.s.sive amount of magical crystals to sustain, and it was no simple task to hatch the Dragon of Destruction. In addition to the frequent infiltration of mental strength, mana was definitely indispensable. It required at least 100 or more Legendary magical crystals.

 Even though the matter of incubating the dragon crystal of the Dragon of Destruction could be delayed, there was one thing that couldn't be ignored. When Lin Li set off to the Haiga Mountain Range, he'd already sent his men to the Dwarf Kingdom to purchase magical crystal cannons which also required plenty of magical crystals. A level-15 magical crystal would only be enough for a few shots. One Crystal Cannon would be fine, but Lin Li wanted 20-odd cannons. Hence, even a Legendary magical crystal would not be able to supply them with sufficient power. Not to mention, Lin Li also intended to build the Legendary Sky-breaker for the Tower of Dusk, which was a powerful magic weapon that could destroy even a Sky Castle. That would require a huge amount of magical crystals too.

He couldn't possibly buy all the magic crystal cannons and not have enough magic crystal reserves. The magic crystal cannons would become nothing but display pieces if they ran out of ammunition after two salvos. The catastrophe that Geresco predicted was getting closer and closer. Before it arrived, Lin Li had to gather enough magical crystals for the magical crystal cannons in order to ensure that the Tower of Dusk would stay strong during the major calamity.

 Lin Li whipped out a level-10 magical crystal from his ring, and waved it in front of the baby Elemental Wyrm that was acting pitiful. “Here, this is for you.”

However, the baby Elemental Wyrm was not that easily fooled. It was not bothered by the level-10 magical crystal at all. It grabbed its stomach and started rolling on the floor and wailing.

d.a.m.n it, is a level-10 magical crystal not a magical crystal? Lin Li thought as he resignedly whipped out a level-15 magical crystal.

A chilly breeze brushed past Lin Li's hand, and he stared at the baby Elemental Wyrm to see that it was already hugging two magical crystals and chewing on them while flying towards the crack with its tail wagging behind it.

 The level-15 magical crystals were destroyed just like that. Although Lin Li had a high net worth, he still could not help but feel the pinch. However, there was nothing else he could do, and he could not have the best of both worlds, either. He had even drunk the precious Guru-level Heart-piercing Potion. What were a few magical crystals compared to that?

Hence, he followed the Wyrm into the narrow crack and deeper down within. He then exited, only to see that they seemed to have left the valley. The crack also seemed to have become wider.

Lin Li suddenly felt that the scene in front of him had become brighter, but he could not tell how wide the crack had become since it was pitch-dark. There was a ma.s.sive spear lying calmly on the ground in the dark.

If the spear wasn't pointing straight at him, Lin Li would never guess that it was a spear, because it was so large that it looked just like a fallen pillar from an ancient palace or a large architectural structure.

Everything around him was pitch-black, and the large spear was the only thing that was radiating light, which allowed Lin Li to see it clearly. However, the light seemed rather faint, and it only lit up a small area around it, just like a torch whose flame was about to burn out.

Lin Li had no idea where the large spear came from, who it was used by, and what was the history behind it. However, he knew that there had to be something unusual about the ma.s.sive spear because he could vaguely sense the large fluctuation in mana.

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 Lin Li did not enter immediately even though he was led to that place by the Elemental Wyrm. However, the ma.s.sive magical wave was still dangerous enough for him to keep his guard up and be as conscientious as possible. Lin Li still felt a little fearful at the thought of the menacing battle that he had had with the Elemental Wyrm. The magical storm which seemed endless was an unforgettable nightmare for anyone who had experienced it.

 “d.a.m.n it, what kind of thing can grow to such a huge size?” Lin Li stared at the huge magical beast skeleton, but he could not figure out what it was.

In Anril, the first thing that came to mind at the mention of a huge magical beast would be the Wyrms, which many legends revolved around. Apart from the anomaly, the Elemental Wyrm, all other dragons were huge and terrifying.

However, this ma.s.sive skeleton in front of Lin Li was beyond recognizable, yet Lin Li was almost certain that it belonged to a Wyrm. There was also the full corpse of the Dragon of Destruction in the Ring of Endless Storm belonging to Lin Li. Amongst the summoned creatures, the skeleton of the Crimson Dragon was also all dried up. Hence, Lin Li is no stranger to Wyrm skeletons.

The most obvious feature of Wyrm skeletons was that their horns would not fall off even after its death, and the bones of their wings would also remain intact after decomposition. However, the skeleton in front of him did not show such features. Besides, there would also be a tinge of the Menace of the Dragon in the corpses of the Wyrms after their deaths. Although there was an aura coming from the skeleton, Lin Li knew that it was not the Menace of the Dragon.

In that case, what kind of a magical beast did the skeleton belong to? Lin Li waved the scepter in his hand slightly, after which a ray of light was shone into the middle of the skeleton. He could identify the age of the item by using the Time Travel Spell. That was a kind of magic that was necessary for appraisers. As a Legendary-mage, Lin Li would obviously face no problem.

Lin Li used the Time Travel spell on the huge skeleton and the giant spear. Soon, he got the approximate age of both items, and discovered that it was very likely that they existed long before the Dark Age.

 During the prehistoric times, magical beasts dominated the mainland of Anril, and even the Wyrms were not the largest during that era. In the prehistoric times, the Elemental Wyrm mastered the four elements which other magical beasts could not use for magic. Hence, physical power was particularly important to the magical beasts. Only by having a strong body could they have had a place in the chaotic word of magical beasts.

Could it be the skeleton of a prehistoric magical beast? Lin Li stroked his chin and tried to recall his memories of the prehistoric magical beasts, after which he compared their characteristics with the large skeleton in front of him. Although Lin Li had never seen prehistoric magical beasts or their skeletons before, there were plenty of records and books that included a detailed description of the physique of prehistoric magical beasts. Most of their skeletal features were related to their appearance.

For example, during the prehistoric times, there were giant bird-like magical beasts which were just as large as Wyrms. Their beaks, claws, and wings were the most obvious characteristics. Even a person who did not specialize in study of skeletons could tell that the skeleton did not belong to a random bird. Actually, the reason behind it was the same as the explanation for the Wyrm skeleton, which was very obvious even though it was not spread out.

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