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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 598 - Integration

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Chapter 598: Integration

Of course, Lin Li knew very well that his Magic-forbidding Domain wouldn't be so effective if it was used against a real Elemental Wyrm or the Dragon of Dream. Or rather, the domain wouldn't have any effect. Although he was oppressed by the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar since the start, he knew that it was just level-21 like himself.

It didn't mean that a person's level would definitely be high if his abilities were high. After all, personal level was just one factor. There were many other factors which affected one's abilities. For example, magical equipment, potions, scrolls, special techniques, and the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar's endless mana and ability to release magic in a split second.

Therefore, level didn't equate power. Wasn't Lin Li hitting the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar with a hammer now? Lin Li hypothesized that the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar was no more than level-21, because it could only release magic below level-20 instantaneously. Although there were powerful magic spells below level-20, the avatar didn't have to use such low-level magic given its endless mana if it was of a higher level.

Lin Li's Magic-forbidding Domain could be so effective because of the similar levels. If the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar had been one level higher, the outcome would've been totally different.

Lin Li hit the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar hard with the hammer. The originally arrogant avatar was now on the verge of death, and didn't even have the strength to yelp. The Elemental Wyrm was too weak physically. Without the support of the four magical elements, it was just an adorable but useless little thing. Unfortunately, it had met an incompa.s.sionate person like Lin Li.

With another hit of the hammer, this projected avatar of an Elemental Wyrm would disappear from Anril forever. However, Lin Li slowly withdrew his raised hammer. This wasn't because Lin Li suddenly became compa.s.sionate, but because it was an Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar. Though it was close to dying now, it wasn't Lin Li's personality to end its life like this.

“Connoris, give me an idea! How can I reuse this little thing?” Lin Li wasn't merciful regarding the projected avatar's life, but rather wanted to exploit every last bit of its value.

Although it was just a projected avatar, its true body was very likely to be one of the five Dragon Aspects—the Dragon of Dream. This was the origin of the magic of Anril. If Lin Li could use this power as his own, the advantages it would bring would be beyond imagination.

Although the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar was half dead now, it was obviously better than the Lord of Darkness's projected avatar. However, back at the Abyss of Tharlen, Lin Li possessed both the skeleton of the Dragon of Destruction and its Dragon Crystal, so he was able to seal the Lord of Darkness into the Dragon Crystal. However, Lin Li didn't have any parts of the Dragon of Dream. If he wanted to make use of this projected avatar, he had to ask Connoris for help.

Connoris was still a little unhappy that Lin Li had cut in just now. Hearing Lin Li's inquiry now, Connoris immediately got very proud. “Heh, heh! You still have to ask me in the end!”

Lin Li directly buried the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar's small body under the ma.s.sive hammer, and said with annoyance, “Stop talking rubbis.h.!.+ I don't have much time left with this Magic-forbidding Domain. Do you know something or not?”

Although the Magic-forbidding Domain was derived from the Light and Darkness Domain, this change was brought about by the Heart-piercing Potion. Hence, once the effect of the Heart-piercing Potion was gone, Lin Li wouldn't be able to sustain this Magic-forbidding Domain. Perhaps he could obtain something new based on this experience in the future, but it was clearly impossible for him to reproduce another Magic-forbidding Domain immediately after the Heart-piercing Potion lost its effect.

Though the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar was half dead now, Lin Li knew that all its wounds would heal immediately and it'd become a ferocious flaming Wyrm once the four magical elements' power started to swarm in.

It would be good if Connoris had any ideas. However, if Connoris also didn't know what to do, Lin Li could only kill this Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar before the Magic-forbidding Domain lost its effect.

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While Lin Li waited for Connoris' reply, the hammer that weighed down the Elemental Wyrm's projected avatar suddenly fell to the ground with a thud. The originally half-dead projected avatar transformed into a strobe of light, and shot into the body of the hatching baby Elemental Wyrm with lightning speed.

The effect of the Heart-piercing Potion was gone, and the Magic-forbidding Domain slowly returned to the original Light and Darkness Domain. The mana shackled in Lin Li's body was also released, and he felt much more comfortable. After experiencing great pain, he should have been happy that his mana was back. However, in front of such great loss, everything else became insignificant, and Lin Li felt empty.

While Lin Li was feeling very disappointed, the magical waves started to fluctuate. Lin Li was stunned. The baby Elemental Wyrm had obviously started to absorb large amounts of magical elements. In other words, this was the last moment before this baby Elemental Wyrm awakened.

The baby Elemental Wyrm had been absorbing magical elements all this while. However, if it had been absorbing just a stream of elements so far, then it was absorbing a sea of elements now. In the center of the only remaining spot of green, a gigantic magical element vortex formed. Even those trees slanted in the direction of the swirl as if they were uprooted.

Lin Li didn't need to feel with his mental strength anymore. This intense elemental storm was so strong that he could feel it with his skin. The world seemed to collapse at that moment. The sleeping baby Elemental Wyrm was like a black hole, and all the magical elements gushed towards it.

Lin Li knew that this was the most critical moment. If he were to wait for the baby Elemental Wyrm to complete its absorption of magical elements, he would have no chance to turn the tables.

Thinking of this, Lin Li couldn't bother about anything else, and injected his own mana and mental strength continuously into the baby Elemental Wyrm's body despite the risk of the bite of mana. Lin Li didn't want to give up just like this. Even if the baby Elemental Wyrm was likely to possess the projected avatar's memories, it might still be affected by Lin Li's mana and mental strength that he'd inject. Perhaps it was now a wild wish to get this baby Elemental Wyrm. However, it was still comforting if he could get some connection with the Wyrm.

However, Lin Li was confused shortly after. He had to be really unlucky today. With one wrong step, every step afterwards was wrong as well. At first, he could still control the injection of mana. However, he lost his control within seconds. An uncontrollable power now made his mana swarm out of his body involuntarily.

d.a.m.n it! Why do you insist on absorbing my mana when there's a whole world full of magical elements out there? thought Lin Li angrily. Maybe his mana was particularly delicious? The baby Elemental Wyrm seemed to want to absorb all of Lin Li's mana before releasing its grip.

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