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Chapter 588 - No End

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Chapter 588: No End

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On that night, the team set up camps to rest. There were drops in manpower in both their teams. Six of the Malfa Family's adventurers met with difficulties, but only two members of Dark Blade had been hurt—the latter had better teamwork and experience.

Lin Li hid in his tent and researched the debris of the stars using the excuse of being tired. He carefully tried to capture the imaginary connection in s.p.a.ce, using the three pieces of the debris of the stars that he had.

After a quiet night, the team continued their journey early the next morning. They were obviously much more careful than before; the experience that they had the previous day made them realize the hards.h.i.+ps of this trip. The Haiga Mountain Range could not be traversed by ordinary people. If it weren't because of Cheyenne from the Malfa Family, who had Osric's adventure journal, they might not have been able to reach their destination, either.

However, the more afraid of something someone was, the more likely it was that it would happen. Osric's adventure journal had once again been proven not to be omnipotent.

 The team was making rapid progress, but when evening arrived, they suddenly encountered a bunch of formidable beasts which emerged out of nowhere. No one knew where they came from, and there was even a Legendary magical beast amongst the level-18 magical beasts.

The magical beasts were dauntless, and they even went through mutations during the battle. They were crazy like religious fanatics ready to kamikaze their enemies. The members of the adventurers' team were painstakingly suppressing their momentum and making their own movements more fluid and agile in hopes of sending the beasts in front of them to h.e.l.l as soon as possible.

The Legendary masters did not have it easy, either, although they were preserving their energy and power for the sake of the impending battle in the ruins of t.i.tans later. Even Lin Li could not sit back and do nothing this time. Although he didn't put in too much energy, he was still a Legendary-mage at the end of the day. The level-19 Norfeller could give them some support and reduce their pressure too.

The intense battle went on from evening all the way into the middle of the night. Both the Malfa Family and Dark Blade were hurt to different extents. However, their morale was not affected, because they all felt that the circ.u.mstances were developing in their advantage.

 At this moment, Lin Li happened to stop, thus causing the progress to slow down again. However, it did not change the favorable conditions of the adventurer team. Without attracting anyone's attention, Lin Li quietly left the lively battlefield, and followed a whiff of air as he embarked on a search.

Before returning to the camp to get some rest, Lin Li found the aura that came from Thunderbolt, using the three pieces of the debris of the stars. That feeling seemed to get clearer and clearer as he approached, all the way until he reached an obscure valley.

 Lin Li didn't attract anyone's attention. He followed the subtle aura, moving quickly in the night. He could no longer hear the sounds of people roaring and the intense explosions. At this moment, he was in the valley; he had no idea if that was where the so-called t.i.tans had been.

 The valley was very wide and surrounded by dense trees and thick leaves. The scenery in the valley was completely different from that outside. However, it seemed darker and dimmer because of the steep cliffs on both sides which blocked out some of the moonlight. The pitch-black darkness did not have much effect on Lin Li, who could find his destination as long as he could still detect the things around him.

 The wind pa.s.sed through the valley, causing the leaves to rustle, while little fireflies fluttered aimlessly in the forest. If it weren't for Thunderbolt, Lin Li would have stopped in his tracks and admired the forest during this quiet night. Unfortunately, he didn't have that much time to waste. The battle outside the valley was in full swing, and he couldn't waste such a rare opportunity.

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 Lin Li did not find his sudden escape embarra.s.sing. Out of the three partner sides in the cooperation, he was the weakest and least privileged one. Although he worked with the Malfa Family to deal with the Dark Blade, he was still weaker than the Malfa Family. Hence, in order to make some gains during this operation, he had to find the source of detection1 before the Malfa Family and the Dark Blade did.

Apart from the wise high-level magical beasts, even those which only had basic reproductive abilities knew which places to go and which ones would be dangerous for them. Since the strong Thunderbolt which was one of the pieces of the debris of the stars was sealed in this place, Lin Li believed that it definitely wasn't a playground for the magical beasts.

 Although Lin Li had Legendary-level strength, he couldn't put it to use, because he didn't want to attract the attention of Cheyenne, Borg, and the rest. The speed of his progress was indeed affected, though he had not met with a truly difficult situation yet. A few high-level magical beasts were not too significant, but when a level-20 magical beast appeared, even Lin Li could not help but feel troubled.

 In Anril, anything related to magical beasts would definitely be extremely powerful, and the one in front of Lin Li now was undoubtedly a magical beast which carried the blood of dragons. It was a Red-backed Sickle-clawed Dragon which had an armor full of dark brown scales. It was about six meters in height, and was rather short amongst the descendants of the wyrms. Still, it definitely posed a huge threat to all adventurers.

However, like most of the wyrms' relatives today, the wyrm's blood in Red-backed Dragons was already very diluted. However, even then, it still had strength that was close to level-20. Not only did its scales provide great defense, its genes gave it high magic resistance inherited from the blood of the wyrm, and its sickle-like claws could easily tear the armors worn by humans. They could also destroy the weapons of humans and tear the magical s.h.i.+elds of mages.

 Lin Li needed to suppress his own strength, but the Red-backed Sickle-clawed Dragon didn't. Its ma.s.sive physical strength was enough to daunt any opponent. However, as a descendant of the wyrms, how could brutal strength be the only thing it knew? Its short stature gave it an advantage of being able to move quickly, and its speed was even on par with the swiftness of the attacks of the Shadow Leopard. Of course, its short height was only relative to the many descendants of the dragons. Compared to humans, its six-meter-tall frame definitely made it seem like a monster.

The Red-backed Sickle-clawed Dragon's attack was swift, and even had the effect of a Wind Blade. With a powerful strength that was almost level-20, it would be difficult for anyone to kill it, even Sword Sages. The high magic resistance brought by the blood of the wyrm, which also allowed one to move faster, seemed to have become insignificant for the dragons. It could be considered to be an expert in magic.

 If Lin Li were to use his Magical Domain, it would be a piece of cake for him to kill the Red-backed Sickle-clawed Dragon, but once he started showing his power, he would probably attract Cheyenne's and Borg's attention. Both masters managed to enter the Legendary-realm based on their abilities, not luck. Hence, it would be difficult to hide anything from them. However, they would definitely be able to capture it even if it was just a momentary explosion of power. Although Lin Li was already far, far away from the battlefield, he would definitely be caught.

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