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Chapter 587 - Thunder Valiant Beast

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Chapter 587: Thunder Valiant Beast

At this moment, Lin Li suddenly raised his head and looked up at the sky, only to sense a strong aura rus.h.i.+ng towards the battlefield. In the blink of an eye, a small black spot in the distance quickly enlarged, and a menacing face appeared in front of him. The figure had a cat-like face and wings that spanned more than 10 meters. It was covered in black feathers with metallic l.u.s.ter, and had a pair of paws with sharp claws that were like sickles. Electrical arcs coiled around its body, producing snapping sounds.

Lin Li had arrived in this world for a long time, and he could immediately tell that it was a Thunder Valiant Beast which definitely possessed level-19 powers.

It was said that such beasts loved bathing in lightning, and could also transform their energy into their own. The people of Anril found lightning to be extremely powerful, and they saw it as a punishment of the G.o.ds, yet Thunder Valiant Beast could soak in it and absorb the power of the G.o.ds. It was no longer a matter of strength. Hence, in many ancient tribes, Thunder Valiant Beast was termed as a divine bird and the pet of heavens.

Of course, the mages were not that afraid of or respectful towards the G.o.ds, because the magic that they had developed and studied was already touching the divine realm. However, they did respect the power of the G.o.ds, and firmly believed that they could reach the same level, or perhaps even surpa.s.s them. In the eyes of religious followers, they were disrespecting the G.o.ds and showing their contempt. However, it was just an expression of their respect.

The so-called heavenly birds like Thunder Valiant Beast were nothing more than magical beasts that manipulated lightning. Thunderbolts came from the sky; hence, people tended to a.s.sociate them with the G.o.ds. Although Lin Li had transmigrated to Anril, he still knew that G.o.ds did exist in this world, though there was a huge difference between such a G.o.d and those that were omnipresent and omnipotent.

Thunder Valiant Beast was level-19, and had the most powerful lightning force. Since the four other Legendary masters could barely cope with it, Lin Li knew that he had to do something. Most importantly, it wasn't appropriate for him to vie with the four other Legendary masters for the magical crystals while they were fighting off the magical beasts. Norfeller did not have that power, either. If someone were to nab the Thunder Valiant Beast, wouldn't he be unable to get the level-19 magical crystal?

On the battlefield under the tree, Norfeller resolutely carried out Lin Li's instructions. He only launched a lethal attack when the magical beast was almost destroyed, killing it with a single shot, and taking the magic crystal away. Lin Li was very satisfied with his subordinate's performance. They were all in cooperation anyway. The wealthy and established Malfa Family and Dark Blade wouldn't care about these magical crystals, would they? Lin Li looked up at Thunder Valiant Beast that was in the sky, slowly levitated upwards, whipped out the Helios' Scepter, and flew towards Thunder Valiant.

The appearance of the Thunder Valiant Beast had long caught everyone's attention, and plenty of people knew how powerful it was. The people surrounding level-18 magical beasts were already finding it tough to manage killing them. If the Thunder Valiant Beast were to join the fight, it would only make matters worse, and the magical beasts would have a strong member added to their force. The dynamics of the battle would probably change immediately, and casualties would be inevitable.

However, everyone felt relieved when Lin Li launched his attack. Regardless of how young he might be, he was still an actual Legendary-mage. Even if he couldn't get rid of the Thunder Valiant Beast immediately, he could at least buy some time until the masters returned.

Compared with the other two Legendary-mages, Lin Li was much more domineering, and he managed to s.h.i.+eld himself entirely with his Magical Domain with the wave of Helios' Scepter. He then charged towards the Thunder Valiant Beast. He had an insane amount of mental strength to begin with, and on top of that, he had the Evil Eye Tyrant to give him additional strength at all times. The mental strength that he now possessed was beyond imaginable, and the release of an ice Magical Domain did not cost him much at all.

“Young man!” Borg was rather relieved to see that Lin Li had launched his attack, but as soon as he saw Lin Li exhibiting his Magical Domain, he thought to himself, Well, this young Legendary-mage is only 20 years old, after all. He still doesn't consider everything carefully before acting. But that's okay. I know he's in an alliance with Cheyenne, and the more he contributes, the weaker the alliance would be. That would be great for our Dark Blade too.

Likewise, Cheyenne had also noticed the battle in the sky. He shared the same thoughts as Borg, but he was much more worried and full of complaints. He didn't think there was anything wrong with Lin Li refusing to launch an attack, because he felt that the Dark Blade ought to waste more of their resources and contribute more since they were stronger. However, they'd now lost another portion of power because Lin Li had resorted to using his Magical Domain before even finding the balance.

The Thunder Valiant Beast was actually almost in the Legendary-realm, and had an extraordinary amount of lightning power. Hence, the magic it exhibited slightly resembled a prototype of the magical domain. Seemingly having sensed the magical waves that came from Lin Li, the Thunder Valiant Beast shrieked loudly before flapping its wings vigorously and starting to rampage.

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Although Lin Li had already decided to launch an attack, he wouldn't use up everything he had against the Thunder Valiant Beast. Hence, he had merely exhibited his Frost Domain, which was the most common amongst Legendary-mages. He made himself the center of it, and there seemed to be dark fumes of ink above his head which soon formed a huge vortex in the middle, which looked like it was a gateway to another world.

Lin Li descended and wiped the sweat off of his head ostensibly. He heaved a long sigh, and complained to Cheyenne and others, “Dear Masters, aren't we allies? Why didn't you give me a hand? This fellow has really made me waste so much energy.”

Despite finding Lin Li to be shameless deep down, Borg remained smiling, and said, “Hehe, it's been hard on you, Master Felic. We've decided to get some rest here today. We'll continue with the journey tomorrow.”

Lin Li didn't have any opinion to express. Anyway, there were only two people on his side, and it didn't matter what the arrangement was. He scanned his surroundings to see that everyone else was getting busy, some taking care of the injured, while others were dissecting the bodies of the magical beasts. Although the team was very strong, it would be impossible for there to be no injured or casualties. Lin Li had already deduced that the corpses of the magical beasts were of no value.

However, at this moment, he suddenly thought of another problem. There was nothing too surprising about encountering wolves and magical beasts in the forest. However, the corpses on the ground seemed to be of the same species. Not only were the 40-odd level-18 magical beasts not beasts that lived in groups, they were also from the same species, thus making it rather strange.

Since the magical beasts were all above level-18, they all ought to have their own respective territories. They were naturally hostile towards each other, and would immediately get into a fight in the past. However, they actually united and launched an attack on the adventurer team. There was only one explanation for it, and that was that some force had driven them to carry out this attack.

The magical beast which was of the highest level and strength was undoubtedly the Thunder Valiant Beast that Lin Li had just killed. However, the problem was that it was too much of an exaggeration for it to defeat 40-odd level-18 magical beasts even if it were level-19. When Lin Li trapped the Thunder Valiant Beast in his Frost Domain, he did not detect any signals from the outside world. Hence, the leader was definitely incompetent.

Or perhaps there could be another force manipulating the magical beasts behind this facade?

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