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Chapter 586 - Water-wading

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Chapter 586: Water-wading

Hence, even if the team of adventurers could gain the upper hand, their capability was still very limited. It would be impossible for them to destroy the bunch of magical beasts without paying a huge price. The price would be bloodshed and their lives. That was something the Legendary leaders did not wish to see happen.

The leaders brought subordinates to the Haiga Mountain Range to get them to help, and not to make them sacrifice their lives. They were all their elites, and none of them wished for there to be major losses. Hence, at this point, the several Legendary leaders could no longer stay idle. They had to hurry up and tackle the magical beasts based on the energy fluctuations before the beasts caused any lethal damage. They quickly left the team and stepped forth.

They were not worried about the effects that would be brought upon their team if they were unable to give orders. In fact, they'd already become spiritual symbols in their respective forces at this point. Hence, they would rarely waste their energy on miscellaneous issues which would be left to the professionals to handle.

The action taken by the Legendary leaders caused a huge fanfare amongst the crowd; even if they already possessed power that was beyond level-15, the Legendary leaders were still G.o.dly to them. The pressure brought by the 40-odd magical beasts no longer seemed so oppressive and suffocating, because the subordinates knew that their Legendary leaders were definitely able to solve all problems at hand. Hence, all they had to do now was to perform their obligations and duties.

At the same time, a fierce and menacing magical beast had already invaded the team, and the initially close-knit adventurer team seemed to have dissipated like a bubble that burst upon being touched. However, they were not really disintegrating, but were merely dispersing and regrouping into smaller teams to attack the magical beasts. After all, they were adventurers who were much more used to using this method rather than the formations of military to defend against the enemy.

A Warrior who held a strong s.h.i.+eld bashed a magical beast with it in order to get its attention. The supporting magic also gave the Warrior a multicolored halo. An agile swordsman walked around the magical beast flexibly, and stabbed it with his sharp sword, causing it to bleed severely from its wound. A Bandit suddenly appeared behind the magical beast, and then pierced it with a poisonous dagger, and the deadly toxin quickly penetrated into its body.

A level-18 magical beast was absolutely terrifying, and the differences in level could not be compensated for or negated by numerical advantage most of the time. After all, there were only a few people who could really attack a magical beast. The level-18 magical beasts often had strong bodies, immeasurable power, and formidable capacity for magic. Hence, it would usually be impossible for an army of people to battle and destroy a level-18 magical beast.

Everyone knew that two level-15 combatants wouldn't make a level-16 one. Hence, everyone decided to cooperate and place more emphasis on devising tactics using their brains. They wanted to achieve the effects of increasing their power through meticulous cooperation and teamwork.

Since the day when human beings were created, humans knew that they were inherently weak, and that they had to cooperate with each other in order to survive. The various processes of life, be it during the hunting of prey or protecting themselves from foreign enemies, were opportunities for humans to continue honing their cooperative skills.

However, it still required a large amount of time for humans to develop seamless cooperation, even if they had the teachings and battle tactics that had been pa.s.sed down from their forefathers. They had to train and improve through countless battles and fights. More importantly, they had to trust their allies and comrades unconditionally, and be a.s.sured that they would have each other's back.

Although the strong were still at the top of the hierarchy in today's world, people usually wors.h.i.+ped individuals who were stronger, and were more focused on personal strength. Many idolized Geresco and aspired to be like him. However, they had all forgotten that even Geresco who was known as the G.o.d of Mages needed the help of his comrades during the war to overthrow the rule of the High Elves.

Unconditional trust in one's comrades seemed to be a far-fetched idea in a pragmatic world where interests and profits came first. No one dared to guarantee that they wouldn't be stabbed in the back by their comrade after giving them their complete trust. Interests could come in many forms, be it treasures, magical crystals, or gold coins.

If there was no trust among comrades, it would be impossible to achieve victory regardless of how superb their battle tactics might be. The so-called tacit understanding was actually established on the basis of trust. Without trust, nothing would work.

That was particularly evident in the Malfa Family's team of adventurers. Although the Malfa Family mobilized more than 60 mages who belonged to their own family, the hundred-odd adventurers were all recruited recently. These adventurers might not have known each other before, or perhaps only heard of each other's names. However, they were definitely experienced adventurers since they could advance to level-15 and above. They were all familiar with various coordination tactics, but because of the lack of trust amongst them, they could not work with each other that all.

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The Dark Blade was undoubtedly the strongest team amongst all; it was a fact that even Cheyenne could not deny. It wasn't just because they had a larger number of people, but because they could really trust each other, and had built a tacit understanding which allowed them to maximize their strength.

When a swordsman of the Dark Blade was about to stab the chest of the magical beast, a dark shadow bolted into the team like lightning. He then heard the magical beast roaring loudly before growing silent again.

When the magical beast roared, everyone thought that the dark shadow was there to help them, although they were already almost going to defeat the magical beast. However, they still had to acknowledge the good intentions. When the magical beast's corpse appeared in front of them, they were immediately infuriated. There was a huge hole that was pierced through the magical beast's body, and the magical crystal that was supposed to be inside it had already gone missing. Clearly, the dark shadow was there to take advantage of them.

Lin Li was still standing on top of the tree, feeling pleased with Norfeller's actions. It was no wonder that Norfeller was his sworn servant[1], for he could totally read Lin Li's mind.

Borg was not too far away from the battlefield, and was currently fighting two Gryphons. Although the Magical Domains of the Legendary-mages were formidable, it was not easy to maneuver them. In order to ensure that he had enough mental strength to deal with the possible changes after arriving in the ruins of t.i.tans, he had no choice but to use these two conventional ways to teach the two Gryphons a lesson.

Although the Gryphons in the Royal Knights army were domesticated, they were still difficult to deal with. Compared to wild Gryphons, though, the domesticated ones were like tigers without teeth, and could only be used to scare timid enemies. The wild level-18 Gryphons were much more difficult to deal with than other Gryphons of the same level.

Borg had been carefully observing Lin Li's actions in a bid to see if the young Legendary-mage was as formidable as the rumors made him to be. However, he almost fell from the sky after witnessing that sight, and he cursed in his head furiously. d.a.m.n it, this Felic is really as shameless as he's rumored to be. Forget it if you sat back and did nothing while everyone else was fighting their guts out, yet you actually took advantage in the end?? At the end of the day, you're still a fellow Legendary-realm powerhouse. Could you behave like one?

[1] Remember that they have that blood oath thingy going on.

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