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Chapter 583 - Temporary Alliance

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Chapter 583: Temporary Alliance

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With the improvement in design, each Sky Castle that the Immortal King built was more powerful than the last. This Seventh Sky Castle was certainly the most powerful of all, though it had never appeared during war at the end of the Dark Age. Any faction that could get such a Sky Castle would undeniably become the top faction in Anril immediately.

Of course, the Legendary masters could only think about getting it. If it was really the Seventh Sky Castle, it would be sought after by every faction, and even Sanctuary-realm powerhouses wouldn't give it up. By then, any Sanctuary powerhouse would have wiped out their factions given that they had merely reached Legendary-realm.

Seeing the expressions of the Legendary masters, Lin Li couldn't help feeling it funny. Even Lin Li didn't know which crack between time and s.p.a.ce the Seventh Sky Castle had drifted into, let alone these people. He shook his head slightly, and said, “You'll probably be disappointed. I'm saying that this map is very likely the design blueprint of the Seventh Sky Castle. However, it's probably impossible to find the Seventh Sky Castle in the ruins.”

“This…” The Legendary masters didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Though they didn't think they had the ability to get the Sky Castle, this lad was still too annoying. If there weren't any Sky Castles in the ruins, why would he even mention it?

“Master Felic, do you have any proof of what you've just said?” Though Cheyenne had asked the question, the other three in the room were also waiting for Lin Li's answer. Not to mention if it was really the Seventh Sky Castle, how was Lin Li so sure that it was a map of a Sky Castle?

Six Sky Castles were destroyed at the end of the Dark Age. Other than the several Sanctuary powerhouses who had been through that era, few people nowadays knew how a Sky Castle really looked like. How could a 20-year-old mage who had just reached Legendary-realm like Lin Li know about it when the other Legendary masters all didn't know?

“I believe Hutton and Stephen have told you about what happened in the Blackstone Mountains. The three relics of Geresco weren't a secret to any of you here—the Book of Eternity, a magical crystal, and the key to the Seventh Sky Castle,” said Lin Li honestly.

Speaking of the three relics of Geresco, Cheyenne and Borg looked a little embarra.s.sed. After all, they had the right to inherit these relics, but their incapable children had let such a great opportunity slip away. However, after a brief moment of embarra.s.sment, they realized that Lin Li mentioned the third relic was the key to the Seventh Sky Castle.

 Lin Li didn't have to explain too much after this. Since he had the Sky Castle's key, he would naturally understand more about it, and it wasn't strange for him to recognize the map. This also revealed another piece of information: Geresco had obviously owned this Sky Castle before. If not, how would he have the key to it? This was precisely the reason that this most powerful Sky Castle didn't appear during the war.

 Geresco had brought the Seventh Sky Castle away, and the Sky Castle had stopped over at the ruins of the t.i.tans before. This showed that Geresco had visited the ruins of the t.i.tans already. The G.o.d of Mages Geresco was as outstanding as the Immortal King in terms of ability. Highlord Osric couldn't do anything to the ruins of the t.i.tans, but it wasn't the case for Geresco.

Thinking of all that, the Legendary masters didn't look good. After all, n.o.body expected that so many secrets would be uncovered during the brief information exchange. Just the ruins of the t.i.tans were related to the Immortal King, Osric, and now Geresco. More importantly, since Geresco had visited the place already, what was there left for them?

“Don't worry, I have a feeling that we won't come back empty-handed this time.” Lin Li obviously had such confidence since Thunderbolt was definitely there. He would get it no matter what happened.

As for the Malfa Family and Dark Blade, they wouldn't come back empty-handed, either. Though Geresco had overthrown the High Elves' rule, he wasn't a destroyer of civilizations. There was a reason that Thunderbolt was sealed in the Haiga Mountain Range. Given the countless ferocious magical beasts in there, only the power of Thunderbolt could prevent the ruins from being destroyed by the beasts. Rather than saying that Thunderbolt was sealed in there, it was more likely that Geresco was using this piece of the debris of the stars to protect something.

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What feeling? The Legendary masters weren't fools. They understood that Lin Li had hidden some information from them once he said this. However, everyone was holding something back; the Malfa Family held back Osric's diary, while the Dark Blade didn't know just that the Haiga Mountains hid the ruins of the t.i.tans.

“The Darkness Shrine is one of the oldest factions now, so it's normal for them to find that information. I believe they know more than what they have told us.” With tacit understanding, Lin Li didn't mention the fact that Cheyenne had hidden Osric's adventure diary from him, and confirmed the Dark Blade's source of information.

To outsiders, the Darkness Shrine had only been established at the end of the Dark Age, although it had a long history. However, Lin Li knew from Sendros that the Darkness Shrine came from the ancient Eternal Shrine. Hence, Lin Li didn't doubt the accuracy of the Dark Blade's information, and was certain that they knew more than this.

Cheyenne looked solemn, and agreed with Lin Li. He didn't feel at all good that matters weren't under his control anymore. After a moment of contemplation, he said, “The Dark Blade is determined to get the ruins of the t.i.tans judging from all the elites they have gathered for the expedition. What they have hidden is certainly not that simple.”

“The ruins of the t.i.tans had been through the hands of the Immortal King and Geres...o...b..fore. What the Dark Blade knows is also not all to it. If they want to suppress us with this, they are thinking too simply.” Lin Li wasn't arrogant; otherwise, he wouldn't emphasize his alliance with Cheyenne. Besides eliminating Cheyenne's doubts about the information, Lin Li also had his reason for appearing to be so confident.

Upon hearing Lin Li say “us” again, Cheyenne felt much more at ease. He knew that this young Legendary-mage certainly had some killer information judging from his confidence, although he didn't say it specifically.

While Lin Li and Cheyenne had gone back to the Malfa Family's camp, the three chiefs of the Dark Blade returned to the tent. According to the information they had just gotten, they needed to rea.s.sess their two collaborators, especially that young Legendary-mage.

Actually, Borg and the other two Legendary chiefs hadn't deemed Lin Li someone important back when they had invited him, and hadn't put him on an equal level as a collaborator. In their eyes, Lin Li was indeed a genius one could only find one in a thousand years. After all, the only other Legendary-mage who had reached Legendary-realm at the age of 20-plus was Geresco. However, personal abilities weren't so important in the exploration of the ruins of the t.i.tans. They even hadn't expected to hear anything useful from this young Legendary-mage.

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