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Chapter 582 - Legends about the Sky Castle

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Chapter 582: Legends about the Sky Castle

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Lin Li wasn't particularly interested in the treasure, because the Tower of Dusk wasn't short of money like when it had just been established anymore. It had now stepped into a healthy developmental stage, and completely broke off its reliance on the wealth brought about by rare treasures. However, since it was the ruins of the t.i.tans, or rather the ruins left behind by the Pantheon, it was rather interesting for him as a mage.

The Malfa Family found Osric's adventure diary, which could hugely decrease the quest's risk, while the Dark Blade's speculations weren't just speculations. Lin Li was clear that no matter his old ally the Malfa Family or the new ally the Dark Blade, both concealed some information. However, this wasn't important. After all, who didn't have some secrets? This was an unspoken fact, and wasn't a matter of right or wrong. Whoever let out all that they had during a collaboration was too naive and foolish.

 Several thoughts flashed across Lin Li's mind, and he found that n.o.body in the tent spoke anymore. The three chiefs of the Dark Blade and Cheyenne all stared at Lin Li. Clearly, since these two factions had shared some information about the treasure, it was now Lin Li's turn to share something valuable.

It was normal for them to think so. Although Lin Li had the original copy of the treasure map, these two factions also had the treasure map now. To put it more bluntly, the map couldn't show his value by now.

“Haha, I was thinking about the Pantheon since it's my first time hearing about it. Sorry about it. I'm very inspired by what Master Cheyenne and Master Borg have said. After putting the pieces together, I have some answers to my previous questions. Let me share some of my thoughts with you.” Although Lin Li couldn't tell them of the presence of Thunderbolt, it wasn't difficult for him to tell them something they deemed valuable after holding on to the treasure map for so long.

Lin Li sounded cautious and humble yet quite confident. This made Borg and his companions rather doubtful. Honestly, Borg didn't think that this young Legendary-mage could share any valuable information. Although the Tower of Dusk was very famous in the Breezy Plains recently, it was still just a small faction established less than a year ago, and didn't match the Dark Blade or the Malfa Family in terms of power.

 This wasn't because they were underestimating Lin Li, but rather because it was a fact. Though the Tower of Dusk and Lin Li had remarkable achievements now, many things still needed to be acc.u.mulated with time. The Malfa Family had gotten Osric's adventure diary because of the connections that the Malfa Family had built up in the Breezy Plains. The Dark Blade started off as a bandit group, and wasn't very welcome in the Breezy Plains. However, most factions were wary of the Darkness Shrine behind them. This was also why they could get information about the ruins of the t.i.tans.

What did the Tower of Dusk have? Even this young President had only come to the Breezy Plains just a year ago. The Tower of Dusk was well-known in the Breezy Plains now. This young genius President was also remarkable to reach the Legendary-realm at the age of 20. However, this young genius president hadn't even known about the Pantheon until just now! What kind of amazing thoughts could he have about the ruins of the t.i.tans?

Compared to Borg's doubts, Cheyenne's eyes lit up, and he looked at Lin Li with antic.i.p.ation. After this period of working with Lin Li and discussing magic together, Cheyenne had a totally new understanding of this young Legendary-mage. This young Legendary-mage had achievements that many people of his age couldn't reach, but he wasn't proud and arrogant about achieving a little like most ordinary youngsters. This was extremely valuable for a young person.

Cheyenne smiled, and said to Lin Li, “I've known that your knowledge about the ruins wasn't less than mine back when I've visited you at the Tower of Dusk and heard you say 'the Haiga Mountain Range' in High Elves language.” He was also saying this to the people from the Dark Blade.

Lin Li smiled without commenting on anything, and organized his thoughts. Then, he said, “Although the original copy of the treasure map is with me, it looks like this didn't delay your research. I think that the first thing you've a.n.a.lyzed when you got this treasure map from me was the map itself.”

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Hearing that Lin Li mentioned the treasure map again, Cheyenne was rather embarra.s.sed that his side had leaked the treasure map. However, he also knew that Lin Li wouldn't bother about this problem, and thought about his copy of the map. He said, “Master Felic, are you talking about the map that appears to be a city's map?”

“High Elves?” The Legendary masters looked at one another. Was Lin Li saying that a High Elves city was hidden in the ruins of the t.i.tans? Didn't that mean the High Elves had explored the ruins already? Would they still get anything from there? Even if they could get anything, it would be much less valuable than the ruins of the t.i.tans.

“Even if it's a High Elven city, it's a rather big city judging from the map. How could it remain hidden in the Haiga Mountain Range for such a long time? Moreover, at the end of the Dark Age, the coalition of various races fought against the High Elves. How would they miss out on this city? With the hatred everyone had for the High Elves, those High Elves would have been affected even if they had hidden in Haiga Mountain Range.” Borg obviously didn't believe Lin Li.

Indeed, the reason why the era ruled by the High Elves was known as the Dark Age was because of their high-handed rule which brought endless darkness for all other races. The acc.u.mulated hatred finally exploded at the end of the Dark Age, and the coalition between races killed every High Elf that came in their way. The G.o.d of Mages Geresco even destroyed the Tree of Eternity. Under such circ.u.mstances, how could a High Elven city escape being wiped out by the coalition? Although the Haiga Mountain Range was full of dangers, it only applied to ordinary people. To some Sanctuary-realm masters like Geresco, it was really nothing.

“If it was really a High Elven city, it's impossible that texts from the Dark Age would never mention it. Even the Sky Castles of the High Elves didn't escape the fate of destruction during that era.” Cheyenne sighed when he spoke of that era he had never experienced. However, with his current power, he probably wouldn't have the right to partic.i.p.ate in the battles against the Sky Castles during the Dark Age full of heroes.

Lin Li wasn't displeased with the doubts he faced from the Legendary masters. Instead, he smiled, and continued, “From what I know, the High Elves built seven Sky Castles in total. During the war, the Sky Castles were destroyed one by one, but only the Seventh Sky Castle didn't appear at all.”

The Legendary masters' expressions changed upon hearing this. Although they had never been through the war at the end of the Dark Age, there were a lot of descriptions about the Sky Castle in texts from that time period. The powerful Sky Castles were a devastating force for the coalition. If the dwarves hadn't built Sky-breaker successfully, and Geresco hadn't had a breakthrough in his abilities just in time, history would have been completely different from what it was now.

“Do you mean… The ruins contain the Seventh Sky Castle?!” Although Legendary powerhouses wouldn't have strong emotions usually, the Legendary masters still couldn't help feeling rather excited when talking about the Sky Castles.

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