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Chapter 577 - Stephen Is Alive

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Chapter 577: Stephen Is Alive

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“Borg, it would seem petty of me to turn you down since you've already proposed cooperating. However, you must prove that you really do have that treasure map and the information that you claim to be better than what we have. If you can prove it, we'll discuss the cooperation.”

Cheyenne was worried that the young Master Felic would be won over by the Dark Blade. They were in the Dark Blade's territory to begin with. If even Master Felic and the Dark Blade become allies, the Malfa Family would really be at a huge loss.

Besides, Cheyenne had been feeling rather guilty towards Master Felic. After all, Master Felic generously allowed Adelo to make a copy of the treasure map after leaving the Scar of Death back then, which was quite unimaginable for most people. However, due to the fact that there was a traitor in his family, the Dark Blade actually got their hands on the treasure map. No one would be happy about having to share the Immortal King's treasure with an extra person.

Hence, Cheyenne was merely saying those words superficially because he was a Legendary figure and the rival of the Dark Blade. Actually, it was akin to giving in and agreeing to the cooperation between three parties. Besides, he had no choice but to agree, for it would be akin to giving his ally Lin Li away to someone else and ending up with nothing. He might even end up having a stronger and tougher rival.

 Borg stood up smilingly as if he had already expected to hear that right from the start. He said to Cheyenne and Lin Li, “Our campsite is not too far away from here. Why don't you two follow me there, and we can discuss the details about the cooperation? Besides, Cheyenne, didn't you want me to prove that I have the treasure map? I can prove that I do have the map and the information that I've obtained from my exploration of the Haiga Mountain Range during the past few days.”

 Cheyenne squinted slightly. Borg's invitation clearly proved that the other two Legendary leaders of the Dark Blade were probably there.

In the eyes of the outsiders, the Malfa Family had Cheyenne, the Legendary-mage, while Dark Blade had three Legendary powerhouses. The two forces had fought for many years, but neither of them could defeat the other. That meant that they both had equal power. It also showed that the personal strength of Master Cheyenne should be similar to that of the three Legendary leaders of the Dark Blade together. When in the Legendary-realm, those below that realm were all insignificant.

However, they were all powerhouses of the Legendary-realm; hence, it was not easy for one to go against three opponents. Cheyenne managed to fight the three of them, purely not because of his own abilities, but because of the ancient mageweath that was concealed in Aminya City. That was also the reason Cheyenne never once left Aminya City ever since the three leaders of the Dark Blade entered the Legendary-realm.

 Leaving Aminya City and the mysterious ancient mageweath hidden in the city would make Cheyenne just a Legendary-mage who had broken through the bottleneck to level-21 not too long ago. Now that Cheyenne was faced with the three Legendary figures of the Dark Blade, the problem no longer lay in the fact that he did not have an advantage.

 In other words, if Cheyenne were to accept Borg's invitation, it would be possible for Borg to make things hard for Cheyenne since they had been rivals for years. If Cheyenne were to go against the three of them, it would be akin to digging his own grave.

“Alright, Master Cheyenne, let us go and meet the other two leaders of the Dark Blade together,” Lin Li agreed before even waiting for Cheyenne to agree.

Lin Li's words made Cheyenne's eyes light up because the fact that Lin Li said “let us” meant that he considered himself to be on Cheyenne's side. Cheyenne had to admit that there was no way for him to deal with the three leaders alone. However, things would be different if he had the help of the young Master Felic.

 Not to mention, Lin Li was a genius Legendary-mage who had just defeated a level-22 elven Legendary-mage in the Harvest Square not too long ago. He enjoyed great reputation in the Breezy Plains now. Since he was going to be on Cheyenne's side, the three leaders of the Dark Blade would have to think twice before acting. The thought of it made Cheyenne nod in agreement. He stood up, and said to Borg, “Alright. Please lead the way.”

As soon as the three of them stepped out of the tent, they looked just like a bunch of friends strolling in a certain direction outside the campground together. The members of the Malfa Family, especially Hutton and Adelo, could vaguely guess what was going on even though they had not heard the conversation that had taken place in the tent. They initially wanted to chase after them, but were stopped by their teacher. They gave it some thought, and realized that it did make sense, after all. Archmages might be strong, but they were not that significant in the eyes of the Legendary figures. If anything were to happen when they tagged along, they wouldn't be able to offer their teacher any help, either. They could only pin their hopes on Lin Li who left together with him.

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Lin Li had never been arrogant enough to think that he could overcome the three Legendary powerhouses of the Dark Blade alone. The current situation was similar to that in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Since the Dark Blade had the three Legendary figures, they could be said to be the strongest party amongst the three. If he were to work with the Dark Blade and kick the Malfa Family away, it would probably be very difficult for him to achieve his agenda. No one would be able to resist the temptation of Thunderbolt or the item that sealed it.

 Upon sight of Borg leading the two of them into the camp, the members of the patrolling team and those who had gotten up early to leave their tents quickly stopped to bow to Borg.

 “It's you!”

 A voice sounded in terror out of nowhere, breaking the silence of the morning. Next, someone dashed forwards angrily with a murderous expression.

Lin Li could not help but feel shocked to see the familiar face. Wasn't he Stephen who had gone missing in the Abyss of Tharlen?

In order to obtain the relics of Geresco, Lin Li, Hutton, and Stephen were sent to the Abyss of Tharlen by Tutankhamun, who said that whoever found the Throne of Darkness would be eligible to obtain the three relics of Geresco.

 Along the way, Stephen somehow got a.s.sociated with the Lord of Souls, Mephistos, and tried to plot against Lin Li and Hutton. When they walked past the ancient dueling ground, Lin Li released the demons and magical beasts that had been held captive there, and trapped Stephen who had been possessed by Mephistos there.

Later on, Lin Li managed to plot against and lure Mephistos out in order to fight the Lord of Darkness. However, he had no idea what happened to Stephen in the end.

Of course, Lin Li was only a little shocked, and the three of them were compet.i.tors to begin with. In order to obtain the three relics of Geresco, they resorted to means that were not considered excessive. Moreover, this incident itself was Stephen's fault, so Lin Li didn't feel the slightest hint of guilt. He also knew that although Stephen showed up there, and had obviously told Borg and the others about the events that had taken place in the Abyss of Tharlen in a way that was beneficial to himself, there would be no impact as long as the Dark Blade was sincere about the cooperation.

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