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Chapter 575 - Uninvited Guest

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Chapter 575: Uninvited Guest

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Lin Li had never thought that everyone on Earth was selfless and kind. Instead of relying on others for everything, it was more important that one had considerable strength. Allies would forever be the most unreliable. When the profits were tempting enough, even brothers would turn against each other, let alone allies. Lin Li had always believed in the truth that the power in his own hands was the most reliable one.

It was not that Lin Li had a twisted mind and a jaded heart, but rather that the old saying about one having to be wary of others all the time had stuck with him ever since he came to Anril. Thunderbolt was the most powerful of the debris of the stars, and its value was absolutely tempting to most people. Not to mention, the value of an artifact that could seal Thunderbolt was definitely not inferior to that of Thunderbolt itself.

 Lin Li could ignore the Adventures. Even though they were all above level-15, they did not pose a huge threat to Legendary-mages. However, he could not disregard Master Cheyenne, the pillar of the Malfa Family who had entered the Legendary-realm plenty of years ago.

Yes, Lin Li had defeated the level-22 Legendary-mage from the Elven Kingdom in the Harvest Square of Roland City. However, Lin Li knew clearly the reason for his victory. Although he had won fair and square, he had still targeted the natural weakness of elves. However, he clearly couldn't use Spiritual Magic to deal with Cheyenne and gain the upper hand. The main factor in success was still Lin Li's actual power.

When one was focused on doing something, time tended to fly like an arrow. Soon, Lin Li who was engrossed in the Book of Eternity suddenly snapped back to reality as if a cup had broken in a silent room.

It was already very late at night, and the campfires had begun to get dimmer. The Adventurers had returned to their tents to rest, except for the ones who were in charge of safety, patrolling slowly outside the tents. Cheyenne's tent was in the middle of the campground. At this moment, the curtain of the tent was raised, and he stepped out of it.

At the same time, Lin Li lifted the curtain, and walked out of his tent which was different in structure and situated further away from Cheyenne's. Of course, he did not snap out of his trance because of any noise, but rather because he had clearly sensed a strong magical wave that was slowly approaching the campsite.

The two of them glanced at each other, after which they looked in the same direction in unison.

In the pitch-black darkness, a figure slowly entered the campground, and his appearance gradually surfaced. That person seemed to be middle-aged, and his features were very well-defined and accentuated by his beard. He was tall and burly, and was wearing a black mage's gown. However, the fact that Lin Li could feel his magical wave meant that he was also a Legendary-mage.

 Yes, the man was indeed a Legendary-mage. It was a sensing ability that Lin Li had developed only after he reached Level-21. At the same time, it also meant that Master Cheyenne had already broken through his bottleneck and become a level-21 Legendary-mage.

 The Adventurers who were patrolling the campground also acted like they had encountered a huge enemy. Although they could not sense how strong he was, they could guess based on their experience that he had to be an extremely powerful figure they could not compare to.

 “Borg, how rare of you to come. However, you've unfortunately come at the wrong time. I don't have anything to entertain you with,” Cheyenne said with a smile while gesturing for the Adventurers to leave.

 Upon sight of Master Cheyenne's signal, the Adventurers heaved a sigh of relief, and put their weapons away. They then retreated together with their peers who were surrounding them after being jolted awake. Although being an Adventurer was their profession, they were just doing it for a living. No one would be happy to do something that would put their lives at risk.

 “Haha, Cheyenne, I should be the one saying that. The last time you visited this place was more than a decade ago. We haven't met in a long time, but I've been missing you,” Borg said in a loud and clear voice before guffawing. His voice was particularly distinct in the silent night.

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As soon as Cheyenne called his name, someone popped up in Lin's mind, and he began to connect the dots. Borg was one of the three leaders of the Dark Blade, and was a Legendary-mage too. Back then in the small wooden hut of Tutankhamun in the Blackstone Mountains, Lin Li, Hutton, and Stephen were present. Later on, the three of them were sent to the Abyss of Tharlen by Tutankhamun, and Stephen's soul was then used by Mephistos. Of course, Summoning Lamp let Lin Li make certain that he was using Mephistos instead. No matter what, both Stephen and Mephistos were plotting against Lin Li, but they ended up being pushed into a path of despair in the end. Mephistos was destroyed by the Lord of Darkness, and sucked into the Summoning Lamp. Lin Li did not care about what had happened to Stephen. However, Borg was Stephen's father.

 Upon hearing Borg's words, Cheyenne squinted subtly before pointing at the tent behind. “I was acting inappropriately. Let's go in and chat, then.”

 Most of the people there had no idea what was going on, but Lin Li knew that they could not afford to engage in a Legendary-realm-level battle. If Borg meant to destroy the Malfa Family, there would be no need for them to go inside the tent. Borg could have just said some words to taunt Cheyenne outside the tent. Since they agreed to sit down for a talk, it simply meant that things were not as grave as they had expected yet, and there was a chance for them to belay the battle.

“This…” Borg s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto Lin Li, and continued, “This must be Master Felic from the Tower of Dusk. I've long heard about Master Felic entering the Legendary-realm at the age of 20. You're a rare talent. No one has achieved such a commendable feat in thousands of years. Unfortunately, I have been too busy to visit the Tower of Dusk.”

 Borg did not stare at Lin Li in awe, because he was a senior. Instead, he glanced at him with respect, for he admired Lin Li for being so outstanding despite being much younger.

Truth be told, Lin Li was rather embarra.s.sed to receive the compliment—not because he felt flattered, but because he had once called Stephen a b.a.s.t.a.r.d in Tutankhamun's wooden hut back then. In order words, he'd been implying Borg's wife had cuckolded him. Back then, he didn't take it too seriously, because he didn't think that he would one day meet Borg. However, now that he had actually met Borg, who did not seem to be hostile, he could not help but feel awkward and embarra.s.sed.

1“You're being too formal, Master Borg,” Lin Li said modestly.

The three of them returned to their seats in the tent. Cheyenne was waiting to hear Borg reveal his purpose behind the visit, while Lin Li remained silent because he was too embarra.s.sed to speak. Meanwhile, Borg waited for Cheyenne to ask a question. In the end, the three Legendary masters actually glanced at each other silently for a while.

 “Borg, ever since we knew each other, we'd definitely end up in a battle whenever we met. Your behavior this time is truly shocking. You're not really here for a simple visit, are you?” said Cheyenne, who could no longer stand the silence. After all, he ought to figure out Borg's real intentions for visiting since it concerned the safety of the Malfa Family.

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