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Chapter 574 - Cooperation

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Chapter 574: Cooperation

Harvey could sense a terrifying and cold gaze in his brother Hutton's eyes, which made him feel a chill down his spine. He shuddered, unable to speak.

“Are all of you dead? Two of you, come here and take Second Young Master away. I think he needs to do some reflecting,” Hutton ordered coldly.

The two scurried towards Harvey, and carried him away. He was motionless as if he had turned stiff because of a spell.

Hutton turned around with a sullen expression, and said to Lin Li, “Master Felic, I'm really sorry. This brother of mine needs to be taught a lesson. You—”

Before Hutton could even finish speaking, Lin Li waved as if nothing had happened. He coldly said, “Let's go.”

“…Yes, please.” Hutton heaved a sigh of relief and grinned, thinking to himself, It's no wonder that my incompetent brother would turn so hysterical. He didn't even manage to attract his attention. If I were in his shoes, I probably wouldn't be able to take it, either.

Lin Li simply had a good memory. Otherwise, Harvey wouldn't even have the chance to create a lasting impression on Lin Li. Harvey felt like killing himself when Lin Li asked him if he knew him.

Harvey's reckless actions did not cause any uproar or problems for the cooperation between the Malfa Family and Lin Li. Even if Lin Li were to kill Harvey, the Malfa Family wouldn't hold it against him, because their interests were far more important than a dispensable heir.

Two days later, the team of adventurers was finally established, and the logistics were also ready. There was no formal ritual of departure, and the daunting team set off to Haiga Mountain Range from the Malfa Family's Aminya City.

This time, Lin Li joined as a partner, and not a simple Adventurer, unlike when he'd gone to the Blackstone Mountains previously. Today, Lin Li had attained a high status which allowed him to enjoy the same treatment as Cheyenne. He was very young, and the Tower of Dusk was even more so. However, no one dared to doubt his status, because he was a Legendary-mage.

Whenever the team stopped for a break in the tent, Cheyenne would invite Lin Li for a discussion about magic, which invitation Lin Li would not turn down. Even though he had a magical book like the Book of Eternity, there were no limits to learning and gaining more knowledge. The experience gained by the G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, was irreplaceable. However, there was plenty for Lin Li to learn from Cheyenne, a Legendary-mage who had been in the Legendary-realm for years.

Of course, Cheyenne had also learned a lot from Lin Li during their discussions. After all, the Book of Eternity that Lin Li owned was a paramount treasure in the world of magic. Cheyenne even wished that the journey would go on longer.

During the discussions, Lin Li did not withhold any knowledge, and would answer all of Cheyenne's questions truthfully as long as he knew how to. That was his att.i.tude when it came to learning. He ought not to be worried about others surpa.s.sing himself, because that would only make him become lazy and unmotivated. Besides, no one knew what they might face during this expedition to the Haiga Mountain Range. It would be beneficial for him to increase the abilities of his partners.

As Cheyenne's students, Hutton and Adelo were extremely lucky because they got to gain plenty of knowledge from the discussions between the two Legendary masters. Although they were both Archmages, there were several things that they could not understand—especially Hutton, who had a rare talent in magic, though he could not hold a candle to Lin Li.

Some of the Adventurers had also begun doubting Lin Li's abilities, and suspecting the validity of the rumors that spread around the entire Breezy Plains. However, in the past few days, even Master Cheyenne regarded Lin Li with great respect. Hence, no one dared to suspect or doubt him anymore. In fact, some Archmages who did not belong to the Malfa Family had even begun finding out more about the recruitment criteria of the Tower of Dusk. After all, they were Archmages who were significant figures.

Although the team of level-15 elites made rapid progress, it still took them about a week to get to Haiga Mountain Range. Due to the fact that none of them knew what they might encounter in the Haiga Mountain Range, they decided to reserve their energy as much as possible.

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When the team entered the Haiga Mountain Range, Lin Li obviously felt that they had slowed down. Everyone seemed to be very cautious—especially the members of the Malfa Family, who were careful with every step they took. Actually, their conscientiousness could be explained by the distribution of the forces in the Breezy Plains. Although there was still quite a distance for them to cover before they could reach the actual Haiga Mountain Range, they were already in the territory of the Dark Blade.

Hutton was somewhat embarra.s.sed because the hostile relations.h.i.+p between the Malfa Family and Dark Blade was well known in the Breezy Plains. Even though they were careful and slowed down, it was still easy for them to be discovered by the Dark Blade.

Actually, if it weren't because Lin Li eagerly wanted to lay his hands on Thunderbolt, he would have enjoyed the discussions with Cheyenne. Every Legendary-mage had his own unique understanding of things, and even though Geresco was deemed as the G.o.d of Mages, it didn't mean that he had mastered magic.

“I understand. You guys may arrange it yourselves.” Although Lin Li wanted to get Thunderbolt as soon as possible, he did not wish for anything to happen during the journey. In the world that he lived in before he teleported, it was said that it was better to be late than never.

The sky began to turn a little gloomy, and they stopped earlier than expected. They then found a patch of land, and began to set up their tents. Although the camp comprised nearly 200 people, amongst whom there were experienced Adventurers, it still took them some time to set up the tents.

Campfires were lit, and the tents were neatly arranged around them. The Adventurers had long gotten used to living such a life; hence, they were not too worried about going into the Haiga Mountain Range. They a.s.sembled together with the people they knew and munched on some dry rations, enjoying the full experience of adventuring.

After dinner, Norfeller stood outside the tent, while Lin Li whipped out the Book of Eternity from the Ring of Endless Storm. He then began making a summary of the issues that he had discussed with Cheyenne. After reading the book carefully, he discovered the mysteries of magic. Lin Li would gain more respect for Geresco after every time he read the Book of Eternity.

Lin Li had no idea what the thing that sealed Thunderbolt in the labyrinth of the Haiga Mountain Range really was. However, he was well aware that the power contained in the seal was probably not inferior to Thunderbolt's power. He needed a stronger power to face it; hence, he dared not waste any time at all, even if his power was only going to increase at a very slow rate. That would mean that he had more confidence and chances of winning.

[1] So it sounds like Dark Blade has four Legendary powerhouses, or maybe they lost that first one, and that's why they have three.

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