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Chapter 573 - : Meeting Again

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Chapter 573: Meeting Again

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On the other hand, Hutton's father, Patriarch Sorenson, was more resigned about this matter. After all, someone as heaven-defying as Master Felic only appeared once every 1000 years. Hence, there was no need to compare his son Hutton with Felic. Sorenson looked at his son. He knew that Hutton had led an easy life so far, and heard too much flattery. Though Hutton tried his best to keep his composure, he still liked to go down a dead-end as a youth.

Although this fact was very clear to an outsider, Hutton still needed to figure it out himself and free himself from this psychological barrier. It was useless for others to tell him what to do. After he had figured out everything, maybe he would break through in magic. Of course, if he insisted to put this matter to heart, his magic would remain where he was for the rest of his life.

Members of the Malfa Family revolved around Lin Li as if a myriad of stars surrounding the moon. Patriarch Sorenson personally led Lin Li into the Malfa Family mansion. Although Master Cheyenne didn't welcome Lin Li at the gate, he was already waiting for Lin Li in the parlor. After all, Legendary powerhouses had their own dignity. Even though everyone knew that Lin Li had boundless prospects, Cheyenne was Lin Li's equal as of now.

In the luxurious parlor, only Master Cheyenne, Patriarch Sorenson, and the internally conflicted Hutton remained in the room—the other members of the Malfa Family all left. What they needed to discuss was very simple: the situation of the team of adventurers, how their abilities were, how they would enter the Haiga Mountain Range, and etcetera.

The Malfa Family had invested almost everything they had into finding the Immortal King's treasure. Out of the 100-plus adventurers in the team, everyone was at least level-15 by profession. Anyone at least level-15 in power would be an influential powerhouse in a certain area. The Malfa Family had spent more than just gold coins to hire these people.

Other than these 100-plus adventurers who were at least level-15, the Malfa Family also dispatched all its elites. All the powers in every area of the family seemed to be drawn out to form a team of mages made up of 60 Archmages at least level-15. Even Lin Li was very impressed with the Malfa Family's power. It seemed like the Malfa Family didn't depend on any luck at all to get where it was today in the Breezy Plains.

Each one of these people had the ability to support a pretty strong faction single-handedly. If they were to join a Guild of Magic, any of them was capable of being the President. No wonder the factions of the Breezy Plains couldn't be bothered by the Guilds of Magic supported by the Supreme Council. Perhaps the strength of all Guilds of Magic added together was similar to that of 60 Archmages at least level-15.

Although Lin Li was surprised with the Malfa Family's power, he didn't lose confidence in himself. Though the Tower of Dusk didn't have matching power currently, it wouldn't take long for it to catch up—and even surpa.s.s—the Malfa Family given its current speed of development.

Compared to the effort the Malfa Family had put in, its collaborator the Tower of Dusk only sent Lin Li over, which seemed rather stingy. However, Lin Li didn't think there was anything wrong with this. The extent of contribution made wasn't dependent on the number of people. For the Malfa Family, even the elders didn't dare to complain about the Tower of Dusk, as a Legendary powerhouse had surpa.s.sed the level of which they could complain about.

After the discussion, the team couldn't set off immediately yet. Thus, Hutton led Lin Li to rest and tour the Malfa Family Mansion on the way. In terms of luxury and vastness, the Malfa Family Mansion was nothing compared to the Forbidden Palace that Lin Li had toured before. Moreover, with Lin Li's judgment as a Guru of Inscription, the standards of the mageweaths inscribed on the walls of this mansion weren't very high, though they were considered very powerful.

“Hah! d.a.m.n it! You dare to come to my territory? Just see how I'm going to deal with you!” A sharp voice rang abruptly, and then a person ran towards Lin Li like he was crazy.

Harvey hadn't had any ambitions or goals. He didn't try to s.n.a.t.c.h power or dream about things he could never get, just wanting to be a dandy. He didn't need to worry about family affairs all day long like his brother Hutton, so he used all his memory on grudges. Though half a year had pa.s.sed since the incident in the Blackstone Mountains, Harvey didn't forget about the lad who had ruined his plan, and caused him to get slapped twice by his elder brother.

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Though Harvey had heard much hearsay about the Tower of Dusk recently as well, he didn't believe any of it. In Harvey's eyes, only his brother Hutton could be considered a genius. It was definitely fake bragging that Lin Li was a 20-year-old Legendary-mage. Everyone knew that the G.o.d of Mages Geresco was the teacher of the Malfa Family's ancestors. Even Geresco only stepped into the Legendary-realm at the age of 231. How could anyone be better than the G.o.d of Mages?

“Master Felic, I'm so sorry. My brother is unruly by nature, and has no sense of propriety for his words and actions. Please don't take his crazy words to heart,” Hutton said to Lin Li respectfully without even looking at the stunned Harvey.

How could Lin Li not realize Hutton's intention of protecting Harvey? However, he couldn't be bothered by this. It wasn't because he was wary of the Malfa Family—he simply didn't want to waste time and effort on this lad. He waved his hand, unbothered, and calmly replied, “Don't worry too much, just make sure that he won't bother me in the future.”

“d.a.m.n it! Are you looking down on me? What kind of place is this? You think you can trick people here? You were lucky that you've escaped last time. Let me see where you can run this time!” Harvey yelled hysterically, his face turning completely red. He was the second young master of the Malfa Family and a very important person in Aminya—and even the Breezy Plains—in terms of status. How could he bear to be looked down by a village boy from a desolate place like Jarrosus so many times?

Harvey had heard rumors about the Tower of Dusk too. However, it was difficult for a person to think of issues rationally once they had formed their own biased opinions. The news of a 20-year-old Legendary-mage was also beyond the limits of many people's imagination. Harvey didn't want to believe in this piece of news, so how would he be willing to even verify its authenticity?

Although Harvey had planned to be a dandy who just had fun every day, n.o.body was willing to be insignificant. If Lin Li had gotten angry and yelled at Harvey, or even beat him up, Harvey wouldn't get so hysterical. The greatest form of contempt was to ignore. Lin Li didn't even look at Harvey. This hurt Harvey's pride immensely.

Hutton was flaming with anger. He didn't expect his younger brother to be so daring and even defy him. Hutton knew better than anyone that this calm-looking Master Felic was definitely not kind-hearted, even though he might look totally harmless. After all, Hutton had witnessed the entire process of how Stephen from the Dark Blade had ended up.

“Harvey! Are you doubting me? Or are you saying that Father and Teacher Cheyenne are the foolish farmers you're talking about?” Hutton gave Harvey a stare so cold it seemed to freeze the air around him.

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