Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 57 - Legend

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But with Old Grimm's eminent status, it was impossible for him to step forward like the aunty with full bosom. He was the most famous mage of Jarrosus, so he naturally had the reserve of a legendary mage. Hence, after the brief self-introduction, he waited for Lin Li to speak.

Unfortunately… Andoine had completely forgotten to tell him that the little fellow before him was a half-baked mage; not to mention Grimm Burnside, even if the G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, was standing in front of him, he would be ignorant of it and ask: who is Geresco?

"Uh… So you are the famous mage Grimm Burnside! I've heard so much about you…" Under Old Grimm's reticent gaze, Lin Li looked appalled. He tried hard to squeeze out a pleasantly surprised expression on his face while secretly nudging Kevin, and asked in a very quiet voice, "Who is Grimm Burnside?"

"…" Kevin had given up all hope upon hearing his words. While trying to hide the embarra.s.sment on his face, he turned to face the other side, hoping to pretend that he didn't know Lin Li…

"…" A mage who reached the legendary realm had already surpa.s.sed the scope of this profession itself. As long as it was within the range of his mental powers, he could learn of anything he wanted. How could Lin Li's furtive whispers escape the eyes and ears of Old Grimm?

Even with Old Grimm's indifference to fame and fortune, his face turned liver-colored when he heard Lin Li's whispers…

But Old Grimm was someone who had lived for over a hundred years after all. Although he was embarra.s.sed by Lin Li's question, he did not show it on his face. He merely chuckled with a self-deprecating expression. "Heh heh… Looks like Andoine, that old fellow, didn't speak ill of me in front of you…"

"Heh heh…" Lin Li laughed dryly, hoping to conceal his ignorance with it. Andoine indeed did not mention Grimm Burnside. Besides, he had made the old man memorize all kinds of potion formulas back in the Sunset Mountains, and he was also forced by the latter to fight all kinds of magical beasts. Both were about to fall apart from exhaustion at the end of the day, where would they have the time to talk about some Grimm Burnside…

Old Grimm shook his head resignedly. He could make out something judging from the young mage's reaction. This fellow had no idea who he was at all—not even what his achievements in pharmaceutics were.

"When we were in Alanna, Andoine has mentioned to me that other than your magical gifts, you are also a rare genius in pharmaceutics." Hence, Old Grimm had to find something to talk about. "Coincidentally, I'm quite a decent pharmacist myself. If you like, maybe we can discuss pharmaceutics issues together."

The hall was completely silent at Old Grimm's words. Everyone held their breaths, and it was as if their heartbeat had stopped.

The banquet tonight was a real thrill for all the guests.

They were startled twice in a row previously when Bathrilor launched the sneak attack, which was followed by Lin Li's retaliation. It was extremely risky, but fortunately there were no problems. Then, Lin Li's ident.i.ty was exposed—the young man in the old mage robe was actually the mysterious pharmacist from the Guild of Magic!

When the mage in gray robe came out to reveal his ident.i.ty, the guests were thoroughly shocked. No one had expected themselves to be able to see the living legend in person.

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Even more so, they had never expected that Grimm Burnside would say words like "discuss together" to a young mage.

As soon as Lin Li uttered these words, a few guests fainted right on the spot.

Everyone looked at him as if they were looking at an idiot. Many had begun cursing in their hearts, How did such an idiot come out from the Guild of Magic? It was such a good opportunity to become Master Grimm's apprentice and he literally wanted to discuss with the master? d.a.m.n your stupid discussion…

Some were even suspecting that he was deranged after Bathrilor's sneak attack. How could such a clever-looking kid utter such idiotic words?

"Uh… I have time…" Old Grimm wiped his cold sweat off secretly. He was beginning to doubt Andoine's vision. However, he had already said the words and it wasn't good to take them back on the spot. He made up his mind to test Lin Li with a few difficult questions to see if he could come up with some constructive ideas. If he was satisfied with the answers, he would guide him; if he was not satisfied, then he'd use this as an excuse to leave…

Lin Li lifted his head and glanced around the banquet hall, only to find the place a mess due to the sneak attacks he and Bathrilor made on each other. At the moment, there was not a clean and secluded place in sight…

Just as he was at a loss, Old Grimm stretched out his hand and pointed in a direction behind him. "Let's sit there."

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