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Chapter 564 - Set In Stone

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Chapter 564: Set In Stone

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No one had expected that the battle whose outcome they had been extremely certain of at first would turn out to have such a surprising end…

Actually, it was not everyone, for there were some who believed right from the start that Master Felic would win…

The thought of it made the gamblers' faces grow sullen, and they thought to themselves, Where the heck did Sienna get that insider information from? How did that scoundrel know that that Mage Felic would definitely win for sure? d.a.m.n it, he even won so crus.h.i.+ngly. The level-22 Legendary-mage even almost got beaten into a nutcase by that pervert. 

Lin Li triumphed over the elven Legendary-mage Vidas in the end. Apart from winning Helios' Scepter, he also achieved a breakthrough, which bestowed his abilities with a ma.s.sive change. He was undoubtedly the greatest winner that day. The other winner was none other than Sienna, who was grinning widely from ear to ear…

No one had believed that Lin Li would win, and they were all waiting to see Sienna make a fool out of himself. Apart from those who dared not offend Sienna, everyone else placed bets that were worth hundreds of thousands of gold coins, causing the c.u.mulative pot to end up amounting to almost 10,000,000 gold coins. Sienna placed a 500,000-gold-coin bet, and even if they were to win, they would only receive a few gold coins. However, now that Sienna had won, he would be receiving the entire pot of almost 10,000,000 gold coins. Of course he'd be thrilled about the windfall.

 After reaching an agreement with the old gambler Jefferson, Sienna stepped onto the square with happiness written all over his face, and walked towards Lin Li. He obviously wouldn't dare to keep the gold coins without saying anything. Although he had already placed a bet, Master Felic was the one who allowed him to win it.

Those who were feeling upset, unlike Sienna, were unhappy not only because they had become fools because of Sienna, but rather because they discovered how formidable Lin Li was. Master Felic was the owner of the Tower of Dusk and the President of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic, which housed the pharmacists they'd wanted to poach earlier on. Had they known earlier that the Legendary-mage Felic was the owner of the Tower of Dusk, they would have never dared to poach the pharmacists, for it was akin to courting death.

Some of them had long broken out in a cold sweat, and were nervously wiping the sweat off of their foreheads while feeling fortunate. They were not kindhearted people, and when the branch was auctioned off for 15,000,000 gold coins, they were thinking about s.n.a.t.c.hing the branch from the upstart Lin Li after he left. They thought that Lin Li was just an arrogant idiot who knew nothing, and felt that the security in Roland City was insignificant.

However, in reality, the ridiculous thing was that the idiot turned out to be them instead. If it weren't because of Vidas, perhaps they would have been destroyed for trying to rob Lin Li. There was nothing more absurd and silly than that.

 Although they were all leaders of strong, major forces, everyone knew that they were just an absolute joke in front of the Legendary powerhouses. Those Legendary-mages had the ability to destroy them and their city completely without much effort. It was apparent from the way the Harvest Square looked now. The millennium-old Harvest Square couldn't even withstand the damage that resulted from the two extraordinary mages' battle despite the mageweath arrays. It was ruined beyond recognition…

 Only legends could compare to legends, especially those who had attained Magical Domains. Those below the Legendary-realm were all insignificant.

Not to mention, the owner of the Tower of Dusk was not only a strong Legendary-mage, he had also defeated another Legendary-mage. However, he was only 20 years old. Although the guests had all lost the bet to Sienna, none of them were fools, especially since they had received an invitation to the auction. They were well aware of what the 20-year-old Lin Li signified.

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Upon sight of Sienna walking towards the middle of the square, the people standing by the square looked at each other. Although there was no verbal communication involved, they shared tacit understanding through eye contact. Since their mistakes had been made, what they had to do now was not to escape reality, but to find ways to make up for it. Otherwise, their forces might just disappear from the Breezy Plains one day. At the thought of the tragic end that they might face, everyone could not help but s.h.i.+ver and step into the square.

Lin Li was not surprised by this situation at all. Although the nature domain used by Vidas was termed as a Magical Domain of the Small World Rules, the foundation was based on elemental Rules of earth element. When Vidas exhibited the nature domain just now, he also manipulated the earth element in addition to putting his mana to use. Hence, it was not surprising that the square had been destroyed.

This sudden change caused many people to be affected and dirtied by the debris, though Lin Li managed to use magic to protect Wilkinson and the other pharmacists in time. Hence, Lin Li and the pharmacists were the only ones in the square, standing on a small, circular patch that remained unaffected. Lin Li stood still and spoke to Wilkinson and others indifferently. He would occasionally respond to William, and did not seem like he had just fought a thrilling battle.

 However, in his heart, Lin Li was constantly thinking about the Legendary battle that had been absolutely daunting. He was the only one who knew how tough and dangerous that battle had been just now. The elven Legendary-mage Vidas was undoubtedly a descendant of Helios. A level-22 Legendary-mage was definitely a powerhouse who would be at the top of the hierarchy in Anril. Except for those Legendary powerhouses that only existed in myths and tales, elven Legendary-mages were almost invincible. In fact, even a Legendary-mage could not afford to provoke them…

Lin Li was actually rather well aware of his own strength and abilities, though his self-awareness did not affect his confidence. Although he used to be a top level-20 Legendary-mage, he held three pieces of the debris of the stars, and had a terrifying advantage of being a master of all trades. However, he really was not as good as the elf, Vidas. The gap between them was not just in level, but also in terms of combat experience and understanding of the Rules. Even the magic that he was proud of was inferior when compared to the elven Legendary-mage's.

 That was how formidable and unique the elves were. Apart from the High Elves who were deemed as the most perfect creatures in the world, the elves were perhaps the most unique mages. Their natural physical affinity with elements allowed them to acc.u.mulate magic at an unimaginable speed. Even a newborn elf would easily be recognized as a mage. That was impressive even if compared to the High Elves.

 What made the human race even more jealous was the fact that the elves were the apple of the G.o.ddess of Nature Monferra's eye. They had extremely long lives that granted them the opportunity to become formidable and unrivaled even if they were to use just one-tenth of their time studying magic. The only good thing was that compared to the huge population of humans, the number of elves had always been small. Otherwise, they would have long ruled the entire world of Anril like the High Elves.

 As the descendant of Helios, the Legendary-mage Vidas was clearly a cla.s.sic elf. His extremely long life had brought him incomparable combat power, and let him suppress Lin Li during the battle just now.

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