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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 559 - Crimson Dragon

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Chapter 559: Crimson Dragon

Although the world was peaceful now, and there hadn't been any large-scale conflict between the Elven Kingdom and human nations for almost 1,000 years, Vidas felt that it was his responsibility to decrease the power of humans as much as possible as an elf. That human mage named Felic was indeed a rare genius, but he had only just reached the Legendary-realm judging from his aura. Level-20 and 22 weren't just different in terms of numbers. This also meant the difference in grasping of Rule Power. Even a slightly better understanding of Rule Power would result in unimaginable change in power and strength.

Vidas waved his Helios' Scepter, and a series of gigantic tree men which were extremely agile shot towards Lin Li. These tree men's arms were wrapped in thick black vines. When they leaped into the air, they threw these black vines in Lin Li's direction. Lin Li's tiny body was immediately swallowed in this sea of black vines that seemed like giant cobras.

Everyone gasped at this scene unfolding above the Harvest Square. This was the power of a Legendary powerhouse and that of the Magical Domain. Vidas was the king in this Magical Domain that he had created. He controlled everything in this domain. Even though his opponent was also a Legendary powerhouse, a Legendary powerhouse who did not possess a Magical Domain was not “Legendary” enough.

“I'm so sorry, Captain Sienna. Although everyone won't get much, we still thank you for your generosity.” The outcome of this bet was clear. Some people were already making their way out. Of course, they didn't forget to mock this newly appointed official of Doland. It just felt too good.

Arathor sighed deeply. William stared above the square mindlessly. Thick vines loomed over the entire sky above the square. That Mage Felic was nowhere to be found. That powerful aura distinct to Legendary-mages was also gone in a split second.

Did everything really end? Wilkinson and his companions looked up and felt a sense of despair. Where else in Anril could they find another pharmaceutics Master as knowledgeable as Master Felic? Though they had only learned from Mage Felic for a few months, all of them had made great improvements. However, the more they improved, the more they felt that Mage Felic's pharmaceutics skill was so great it was immeasurable. Although Wilkinson had almost reached Master level, he still didn't feel like he'd caught up to Mage Felic at all.

Such a n.o.ble pharmaceutics Master had fallen in a meaningless bet shamelessly initiated by a human and an elf in cahoots. This was not just a great loss for Wilkinson himself, but also the entire pharmaceutics industry, and even the entire Anril.

Be it Castellan Arathor of Roland City, William who'd invited them to the auction, or that wretched elf who was the descendant of the Helios, all of them had to pay for this! Wilkinson swore in his heart that he would definitely punish these scoundrels with his own power even if the Pharmacist Guild wouldn't avenge Mage Felic because of selfish interests.

Just as everyone thought that everything was over, a spark of fire erupted from the sea of black vines hanging over the Harvest Square as if a tiny spark in a tub of oil. However, it grew into a ma.s.sive fire and engulfed all the vines in the sky. Those black vines disappeared in a matter of seconds, and dark ash fell to the ground like snow.

Everyone turned to the sky and got a shock at what they saw. They couldn't help but exclaim that it was no wonder this young mage dared to bet with that elf. His life was guaranteed at the very least just relying on this creature.

Those obstructing vines were cleared from the sky. Where Mage Felic had been, a full-grown Crimson Dragon now stood, flapping its wings. d.a.m.n it! This trip was really worth it. They got to witness a fight between Legendary powerhouse, the legendary Nature Magical Domain, and now even a full-grown Crimson Dragon!

This fully grown Crimson Dragon wasn't the one Lin Li had killed in the underground palace, but rather was created with that Crimson Dragon as foundation. It grew new flesh over the bones of a Humerus Wyrm. It seemed quite redundant to do this. After all, why not directly turn the corpse of the Crimson Dragon into an undead dragon since he had obtained the complete corpse?

Lin Li had gotten this Humerus Wyrm at the Scar of Death in the Blackstone Mountains. If the Crimson Dragon's corpse was in the same state as back then, it would indeed be better to turn it into a Humerus Wyrm. However, Lin Li had encountered High Priest Sendros after getting out of the Scar of Death, and Sendros had given him the extremely rare Heart of the Fallen.

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Heart of the Fallen was a treasure that could make any Necromancer go crazy. Even the Darkness Shrine's High Priest Sendros had only seen six in his lifetime. Three of them belonged to the three Undead Lords of the Shadowglen, while the other three were stored in the Darkness Shrine. The one that Sendros had given Lin Li was one of the three stored in the Darkness Shrine.

After integrating the Heart of the Fallen into the Humerus Wyrm, it possessed intelligence and life. After Lin Li used the Crimson Dragon corpse yet again and gave the Humerus Wyrm a body, this Humerus Wyrm was no different from a real Crimson Dragon. Perhaps the only difference was that a real Crimson Dragon was so incredibly proud that it wouldn't let itself become a human's pet.

A Crimson Dragon which had integrated the Heart of the Fallen radiated such pure dragon aura that even Vidas who was the closest to Lin Li couldn't tell that it was an Undead creature, let alone those spectators in the audience. Of course, this Crimson Dragon shouldn't be considered an Undead creature, but rather a true Crimson Dragon.

With a dragon's roar, every animal in Roland City collapsed onto the ground, and every villager started to tremble for no apparent reason.

Sienna tapped his thigh. Pointing towards the sky, he excitedly yelled to the surrounding people, “Look! Look! I have said this before! How could that elven mage match Mage Felic? Haha! Look at it! It's a Crimson Dragon, a Crimson Dragon that Mage Felic summoned!”

Seeing how proud Sienna was, some people gnashed their teeth with resentment, some looked towards the sky in contemplation, and some weren't convinced at all and refuted Sienna. That elven Legendary-mage possessed his own Magical Domain, while Felic was a mage who had only just stepped into the Legendary-realm. Even if Felic had a Crimson Dragon, it would only take the elven mage more effort to defeat him.

“Hmph!” Sienna scorned that opinion, and contemptuously said, “No more nonsense! Let's continue the bet and see who gets the last laugh.” Sienna didn't care what level the elven mage was. He firmly believed that Mage Felic could easily handle this elf given that he was able to defeat a terrifying Lich.

William tapped his chest. Today was such an eventful day! His heart was still beating with perseverance even though it suffered a lot today. Looking at that Crimson Dragon in the sky, he could tell as an appraiser that its power was only of level-21.

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