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Chapter 558 - Legend VS Legend

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Chapter 558: Legend VS Legend

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“500,000 gold coins. You said it yourself,” said Jefferson, a gambling addict who monopolized several gambling dens in Roland City. He was initially just joking. However, after hearing that Sienna was willing to bet 500,000 gold coins, he decided to take on the bet without hesitation. “Fine, I'll hold you to your word and start the bet for you.”

It was as good as free money. Is Sienna's brain fried? Everyone surrounding him was actively discussing him. Hundreds of thousands of gold coins were bet on Vidas winning. They were not trying to earn any money, but rather were trying to embarra.s.s the nouveau riche of Roland City.

Actually, there was no longer a need for the bet anymore. Sienna was the only one who bet on Lin Li winning. Those who bet on the Legendary-mage Vidas winning were expecting to gain more than 2,000,000 gold coins effortlessly. Sienna obviously knew that they were staring at him like a fool. However, he sneered, and thought to himself, C'mon, keep placing your bets. We'll see who really is the fool! 

The news soon spread like wildfire on the stage, and the stakes were continuously rising. In fact, Sienna hoped that Lin Li would dawdle before launching his attack. By the time they were done, he could perhaps win 10,000,000 gold coins.

Lin Li had seen and dealt with plenty of Legendary powerhouses before. In fact, he even got insulted by Apophis, a figure of the Sanctuary-realm, on the day that he became the chairman of the Guild of Magic. However, regardless of how Burnside, Apophis, or Sendros undermined him, he would often be confident about how much he could take.

Although the Lord of Darkness was fierce, he had lost his sentience, after all, and the Crimson Dragon had been imprisoned in the Underground palace for more than 1000 years. When faced with the aura of a level-22 Legendary-mage, Lin Li could clearly sense the huge impact on the transfer of his magical power, which was far less smooth than usual.

However, Lin Li was not a normal level-20 Legendary-mage, after all. He didn't study the Book of Eternity for so long for no reason. Besides, he had extraordinary mental strength that would allow him to exhibit his powers when faced with an oppressive level-22 Legendary-mage.

Just as everyone was placing their bet and mocking Sienna, there was a sudden burst of energy in the Harvest Square, and everyone instantly fell silent. Apart from Sienna, everyone was dumbfounded. Since there were only two people in the square and Vidas had already exhibited his power, whom could that energy come from?

William stood up with surprise written all over his face. It was definitely the aura of a Legendary figure. Could it be that the young Mage Felic is also a Legendary-mage, in addition to being an accomplished pharmacist!? Unbelievable. He's only 20 years old! It was way beyond their imagination.

 At this moment, Arathor, who was still feeling rather worried, thought differently from William. He did not stop worrying just because of Lin Li's sudden outburst. He frowned and stared blankly at the middle of the square. No matter how formidable Mage Felic might be, he still wouldn't phase Arathor even if he were a Sanctuary Master.

 Lin Li's sudden outburst made Vidas feel rather astonished. He'd initially thought that Lin Li was just trying to use a potion to increase his abilities. To his surprise, the human mage Felic managed to hide his power very well; he turned out to be a Legendary-mage. However, even then, Vidas still did not feel any less confident about winning.

“There are still differences between legends!” Vidas remained calm and composed as if he were speaking to himself. He then waved Helios' Scepter in his hand and caused waves to form in the surface of the water.

The Harvest Square was paved with hard and durable lapis lazuli, though there were small gaps in between the tiles. The ground of the square was smooth like the surface of rivers during winter. However, the smooth, hard, and flat ground was quickly stained with green after Vidas released his Nature Domain. The tender gra.s.s grew wildly on the hard lazuli tiles and covered the entire square in the blink of an eye.

 Everyone in the Breezy Plains was not new to such a sight. However, they could not help but feel shocked to witness it in the Harvest Square. The elves were undoubtedly lovers of nature as evidenced from their beautiful natural magic and domain.

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 The gra.s.s stopped growing when it reached waist level. However, there were several shoots which grew in the patches of gra.s.s rapidly. They seemed to have shot up from the ground and grown into huge trees. At this moment, the Harvest Square turned from a patch of gra.s.s into a dense forest. All it lacked was some birds and bees.

 When Vidas showcased his Nature Domain, it was just like a wet blanket for William whose heart sank to rock bottom. Legendary-mages who could create their own magical domains were at least level-21 and above. Vidas' natural domain was clearly not newly created. In other words, he had to be above level-21. What about Mage Felic who had continuously been suppressed by Vidas' aura?

 When Lin Li exhibited his power, those who were betting on Vidas winning were shocked, and began to doubt their conjecture. They began to wonder just whom they should bet on. Those who bet on Mage Felic would only win 500,000 gold coins from Sienna, while those who bet on Vidas would very likely obtain nearly 3,000,000 gold coins. In other words, if Felic were to win, Sienna would get to keep 3,000,000 gold coins.

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 However, when they were hesitating, Vidas exhibited the Nature Domain that he'd created, and turned the entire Harvest Square into a dense forest in the blink of an eye. Although birds were missing, he was definitely not inferior to the young mage Lin Li. Hence, everyone felt much more confident. Not only did they increase their bets, they even bet on Vidas winning. They didn't care for a few hundred gold coins, but they felt that it would be a good idea to embarra.s.s the nouveau riche of Roland City.

 Those trees were deemed as the guardians of elves after the elves fled into the Emerald Forest while being chased by large armies. The hundreds of elves who fortunately survived the ordeal no longer had the means to retaliate. At this moment, the G.o.ddess of Forest showed her miracle and turned century-old trees into Trees of War, which helped the elves defeat the tens of thousands of men of coalition forces that chased them down.

 However, there was also another theory, which suggested that the Trees of War were actually indigenous to the Emerald Forest, and had surfaced during the same age as the Dragons and t.i.tans. After the elves entered the Emerald Forest, they broke into the territory of the Trees of War and reached a certain consensus with them. The Trees of War agreed to provide some shelter for the elves. At the same time, that also explained the other theory of Monferra giving the Emerald Forest to the elves.

Of course, it did not matter which theory was real, because the truth was that the Trees of War were strong guardians of the elves, and made it impossible for any other forces to harm the Emerald Forest. Although the power of the Trees of War was extremely strong, they would never leave the Emerald Forest. Otherwise, just with these hundreds of Trees of War, the elves would have enough strength to wipe out all humans.

 The Trees of War had been around for tens of thousands of years, and each of them had incredible strength that could compare to that of dragons. However, for the elves, the power of the Trees of War was not the most important. Although the Trees of War had always been bound to Emerald Forest, their long lives allowed them to acc.u.mulate extremely profound knowledge.

 The elves were originally the slaves of the High Elves. Although they were not forbidden from learning magic, the magic they had learned was actually the same as what humans learned. However, after entering the Emerald Forest, they were not only s.h.i.+elded by the Trees of War, they even learned the nature magic that was more suitable for their race from the Trees of War.

 At this moment, the Trees of War which had been born in Vidas' Nature Domain naturally weren't the actual Trees of Wart that guarded the Elven Kingdom.

 Otherwise, Lin Li wouldn't have agreed to the battle even if there was just one of them. He would instantly flee as far as he could. There were limits to training, and he would be a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t if he were to go on and battle them.

 The Trees of War in the Nature Domain could only be considered treemen, which belonged to an advanced nature magic that would turn normal trees into intelligent tree people. Moreover, in nature magic, there were also techniques that would turn beasts into orcs.

 The spectators began to find it peculiar after feeling amazed. Since Lin Li had already started to hover in the air, what could the Trees of War do? They couldn't possibly fly too, could they? Most of them knew that it would be impossible for the actual Trees of War to be the ones that appeared here, because they had heard that the Trees of War were capable of capturing even dragons, let alone a levitating mage.

Vidas stood on top of the tallest tree and looked up at Lin Li, who was in the sky. He sneered with contempt, and thought, Although this human mage has reached the Legendary-realm at such a young age, which is rather admirable, this genius mage is destined to become only a piece of history because he has met me today.

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