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Chapter 552 - Elven Mage

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Chapter 552: Elven Mage

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Low-level camouflage could make magical beasts lose their target. This was known as dispelling aggro in the game. It was one of the best skills to use when trying to escape from a group of magical beasts. Medium-level camouflage could change one's appearance and behavior, and also make oneself appear to be the target, either in human or magical beast form. High-level camouflage was Lin Li's favorite. It could not only change one's appearance, but also change faction in the game, and even allowed the imitator to use some low-level skills that the person imitated had.

Although the above was referring to things in the Endless World game, Lin Li already knew that the Endless World was somewhat linked to Anril by now. For example, the appearance of the debris of the stars could prove this point. Now, Lin Li discovered traces of camouflage on one of Arathor's attendants after careful inspection.

Nothing in the world was perfect, and there were always two sides to things. could use their stealth movement skills to blend into the background. However, they could only move at very slow speeds to achieve that. Hunter's camouflage was also not undiscoverable. Lin Li had frequently used this skill back in the Endless World, and had unlocked the achievement “Camouflage Master” as a result. Hence, his understanding of this skill was much better than that of normal people in Anril.

Lin Li didn't even move. He was able to find every trace of camouflage that attendant was using just from his experience with camouflage alone. As if pulling threads of silk off a silkworm coc.o.o.n, Lin Li peeled off the attendant's disguise to find his true ident.i.ty bit by bit. Though this might sound rather troublesome, it was just a matter of scanning the person from head to toe for Lin Li to expose all the camouflage he was using.

However, Lin Li was shocked after seeing through the attendant's camouflage. This explained why Lin Li hadn't been able to see through his ident.i.ty at the start—the true ident.i.ty of Arathor's attendant was an Elf!

Lin Li suddenly recalled another thing about Castellan Arathor. It was back when Arathor had just become the castellan of Roland City.

Back then, Roland City which was now honored as a city of abundance had been in chaos. Arathor's father, the former castellan, had been in the Castellan Mansion. All his subordinates had been busy fighting for power and wealth. The entire Roland City had been in so much turmoil that there hadn't been any sign of it being a city of abundance. Meanwhile, outside Roland City, other factions had been eyeing it like wolves, all hoping to s.n.a.t.c.h this granary of the Breezy Plains into their own possession.

Everyone had thought that Roland City would inevitably fall, and would be pressed hard to recover to its glorious old days. The succeeding castellan, 20-year-old Arathor, hadn't been seen as capable enough to settle this mess in Roland City.

Thus, everyone had been waiting to see Arathor fail. The castellans of several neighboring cities had even bet on whether Arathor could secure his position for more than a month. However, much to everyone's surprise, Arathor had not only secured the position for more than a month, he had also secured it to the extent that almost n.o.body could bring him down.

Arathor had achieved this with the help of the Elves. An Elven Army had swept all rebels in Roland City clean in under 10 days. n.o.body knew where this Elven Army had come from. n.o.body knew why those arrogant Elves would help Arathor. They only knew that Arathor had firmly secured his position as the castellan of Roland City with the help of this Elven Army, even when n.o.body had thought he could do so.

Looking at this right now, Arathor had not only relied on the Elves to suppress the rebels, he never ceased the contact with the Elves even after securing the position of castellan. What surprised Lin Li more was not the ident.i.ty of this attendant being an Elf, but the fact that he couldn't make out the magical waves on this Elf. It was evident that this Elf's magical abilities were rather strong.

However, it was impossible for Lin Li to give up on this piece of debris of the stars, Rebirth, just because of this. Lin Li's eyes met those of the attendant for a second, and he gently curved his lips, smiling with much interest. Since Lin Li already knew that an Elf was partic.i.p.ating in the bid, it was now understandable why Arathor was competing for this branch with Lin Li.

Lin Li didn't answer Arathor directly, but raised the bid again. “9,000,000 gold coins!”

The crowd downstairs erupted into an uproar again. There had already been a record-breaking transaction of 10,000,000 gold coins just now. Could that record be broken again so quickly given that the bidding was already catching up to that price? This Mage Felic really didn't treat money like money. He had just earned 10,000,000 gold coins from auctioning off the Myth Potion. Now, he had spent it on this branch. William must have earned a lot from all these transactions.

 Not to mention 10,000,000 gold coins, Lin Li wouldn't flinch if he had to pay 20,000,000 or even 30,000,000 gold coins in order to prevent this piece of debris of the stars from landing into the hands of others. As someone who had owned the Stars of Fury and the seven pieces of debris of the stars, he knew very well how terrifying these weapons were. These were divine weapons that could even kill the Dragon of Destruction!

 Arathor's face turned pale. He had heard from his daughter that this Mage Felic was very powerful. His attendant could kill an Ice Howler single-handedly. Mage Felic even defeated a Lich and the Humerus Wyrm that the Lich had summoned. Now, this Mage Felic was not only the owner of the Tower of Dusk, but also the President of the Guild of Magic in the Breezy Plains, and even obtained the support of a batch of high-level pharmacists. With all achievements and abilities, Mage Felic probably couldn't be bothered to care about a mere castellan like Arathor himself.

“10,000,000 gold coins!” Arathor wouldn't want to become Mage Felic's enemy if it wasn't necessary due to certain circ.u.mstances. Even as the castellan of Roland City, he still often couldn't make his own decisions.

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The entire hall was silent. How fast was it that the new lot had caught up with the record-breaking auction price of the previous one. More importantly, it seemed that the record of 10,000,000 gold coins could not be maintained much longer given how this auction was unfolding.

Seeing Arathor's hesitation, the Elf beside him showed obvious signs of anxiety. This anxiety was worsened with every inquiry William made downstairs.

“11,000,000 gold coins! This treasure from the Elven Kingdom is now at 11,000,000 gold coins, bid by President Felic of the Tower of Dusk. Anyone with a higher bid?” William sounded rather excited.

Not to mention the crowd downstairs, even the guests in the guest rooms were stunned by Lin Li's bid. Although everyone knew that Lin Li had earned a large sum from the Myth Potion, it still took a lot of boldness to spend everything just like that.

How much had this Tower of Dusk developed since its founding less than a year ago? Given that this young President was willing to spend so much, it could at least show that the wealth he possessed wasn't just the 10,000,000 he had earned just now. If not, he wouldn't have spent everything he had just earned on a branch of unknown origin. After all, 10,000,000 was so important to a newly established faction!

“So young!” Prince Hilary shook his head and sighed. It seemed like this genius lad who Englos admired so much wasn't all that perfect. In this world, geniuses weren't so rare. Talented people often faced the same problem. That was, certain flaws were also magnified just as their talents in certain aspects were magnified. Due to this reason, many geniuses couldn't develop to their full potential before being overcome by this problem.

Hilary's biggest hobby was to collect all kinds of strange objects and investigate forgotten skills. He was well-known in Anril because of this. Although he believed that he could afford to spend 10,000,000 gold coins, he definitely wouldn't spend it all on an insignificant branch.

Judging from the current circ.u.mstances, this genius lad that Englos admired had fallen into a fight over reputation—a mistake young people often committed. If not, any rational person wouldn't have made such a decision. Hilary suddenly felt bored, and dispelled the idea to visit the Tower of Dusk in Doland. This genius lad most likely couldn't escape his eventual downfall.

Robbio of the Glittergold Trade Union, however, had another thought in mind. Since his boss Hoffman admired this Mage Felic so much, couldn't he seek this chance to forge a closer relations.h.i.+p with Mage Felic by lending him some money? After all, the Glittergold Trade Union could lend its money to anyone. It was too much that Glittergold was attending this auction anyway, since its competing bidders' money was most likely lying in the gold reserves of the Glittergold Trade Union!

“11,000,000 gold coins! Anyone with a higher bid? 11,000,000 gold coins going twice!” William's voice had covered the noises of the crowd.

The deal would be sealed when William struck down with his gravel after the asking for the third time. Arathor wasn't willing to risk Roland City's future on this bid. However, the Elf standing behind him could hide no longer. After William's second inquiry, he stood forward and shouted, “12,000,000 gold coins!”

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