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Chapter 551 - Castellan of Roland City

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Chapter 551: Castellan of Roland City

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By immediately calling out such an unreasonable and astonis.h.i.+ng price, he thought that it would make him look more powerful. However, he didn't know that he had already committed the big taboo of auction. All of these people were people of status in the Breezy Plains. Which one was easily frightened? To show such urgency over this item only told other people how badly he wanted it. At the very most, it could make some bidders who had close relations.h.i.+p with him give up bidding.

 However, he didn't have to raise the price so high if he had wanted to dissuade close friends from bidding; just adding to the base price by a little would achieve the same effect. If it was something not so important, close friends would certainly give him some face by not bidding for it. If it was something very necessary, then 5,000,000 wouldn't be able to scare those rich families off.

As the people downstairs kept looking in his direction, how could they hide their expressions from Lin Li? However, Lin Li didn't care about others' opinions, and wouldn't tell them his true thoughts. After all, how could he tell them that he didn't want to waste time? That would be too hurtful…

 Of course, Lin Li definitely wouldn't tell them that this seemingly ordinary branch was actually a piece of debris of the stars which possessed the power to manipulate life. Getting hold of it was equivalent to having an undying body, so n.o.body would be able to resist this temptation. If anyone else knew about this, Lin Li didn't have the confidence to win the bid over Glittergold Trade Union. Any kind of relations.h.i.+p was nothing compared to this. Those unscrupulous merchants didn't care about relations.h.i.+ps. To them, money was their closest friend.

“Mage Felic from the Tower of Dusk bid 5,000,000 gold coins…”

 William was rather disappointed. He had high hopes for the branch, but it didn't induce any waves in the audience. If Mage Felic hadn't raised the bid to 5,000,000 directly, the outcome would've been even worse.

“Going once, going twice…” William raised his gravel, ready to seal the deal after asking for the third time. However, just then, another bid came from upstairs and made him withdraw his gravel.

“6,000,000 gold coins!”

 This voice caused an uproar in the auction hall. n.o.body could imagine who would be interested in this ordinary branch other than the nouveau riche who had just earned 10,000,000 gold coins.

However, Lin Li could clearly hear that the bidding voice had come from outside his door. He instructed Norfeller to open the door.

Outside the door, Castellan Arathor of Roland City was about to knock. He put down his arm and smiled apologetically. “President Felic, I seek your understanding. This item is very important to me.”

 “Please come in, Castellan Arathor.” Lin Li looked very composed. He wasn't at all angry that someone was competing with him for the item. Whoever with the highest bid would get the lot. n.o.body had the right to s.n.a.t.c.h another's freedom to bid.

Wilkinson and his companions, however, didn't seem as calm as Lin Li. Although the castellan of Roland City held considerable power and reputation, Wilkinson and his companions didn't think he was anyone important. Seeing that Arathor had come in with his two attendants, Wilkinson and his companions didn't hide the displeasure on their faces, though they didn't doubt Lin Li's decision.

Arathor didn't dare to show any negligence to Wilkinson and his companions. Although they didn't look pleased with his visit, Arathor still put on a smile and greeted every pharmacist respectfully. Of course, Arathor's att.i.tude wasn't reciprocated. He wasn't bothered by this, though. After all, it was universally acknowledged in the Anril World that every capable pharmacist had a bad temper.

“Seems like Castellan Arathor is also interested in this treasure.”

 Lin Li raised his bid to 7,000,000 before turning to Arathor with keen interests, making William put down his gravel again.

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Lin Li wasn't angry with Arathor's sudden partic.i.p.ation in the bid, but he couldn't help feeling very curious. This was because he hadn't called for 5,000,000 gold coins randomly. He had made this decision only after thorough contemplation.

 Lin Li scanned every one of Arathor's attendants not just to look at them, but, more importantly, to feel their energy waves. He could sense from Arathor's actions that it wasn't Arathor's own intention to bid for the branch. However, what kind of person would Arathor willingly serve as the castellan of Roland City?

“Mage Felic, Roland City will always be your loyal ally if you are willing to give this item to me.” Arathor convinced Lin Li with sincerity.

“Who are you to be the ally of our Tower of Dusk! You are just a little castellan. Do you think you are so important?” Wilkinson couldn't help but mock him. Though he didn't sound polite, anyone who knew the Tower of Dusk would know that what he said was very true.

Arathor wasn't angry upon hearing Wilkinson's words. Instead, he was shocked that Wilkinson said “our Tower of Dusk” when he mentioned the Tower of Dusk. He had thought that the Tower of Dusk had recruited these pharmacists, but did it now mean that all these pharmacists belonged to the Tower of Dusk?

Lin Li was very surprised that Arathor had raised the bid to 8,000,000 gold coins. Could it be that the one behind Castellan Arathor had already known the secret to this branch? Although Roland City was prosperous, and the castellan had control of all taxes other than income tax paid to the Felan Kingdom, Lin Li knew that 8,000,000 was definitely not a small sum to Arathor. If he hadn't known something, Arathor wouldn't have agreed to pay so much for a branch.

With this question in mind, Lin Li examined Arathor's attendants more carefully, hoping to catch every bit of unusual energy wave. Downstairs, William had asked about the bid twice and raised up his gravel again, all ready to seal the deal with the third inquiry. Lin Li frowned un.o.bservably at that moment.

Although Lin Li's Myth Potion had been auctioned at a whopping 10,000,000 gold coins, he would only get about 8,000,000 gold coins of income after deducting the transaction fee he needed to pay William. Hence, everyone thought that it was highly likely that Lin Li wouldn't be able to afford 8,000,000 gold coins. n.o.body believed that Wilkinson and his companions would give all their earnings to the Tower of Dusk.

Maybe because of this speculation, the person behind Arathor felt that victory was already in his hands after Arathor had raised the bid to 8,000,000 gold coins. Thus, his emotions couldn't help but register a slight wave. As a Legendary-mage, Lin Li was very sensitive to magical energy, and managed to catch this wave. He fixed his attention on one of Arathor's attendants and finally spotted some clues.

Back at the Endless World, Lin Li had been a Hunter. One of the necessary skills that Hunters needed to learn was camouflage. Unlike the stealth movement skills of the which emphasized hiding their ident.i.ties and attacking their enemies stealthily, Hunters could change their appearance using the camouflage skill.

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