Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 55 - Flames of Fury

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The Castellan heaved a long sigh of relief having seen the mage in gray robe intervene at last.

Tonight's banquet had been too tiring for him. The previous surprise attack by Bathrilor had already scared half his wits off; he was so afraid something would happen to Lin Li and draw Gerian's revenge. But then the situation plummeted; Lin Li stood up with a turn and dealt a heavy blow to Bathrilor with two instantaneous spells, and even unleashed the Flaming Storm to kill.

At that instant, Isaac had lost heart.

Bathrilor was born into an ill.u.s.trious family. Even Isaac, with his status as a Castellan, had to fear it. If Bathrilor really died at his banquet, Isaac couldn't even imagine what the consequences would be.


Isaac's heart gradually descended back into its place when the mage in gray robe emerged from the quiet corner. As long as he was willing to interfere, Bathrilor's life should be saved…

"Felic, are you alright?" Right then, Kevin finally squeezed in from the crowd and inquired on Lin Li's injury with concern.

He was utterly frightened just now. Watching the moment when Lin Li was. .h.i.t by the fire dragons, Kevin was stupefied. Lin Li meant almost everything to the Guild of Magic at present; his value even surpa.s.sed that of Gerian. Kevin would not have known what to do if Lin Li had died under those dozen fire dragons. The present Guild of Magic definitely couldn't afford such a loss.

"I'm alright." Lin Li shook his head, rea.s.suring Kevin.

It was true he was unhurt. But the thought of the whole process unnerved him.

The power of the ruby ring was stronger than he had expected. When the dozens of fire dragons surged forward, it was equivalent to the power of a level-eight magic. Although Lin Li had weakened most of the damage with the Elemental s.h.i.+eld, there were still one or two fire dragons that broke through the blockage of the Elemental s.h.i.+eld, directly attacking his body.

However, with the strong magical resistance attribute of the Robe of Wrath, the fire dragons did not cause any harm to him. They disappeared in the magical resistant field upon contact in an instant.

Now that Lin Lin Li thought back on the perils in it, he couldn't help but feel fortunate.

Luckily, he had enchanted the Robe of Wrath with the magical resistance attribute. Otherwise, even though the fire dragons would not be fatal, they were also likely to injure him.

Then, Lin Li looked at the mage in gray robe doubtfully. "I am Felic, you are…"

"I am Andoine's old friend."

"Oh? You know Andoine?" It was the first time Lin Li had heard of news about Andoine after leaving the Sunset Mountains. He couldn't resist taking another few looks at the mage in gray robe. "How's he like now? Is he still as stubborn as ever?"

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"Heh heh… Just about so. A few days ago, in Alanna, he mentioned you. I thought you were interesting, so I specially came to Jarrosus to have a look." The mage in gray robe smiled amicably. The eyes that were looking at Lin Li had a glimmer of admiration.

The mage in gray robe had just breathed a sigh of relief when he suddenly sensed a surge in magical wave. Before he could react, there came a ripping sound in the air.

Bathrilor had just been released from the mental suppression when he suddenly felt a tingle in his hand.

Then, a sharp pain shot through his left hand. When he lowered his head, he saw another ring finger landed on the thick carpet. In addition to the damage left by the previous icicle, Bathrilor's left hand was a b.l.o.o.d.y pile of flesh as well. The tearing pain went on and on, and Bathrilor fainted from the excruciating pain on the spot.

"Ai…" It was too late for the mage in gray robe to intervene. He sighed slightly and looked at Lin Li helplessly. "Why bother?"

"I can't tolerate him sneaking in an attack from behind. But you are Andoine's friend, I don't want to put you on the spot too." Lin Li was all smiles as if nothing had happened. "So, this is the best way out."

"Andoine was really right. You, little fellow, are a wolf. You must bite back at anyone who provoked you…" The mage in gray robe shook his head, his expression amused yet helpless. "Forget it. He had already lost a finger anyway, losing one more would balance it out…"

"You flatter me." Lin Li grinned modestly, but his eyes were fixed on the mage in gray robe. "Now, can you tell me, other than being Andoine's friend, do you have other ident.i.ties?"

"I am Grimm Burnside."

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