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Chapter 548 - Specializing in Fire Magic

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Chapter 548: Specializing in Fire Magic

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Wilkinson had never met Legolas. Yet, as the student of the Pharmacist Guild's President, Balbo, he frequently heard conversations between his mentor and other Legendary powerhouses. Hence, he naturally had knowledge of many random things. One of them was regarding the Legendary elf mage.

 Legolas first entered the human world many centuries ago. He was a diplomat for the newly established Elven Kingdom who wanted to negotiate matters regarding an armistice as well as the issue of hostages.

 All the kingdoms suffered significantly in that prolonged war. Hence, when they heard that Legolas from the Elven Kingdom was there for negotiation, they wanted to establish their dominance. How could an elf be any threat to them without his forest?

 A bandit organization made up of elites planned to ambush the elven delegation by hiding along the path they would take. The initial plan was to take those arrogant elves hostage, and bring them to the king even if they did not manage to eliminate them.

 Although the different kingdoms had suffered great losses in the Emerald Forest, they were not interested in the elves' plans to discuss foreign affairs. To them, since they could not invade the Emerald Forest, they were going to ensure that the elves did not leave their sanctuary.

 The bandit organization was formed by people from different occupations of above level-15. They did not belittle the abilities of the elves. However, when fire that dyed the night sky red erupted in the bandits' chosen place of ambush, an elf with a silver-colored ear walked out of the blazing flames slowly. There were no shrieks to be heard, only the cracking sound of fire that erased the team of bandits.

 It was then that all the kingdoms realized that the Elven Kingdom had only sent one diplomat on the quest—Legolas, an elf mage. When the friendly Legolas politely greeted and graciously informed the council that he had helped the humans to get rid of a bandit organization, the king of Felan nearly spat blood.

 The king of Felan arranged for Legolas to tour the Alanna Guild of Magic, the Pharmacist Guild, and other notable places during his visit. Apart from showcasing the ability of a human kingdom, it was part of a plan to gauge Legolas's ability as well as the strength of the Elven Kingdom.

 The couple of catastrophes that brought the species near extinction had caused them to be more vigilant and wary. Legolas gravitated between exaggerating the ability of the Elven Kingdom and staying silent. That confused everyone. Yet, he did not conceal anything about his powers when he conversed with the Legendary-mages at Alanna Guild of Magic.

 Only then did the king of Felan understand the intentions of Elven Kingdom in sending Legolas for the negotiation. Legolas was not only a freak amongst the elves, but also a freak in the magic industry.

 After getting the protection from Monferra, the G.o.ddess of Forest, the love the elf species showed for nature surpa.s.sed that of anyone else. However, Legolas that came from the Elven Kingdom was not only a powerful Legendary-mage, but also a Legendary-mage that specialized in fire magic. Anyone who had heard of this news would find it hard to gasp. It was a miracle for Legolas not to burn the Emerald Forest when he progressed from a mage to a Legendary-mage. It was no wonder that their kingdom would send Legolas here to kill time.

 In fact, it was not rare for elves to study fire magic. Elves had natural talent for magic, and mages were naturally knowledge seekers. Regardless of whether one was a human or an elf, he would want to learn everything related to the seven main elements.

 It was even more so for Legendary-mages. In order to study the origin of the laws, they had to thoroughly understand the Combat Energy used by Warriors as well as the spiritual force and force of curse used by the Necromancers. To the Legendary-mages, all the forces in the world could be related to the seven major elements. The understanding of the source of any of the forces would mean a better understanding of the fundamental laws.

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 Hence, any Legendary-mage would definitely have a sea of knowledge. The vastness of their mind was not something anybody could imagine. Legolas was the only Legendary-mage who could specialize in a magic attribute 1,300 years after the Dark Age.

 No matter the reason, it was clear that although Legolas was a Legendary-mage, he always used fire element to cast all of his spells—just like a magical beast with a fire attribute. Hence, if that tree branch on the stage could emit such a strong and pure force of fire element, it was very likely for it to be an important treasure that Legolas carried with him.

 In fact, the tree branch with tender leaves had been emitting a refres.h.i.+ng magic aura ever since William opened that exaggerated box. The peaceful atmosphere created made people neglect the presence of the strong and pure force. They thought that the tree branch was too ordinary to be auctioned. If not, there might not even be audience after William opened the box.

 Although it could be certain that the tree branch was not a treasure used by Legolas, the refres.h.i.+ng scent emitted by the object really made it seem like a treasure from the age of the High Elves.

 Wilkinson and the other Pharmacists looked at the unsightly tree branch on the stage. Although they weren't sure of its origin, they knew that the aura it emitted was not least bit artificial. The powerful aura was especially good to people like Wilkinson, who were soon to become Masters in pharmacy.

 Pharmacists had always been working with many types of herbs. While they attempted to formulate different types of potions with those herbs, their pursuit was never wealth. To the Masters of pharmacy, as well as a high-ranking pharmacist like Wilkinson, creating potions would not only help them practice their skills and raise their standards, but also enable them to be more knowledgeable in the field of pharmacy. Their end goal was similar to that of Mages and Sword Sages.

 Of course, there were still the other pharmacists who were of a lower level, and had lost all hope of improving. For them, they'd rather invest their time in creating low-grade potions to make their living. They were just like any other less-able people in the other occupations. There were Mages who joined adventurer teams, Warriors who became explorers, and the others who chose to work as soldiers or thieves.

 Wilkinson and the others, however, were not pharmacists without ambitions. Their goal ever since they received training from Lin Li at the Tower of Dusk was to become Masters in pharmacy. The Origin Potion Wilkinson put on auction alone was a Master-level potion. Yet, being a Master of pharmacy did not mean that one's knowledge had reached the maximum.

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