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Chapter 547 - Elven Legend

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Chapter 547: Elven Legend

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Although that branch radiated a strong magical wave, it was still just a branch. How could it be considered a treasure?

 “W-what kind of treasure is this? Is it used to make magic staffs? But judging from its length and thickness, it doesn't seem to be enough for one.”

In people's impression, a treasure should at least be similar to the Twilight Dragon Armor even if it wasn't comparable to the 3,000,000 gold coins worth of Origin Potion. Looking at the recording-breaking nameless potion that was auctioned off at 10,000,000 gold coins and this branch here, what was William trying to do?

 Though Glittergold Trade Union had bought the nameless potion concocted by some unknown mage at 10,000,000 gold coins, n.o.body believed that the potion was really worth that much. Whom were they kidding? 10,000,000 gold coins were enough to build a faction with considerable strength. What kind of potion would be worth so much?

 “Indeed! What's so special about this branch? Even if it comes from the Elven Kingdom, it's too much to say it was pa.s.sed down across countless generations…”

 “There are so many plants in the Emerald Forest that possess mana. Who knows which tree he has gotten the branch from? If it's a branch, then maybe he wasn't lying that it's been through countless years. Who knows if there's a tree that lived for this long?”

 Everyone in the audience started discussing this branch, but all they were expressing was their skepticism. What Elven Kingdom, what countless decades, what treasure? Wasn't it just a magical-element-containing branch? Any kind of magic staff making material was like that! And this branch wasn't even enough to make a single magic staff!

However, some people among the crowd looked contemplative upon seeing that branch, totally unaffected by the noises the people around them were making.

A person and another on his left mocked William with much enthusiasm, but they saw Sarde, the third brother of the Wolf Brothers' a.s.sociation, looking quite uneasy. They curiously asked him, “President Sarde, what do you see in this item? Do you know its origin?”

“Hmph!” Sarde sneered with contempt. He didn't even look that the two, and sounded rather pleased with himself as he replied, “Captain Cole, have you not heard about this person called Legolas before?”

 1“This… You must be kidding, President Sarde. How can I not know Legolas? He's the most famous Elven Legendary-realm powerhouse!” Cole seemed a little displeased, but he didn't show it on his face, and still laughed. “Do you mean that branch on stage is a.s.sociated with Legolas?”

 In the Breezy Plains, Legolas was so famous that he even exceeded Duke Hedrick in fame. This wasn't just because he was an Elf who possessed an appearance that made even women jealous. More importantly, he was a powerful Legendary-mage.

Though a Legendary-mage and a Legendary Sword Sage were both Legendary powerhouses, a Legendary-mage was stronger, and not just by a bit. To most people, a Legendary Sword Sage was very powerful, but a Legendary-mage could be considered a G.o.d. This showed the difference between the two Legendary powerhouses.

Hedrick's story was indeed moving, but almost a thousand years had pa.s.sed since. When people heard about his legends, they no longer felt touched by his stories as before. However, Legolas was different. Although people all knew about the Elven Kingdom, fewer and fewer people actually entered it. A mysterious powerhouse of a mysterious Kingdom. Wasn't that all the more appealing? Moreover, Legolas was active in history only about a few hundred years ago, so people had not forgotten about him.

 “Hey, do you need my reminder? This branch is no ordinary branch.” Sarde, whose chin hung high, confidently said, “You think that William is an old fool? Maybe for you, the magical energy in this branch isn't too powerful. But let me tell you, you are dead wrong if you think so, because the magical energy in this branch is the purest form of elemental power. Purest, do you understand?”

Sarde wasn't a mage, but as an excellent Bandit, he was equipped with detection skills required for dealing with traps and other things. As such, he was even more sensitive to magical energy than many ordinary Mages. Compared to the dabbler-mage beside him, Sarde could more accurately sense the magical energy of the branch.

Low frequency waves and energy too pure could be hardly detected by people. Thus, most people found the branch on the stage very ordinary, while in fact, the purest magical energy was the most powerful. Even the lightest such energy could lead to a mana storm.

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“This… What do you mean?” Cole was puzzled. How was this branch related to Legendary-mage Legolas?

Upon listening to the report of his subordinates, Tedya sneered at the people downstairs with contempt. He had originally wanted to see if anyone could recognize this branch, yet he couldn't imagine these people would bring Legolas into this.

Although the Dark Blade hadn't been established when Legolas had got famous, there was still the Darkness Shrine which had a history as long as the Brilliance Shrine's.

In order to learn necromagic spells, Tedya had visited the Darkness Shrine several times, and stayed there for quite a while. This kind of information about hearsay and events was open for everyone to read in the Darkness Shrine. Thus, Tedya was confident that he knew Legolas' life story more accurately and with greater detail than anyone else.

If it had been about anyone else, maybe Tedya would have briefly contemplated it. However, it was absolutely impossible that an Elven Legendary-mage named Legolas had owned the branch.

There was indeed some aura of the Elves on this branch, and the magical energy it contained could be considered rare and precious, but this treasure would be useless in the hands of Legolas.

When William opened the box himself, Wilkinson suddenly felt a pure stream of Elemental Power overwhelming the entire theater. He originally was not interested in this last item, but this branch got all his attention.

Wilkinson was very familiar with the aura of this last item. However, he was unsure what this branch really was.

Just then, the discussion downstairs got louder. Wilkinson could vaguely hear someone mentioning the Elven Legendary-mage Legolas. He thought he had heard it wrongly. However, after listening carefully, he could make out what they were talking about from the bits and pieces he could hear.

Hearing the buzzing sounds of discussion, Wilkinson found it rather funny. It seemed like these locals of the Breezy Plains were worse than an outsider like him. Although Wilkinson had always been at the Pharmacist Guild in Alanna until he had finally seen the outside world after being sent to the Tower of Dusk for training, it was important to note that the kind of people the Pharmacist Guild interacted with were all Legendary powerhouses like Legolas whom people looked up to.

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