Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 54 - Infuriation

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"There's no need to wait for Gerian to come back. I can deal with it on my own." Lin Li, who was undoubtedly dead in the eyes of everyone, turned over and stood up from the carpet.

"What I detest the most is someone sneaking in an attack from behind." Lin Li's eyes were fixed on Bathrilor, but on his hand he had already produced a handprint. Not waiting for the fl.u.s.tered Bathrilor to grasp what was going on, a shot of wind blade came whistling out. "Because I myself like to do it!"

Bathrilor could not understand at all how this person came to still be alive. Unfortunately, there wasn't time for him to ponder. Lin Li lifted his right hand and the wind blade raked over his hand. A "tchh" sound was heard and Bathrilor felt his hand tingle at once.

It was followed by a spatter of blood. Bathrilor's ring finger was severed by the blade and landed on the carpet with a few rounds of rolling. The ruby, now stained with blood, emitted an unearthly glow under the crystal chandeliers…

Lin Li was unwilling to stop after that shot of wind blade. An icicle was formed on each of his hands; the crowd heard a swish, and two long, thin icicles tore through the air.

The speed of Lin Li casting a spell was too fast. Before the crowd could react, Bathrilor let out another scream yet again. The two slender, razor-sharp icicles pierced through Bathrilor's palms, and in an instant, fresh blood poured out and drenched the thick carpet red.

The b.l.o.o.d.y scene fell into the eyes of the guests and at once triggered screams of horror. Isaac looked at Lin Li with a complex expression on his face. This was the first time he saw Lin Li infuriated, and it was also only now that he realized this seemingly harmless young mage in fact had a violent and cruel side to him.

Bathrilor's shrieks echoed in the banquet hall for a long time. The voice sounded like a wounded beast, full of malice and despair.

"Mage Felic…" Isaac tried to mediate for Bathrilor, but when he was about to speak, he heard a low rumble of recitation from Lin Li.

The Castellan's heart tightened when he heard it. He had not once heard Lin Li recite any spell when he had unleashed that awfully fast shot of wind blade and the two tyrannical icicles. At this point, he had suddenly recited a spell. Then, the spell that he was about to release, wasn't it…

The magical elements around distorted madly. A flame was blazing atop Lin Li's hands.

The searing breath was higher with every wave, and no one among the guests dared to take a step forward.

Bathrilor's hands were bleeding profusely, but his eyes were filled with fear and despair. He had never expected he'd die in a small place like Jarrosus. He did not even expect the abject-looking young mage to be so terrifying, not giving him a chance to repent at all and intending to kill him once he started his attacks.

"Boom!" Countless fire dragons roared past as the last spell fell. Compared to Bathrilor's ruby ring, the fire dragons summoned by Lin Li were greater in number and strength, like a torrential flame that was about to devour Bathrilor completely.

It had happened too fast for Isaac to stop. His heart sank and he felt hopeless like dying embers.

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"Boom, boom, boom…" In an instant, only m.u.f.fled explosions could be heard without end. Under the collisions of countless fire dragons, the blistering fire elements raged wildly and the whole hall was bathed in a scorching atmosphere. Before Bathrilor's desperate eyes, numerous fire dragons swarmed up and swallowed him whole in a flash.

This layer of magical s.h.i.+eld was vastly different from that of Lin Li's Elemental s.h.i.+eld. It was the release of the purest mana without any spell at all.

At the moment Lin Li unleashed the Flaming Storm, he sensed there was something different. The violent and m.u.f.fled explosion was caused by the collision of two magical elements. If it had hit Bathrilor directly, it wouldn't have made such a great noise. It would only take a flame to engulf him in an instant.

So, after he had unleashed the spell, he did not even look at Bathrilor but s.h.i.+fted his eyes to the banquet hall. That layer of magic was too peculiar and powerful; he was much more interested in the person who had cast the magical s.h.i.+eld rather than killing Bathrilor.

"Little kid, you're Felic?" At this time, an aged voice was heard in a quiet corner of the banquet hall.

Lin Li's eyes followed to the source of the aged voice and saw an old man wearing a gray mage robe.

This old man looked to be around the same age as Andoine. His hair and beard were white, and his face was full of wrinkles too. But his gray mage robe looked clean and tidy, totally opposite in comparison to the scruffy Andoine back in the Sunset Mountains.

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