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Chapter 532 - City of Late Winter

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Chapter 532: City of Late Winter

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Sienna wanted to tell Charles just that. Be it the Humerus Wyrm or the Legendary-realm Lich, all of them were defeated by Mage Felic, who was heaven-defyingly powerful. However, he glanced at Ujfalusi before he said so, and immediately decided to shut up.

n.o.body liked other people talking about their failures and defeats, even if the one who defeated him had become his master. Sienna didn't know if this was a taboo topic for Ujfalusi, but putting himself in Ujfalusi's shoes, he wouldn't want others to talk about it. Although Ujfalusi was already an attendant of Mage Felic, he could still kill Sienna easily at the snap of his fingers as a powerful Lich.

“So, let me tell you. The one who saved Master Castellan's children is Mage Felic. He is also the one who protected my followers and me, bringing us back to safety. This Mage Felic is the real savior of the Castellan's children.” Sienna decided to skip the part regarding Ujfalusi and let Charles figure out the details himself.

Though Sienna didn't specify the fact that the Humerus Wyrm and the Legendary-realm Lich had been defeated by Mage Felic, wasn't it obvious judging from the ending of this story? Charles suddenly felt his legs were shaking, and stumbled a bit. He didn't fall down only because he had held on to a cupboard.

Charles felt very desperate. There were many other possible explanations to this matter. Maybe that Mage Felic only repelled the Humerus Wyrm and Legendary-realm Lich; maybe his teacher or some other person had helped him. But what was the difference for Charles?

Charles had said that Felic didn't understand n.o.bility. Wasn't that accusing him of being a low-born? d.a.m.n it, he had to have gone crazy today. How could he have made such a silly mistake? Charles had managed the Seven Leaf Gra.s.s for so many years, and had never made the mistake of judging a book by its cover.

The reason for making such a mistake was firstly because of his trust in his subordinate. Furthermore, he also didn't think that these four mages were very powerful. Next, he was unhappy that he had to put on a smile and compromise when making the deal with Sienna. Due to all these, he had forgotten about the principles he had always adhered to all these years. Unfortunately, this only time had brought him and his Seven Leaf Gra.s.s to the depths of despair.

Upon knowing how powerful Mage Felic was, Charles looked at the four mages again. The more he looked, the more he felt they were incomprehensible. No wonder he couldn't recognize their abilities. If he had known it in the beginning, he would have gotten rid of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Larry even before Sienna.

That pale youngster was probably the one who had defeated an Ice Howler. Now Charles felt that the youngster radiated a powerful aura. One needed to know that the Ice Howler was a terrifying magical beast that even the elite army under Arathor couldn't defeat. That rather thin and small mage's body also surged with magical waves. The fear that Charles felt because of him was comparable to that the previous youngster instilled in him. These two powerhouses would be treated like treasures by whichever factions they were put into. However, they were merely subordinates of this Mage Felic here.

 Regarding Mage Felic himself, Charles still couldn't accurately judge his abilities. He just appeared to be always polite and peace-loving, and always had a smile on his face. Even when Charles attempted to chase him away, he didn't seem to show the slightest bit of annoyance.

 At the start, Charles didn't feel anything. However, after listening to Sienna's introduction, he thought of several big shots he had interacted with before—they didn't show their true feelings on their face, either. Charles naturally knew that such people were scarier, because he never knew when they would stop smiling and what they would do to him then.

Charles knew that he could hesitate no longer. If he didn't hurry up and do something, things might reach an irreconcilable stage. He tried his best to calm down and bowed to Sienna very courteously. No matter what, Charles would have been in deep trouble unknowingly if not for Sienna's presence.

 After thanking Sienna, Charles walked towards Lin Li with a trembling heart.

Charles used the most formal etiquette in Anril World for the first time in his life towards this smiling young mage. He said, “Dear Mr Mage, I apologize for being rude to you previously. I know that my apology is far from enough to make up for my offense. Thus, I am willing to receive any punishment as long as you can forgive me this time.”

After saying all this, Charles stood there with his head lowered, waiting for Mage Felic's decision uneasily. Every second was a torture for him. He was so nervous he could hear the beating sound of his heart.

Sienna was equally nervous. Though he had scolded Charles harshly, he might still be affected if Mage Felic was really fed up. He regretted agreeing to Charles' commission and following this fool here. This was such an unexpected disaster!

Meanwhile, Lin Li couldn't have cared less about this matter. After all, who would haggle over trifles with such weaklings? He just smiled, and said “never mind” to these two fellas who were so nervous they were going to faint.

Charles couldn't believe his ears, but also didn't dare to ask again. How could he let the esteemed Mage Felic repeat his words? How much courage must that require. He only turned to look at Sienna, hoping that he would get a clearer answer from him.

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“Charles, are you f*cking blockheaded? Hurry up and thank Mage Felic for his forgiveness,” Sienna yelled with annoyance.

Lin Li saw that Charles looked troubled, and asked, “What? Is it difficult for you?”

Charles s.h.i.+vered, and explained, “Dear Mr Mage, it is indeed a little difficult. These herbs that you need are not only rare, but also seldom used by other pharmacists. Not to mention my place, even the Tree of Emerald in the City of Late Winter may not have it always sold.”

“Is that so?” Lin Li frowned. Not because of any displeasure due to the fact that Charles didn't have these herbs, but rather because of what Charles had said later—that even the Tree of Emerald in the City of Late Winter might not necessarily have it always available for sale.

Lin Li, who had lived in the Breezy Plains for a year so far, had naturally heard about the Tree of Emerald in the City of Late Winter that Charles was talking about. As the owner of the Tower of Dusk and President of the Guild of Magic in the Breezy Plains, Lin Li had subordinates who collected all kinds of information about the Breezy Plains despite being extremely busy the whole year and having little spare time himself.

 The City of Late Winter was a well-known city. Just like Roland City being called the City of Abundance and the granary of the Breezy Plains, the City of Late Winter was named the City of Nature and Treasure-house of the Breezy Plains.

As the City of Late Winter was located at the border of the Breezy Plains, close to the Elven Kingdom, it housed the biggest herb market in the entire Breezy Plains. In fact, the true treasure house wasn't City of Late Winter, but rather its neighboring Elven Kingdom, because the precious herbs traded in the market weren't produced in City of Late Winter.

The Emerald Forest where the Elven Kingdom was located was also known as the Heaven-bestowed Land. Legend had it that the G.o.ddess of Nature Monferra1 had bestowed that fertile land to the Elves. In the endless stretch of Emerald Forest, almost all the herbs pharmacists needed, excluding those that grew under extreme conditions like the black lotus, could be found. The quality of these herbs was also much better than those found in other places, so the Emerald Forest could definitely be considered a vast and fertile land.

There had been a joke circulating in the circle of pharmacists, claiming that one could judge the success rate of one's potion by checking what proportion of herbs originated from the Emerald Forest when one made a certain potion. Of course, this was just a joke. The major factor that determined the success rate of a potion wasn't the quality of ingredients, but rather the abilities of the pharmacist. However, the quality of ingredients used still largely affected the final quality of the potion. Thus, herbs from the Emerald Forest were very popular among pharmacists.

Other than herbs, the Emerald Forest also had all kinds of animals, but due to the respectful att.i.tude the Elves held towards nature, few of them would be sold. The only way to get them was through poaching.

However, the consequence of poaching in the land of Elves was no better than the fate of the animals poached. This was because in the forest, Elves were the best hunters in the Anril World, only that their prey weren't animals living in the forest, but poachers from the outside.

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