Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 53 - Rejection

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"Stop there! You're leaving after offending Miss Rowling?" Bathrilor was filled with just anger, and stretched out his hand to block Lin Li who was ready to leave.

"Mr I-am-not-qualified-to-know-who, can you tell me in simple terms what you want to do…?" Lin Li asked in a faint voice. He was about to be driven crazy by this fellow. He didn't even know where the fellow came from, what he wanted to do, nor even what his name was. However, he had been accused of pestering and offending Rowling. Lin Li couldn't understand at all; even if he did pester and offend Rowling, did it even have anything to do with him?

"This is Castellan Isaac's banquet, I don't want to blow things up. But I would advise you to apologize to Miss Rowling immediately!"

"…" The other party's pertinacious behavior rankled Lin Li, and his expression turned cold. "What if I don't apologize?"

"You'll know then…" The undisguised sense of superiority seemed to return in Bathrilor's smile. "You might get beaten up and then thrown out of this banquet. You might even get kicked out of the Guild of Magic. I think your master, Mage Kevin, would not choose to fall out with Castellan Isaac for an attendant…"

Lin Li listened agape to all sorts of horrible ends supposedly waiting for him. Could this be the legendary genius? He could speculate so many things with only a few tears from the redheaded beauty and even came up with all kinds of horrible repercussions. How strong an imagination was needed for all these? It would be a pity if this man did not change his profession to writing chivalric novels…

"Have you thought it through?" Seeing Lin Li did not respond for a long while, Bathrilor looked even more pleased. He seemed to already see the other party's humiliating admission of guilt and the apology to Miss Rowling after being pushed by him…

"I've thought it through. Simply put, if I don't apologize, I would be very, very miserable…" Lin Li nodded earnestly. He had indeed thought it through carefully. "But after thinking through, I've still decided not to."

Lin Li turned around to leave after tossing the words out. He was really reluctant to be near a wacko.

"You!" Bathrilor's expression froze; that high and mighty smile turned hideous at once. Lin Li's words were like a slap, smacking severely on his face. Bathrilor, who lived in prosperity all his life, had never been so discomfited before. After a brief stupor, anger instantly engulfed his reason.

Bathrilor raised his right hand forcefully and the ruby inlaid on the ring gleamed with red light.

Lin Li had just taken six or seven steps when he suddenly felt a violent distortion of the magical elements around him. Almost subconsciously, he felt something was wrong. But it was too late to react, so he only managed to put up an Elemental s.h.i.+eld.

Then, he saw a flash of light on the ruby, and dazzling flames spread out like fire dragons rus.h.i.+ng forth, or like a giant flaming web descending from the sky.

"Bathrilor, stop!" Isaac was talking in a low voice with a middle-aged man. Who knew that when he looked up, he'd witness this horrifying scene. At that instant, Isaac was crushed. That was the treasure of the Guild of Magic. If anything happened to him at the banquet, that convenient uncle Gerian would probably tear down his Castellan Mansion…

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But Isaac's shriek came too late.

"Why, Uncle Isaac?" Bathrilor seemed to be satisfied with his strike. He leisurely removed a napkin from his head and clapped his hands, displaying a relaxed smile on his face. But when he turned around, he saw Isaac standing there with an ashen face, and couldn't help but feel puzzled by it.

"Clap…!" What awaited him was a solid slap in the face. Isaac lost his usual grace in his fury.

"Un… Uncle Isaac… Why did you hit me?" The slap had Bathrilor stumbling a few steps back. He covered his left cheek with his hand and his expression was glazed.

Isaac was trembling with rage. "Do you know what you have done?"

"What have I done? Isn't it just a small little mage? If Uncle Isaac feels that it's a pity, I'll have someone send you 20 mages tomorrow." Bathrilor had never been slapped in public before. Isaac had slapped him now, and although he did not dare to confront him, his tone was more or less resentful.

"20 mages? Hahaha…" Isaac laughed in anger. "You're so generous. Unfortunately, not to mention 20, even if it's 50, it wouldn't be comparable to a strand of his hair. Forget it, do what you wish. I wash my hands off this. Besides, even if I wanted to help, I have no control over this as well. You write your own letter to your father, hopefully it's not too late before Gerian returns…"

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