Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 528 - Don’t Be Silly

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Chapter 528: Don't Be Silly

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Pursing his lips, the manager stared at the newspaper on the table impatiently, thinking to himself that he would have to walk around the whole hall in order to get all the herbs that Lin Li asked for. Remaining seated, he pressed his finger against the sheet of paper, rubbed it back and forth twice, and c.o.c.ked his head sideways as he glanced at Lin Li in contempt. “You want these herbs? Do you know how much they cost?”

 “What do you think?” Lin Li asked with a frown as he thought to himself, Why do you have so much nonsense to say? Hurry up, get me the herbs I want and scram. It's none of my business even if you die sleeping.

 “Hey, young man. You'd better be more pragmatic. You can't afford to be a pharmacist.” The manager slid the piece of paper back to him and closed his eyes again in a bid to take a nap.

 Lin Li slammed his hand against the table and urged, “Could you hurry and get me my herbs?”


 The manager slammed his hand against the table too, and stood up to say, “You want these herbs, eh? Pay up first. Otherwise, I won't be able to sell the damaged herbs after they're exposed to the air if you go back on your word once I retrieve them for you. Do you know how strict pharmacists are with expensive herbs and ingredients? Do you think you can make potions just by pouring the herbs and ingredients all into one pot?”

Lin Li found being questioned about his pharmaceutical knowledge absolutely ridiculous and absurd. However, he could not be bothered to argue with the manager, either. He asked, “How much do they cost?”

 “Hah, fine, I'll calculate it for you.” The manager stared at the paper on the table, and looked up at Lin Li before continuing, “20,000 gold coins.”

 “How much?” 20 thousand gold coins was nothing to Lin Li. Had the manager welcomed them warmly and politely when they entered, Lin Li would have been more than willing to give him a 20,000-gold-coin tip after purchasing the herbs that were worth 2,000 gold coins. However, the manager actually had the audacity to charge him 20,000 gold coins for the herbs. He would be a fool if he were to pay.

 “You can't afford it, eh? Didn't I already tell you that you're too poor to be a pharmacist? Look at you people. So what if you're mages? Do you even know what pharmacy is about? Have you ever seen real potions before? You're just a bunch of country b.u.mpkins, and yet you're thinking of becoming pharmacists. Do you even know how to use these herbs? Are you going to cook them into porridge?” the manager sneered.

Upon hearing his words, Lin Li's frown vanished, and his lips curled into a smirk. Actually, it was not that infuriating to be mocked by an ignorant person who was blowing his trumpet ridiculously. In fact, it was absurd and hilarious.

 “Don't be silly, concocting potions is meant for pharmacists to do. You country b.u.mpkins should just go back where you came from. You can't even fork out 20,000 gold coins, yet you're thinking of becoming pharmacists. Psht…” the manager rebuked.

 Wilkinson couldn't take it at this point of time anymore. Master Felic was a Master of pharmacy who was more knowledgeable than Teacher Balbo. He should be respected by everyone. How could he be insulted by such a horrendous person? Boiling with fury, he felt an urge to reveal his ident.i.ty and berate the manager who didn't know any better. He wanted to let him know that mages were not to be insulted.

“Shameless!” the manager barked angrily after seeing that Lin Li still had the cheek to smirk. He ripped the piece of paper into shreds, crushed them, and got ready to throw them at Lin Li.

 However, at this very moment, a sharp and icy cold dagger was placed against his throat before he could even open his palm.

 Although the dagger was only placed against the skin of his throat, its chilliness seemed to have penetrated his skin. He wanted to swallow his spit, but had no choice except to stop for fear that the movement of his Adam's apple would cause his skin to be slit by the dagger. He had no idea when he released his hand, but all of the broken bits of paper had already been cast all over the ground, appearing extremely obvious against the clean and bright marble flooring.

How dare these barbaric b.u.mpkins treat me like this!? The manager could hardly believe the reality. Although he was not a remarkable person in the city of Roland, no one dared to underestimate the Seven Leaf Gra.s.s medicinal store. Even a reckless Warrior and an arrogant Mage would have to address him politely as Mr. Manager!

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 “You… You people!” Despite trembling uncontrollably, the manager still tried to suppress his fear, and yelled in a shrilling voice, “What are you people trying to do!?! Don't forget where this is. My boss is acquainted with Castellan Arathor. If you dare lay a finger on me, you can forget about leaving Roland City!”

“Larry, what are you doing? Why is there such a ruckus? Don't you know that I'm discussing an important deal with some guests upstairs!?!” barked the owner of Seven Leaf Gra.s.s, who was a handsome middle-aged man in his fifties.

He'd initially been talking upstairs with the guests, and when it was time to talk about the important things, there was a ton of noise coming from downstairs, which made him feel embarra.s.sed. Everyone in Roland City knew how prestigious Seven Leaf Gra.s.s was, and even the castellan would have to speak to him politely. Who's the person who has the audacity to cause a stir at my place!? he thought.

As soon as he stepped out of the stairwell, he was greeted with a clear sight of the commotion. The owner's face grew sullen when he saw the manager of his store being held down with a dagger placed against his throat. He'd initially thought that it was just a verbal argument, and blamed the manager Larry for not handling the matter appropriately. However, it seemed that Larry was being bullied.

 When the skin of his throat was cut, the manager knew that he had encountered a ruthless person who wouldn't care about his status or background, and would simply kill without hesitation or consideration of the consequences. At this point, the manager had already begun regretting what he'd said, and was on the verge of begging for mercy.

At this moment, the boss of Seven Leaf Gra.s.s made his way downstairs while Lin Li hollered for Norfeller to stop.

When the manager saw this scene, he knew that the dismal magicians were definitely daunted, and rejoiced over the fact that he had not begged for mercy. Since they dared not do anything to him, there was nothing for him to be afraid of. The thought of it made him feel energized, and he began complaining to his boss while ignoring the wound on his neck.

“Boss, it's not that I defied you, but these foreigners are just too tyrannical! Look at my neck, it's bleeding because they cut me. I was kind enough to reason with them, but they don't take Seven Leaf Gra.s.s seriously at all. They whipped out their daggers and threatened to kill me.” The manager struggled to break free while yelling, “Let go of me, let go of me!” He knew that they wouldn't kill him anyway.

 “Dear guests, I don't know how my manager offended you, but we can talk things out nicely. There's no need to kill. Could you let go of him first? Tell me, what rude and offensive things has he done to make you so angry?” The owner was a businessman, and naturally had a good temper since he could manage Seven Leaf Gra.s.s so well. However, he definitely had a sullen expression now since his subordinate had gotten bullied.

Lin Li knew clearly what the owner meant, but he was too lazy to argue with him. He smiled and instructed Norfeller to let go of the manager.

The owner humphed coldly, and chided the manager, “What are you waiting for? Hurry and come here to tell us what happened. How did you offend these customers?”

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