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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 523 - Trade

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Chapter 523: Trade

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“Hmph!” Wilkinson scoffed. If the formula had been given him by Lin Li, Wilkinson wouldn't have doubted it at all, but rather thought about what he didn't know. However, since this came from another person's mouth, he wouldn't believe it no matter what.

William could only laugh bitterly at Wilkinson's att.i.tude. After all, this formula was said not to be feasible according to a Master from the Pharmacist Guild. Thus, it surely contained a conundrum that most pharmacists couldn't solve. He came to the Tower of Dusk precisely looking for a pharmaceutics Master or an organization similar to the Pharmacist Guild. If a high-level pharmacist could successfully concoct the potion with the formula, then why would he even need to come this far?

“Mr Pharmacist, you're right. In the field of pharmaceutics, how can my little knowledge compare to yours? However, I am still a little confident with my judgment skills. It's almost definite that the paper used to record this formula is a typical product from the Dark Age.” William chose his words carefully before he spoke, fearing that he would enrage this pharmacist again should he say anything wrong.

“Hah! How's your business at the Time Consignment Store, Mr William? At this rate, it doesn't seem like it'll be good. A piece of paper from the Dark Age, no matter how rare it is, is just a piece of paper. But if there's a so-called lost potion formula written on it, its price would probably be hundreds or even thousands of times higher!” Wilkinson couldn't help but speak to William with sarcasm.

 Actually, Wilkinson had a point. Making counterfeit artifacts was common everywhere. Even if people didn't like artifacts, there was always something they liked, so people would make counterfeits to obtain monetary gains. A piece of paper from the Dark Age with a lost potion formula written on it was a pretty convincing trick. If a magic spell was written on the paper, it was easy for a mage to judge its authenticity by testing it out. It was not easy, however, to judge the authenticity of potion formulae, especially ones with precious herbs necessary, since it would take a long time to collect most of those herbs in the first place.

“Mr Pharmacist, you seem to be thinking that someone had written a counterfeit potion formula on this piece of paper from the Dark Age. Indeed, I was concerned about this too, so I made use of many connections, and finally found a pharmaceutics Master from the Pharmacist Guild. He helped me to a.n.a.lyze these formulae. Though I cannot reveal his name, this Master confirmed that the formulae were authentic, just that there are many problems in the formulae that current pharmaceutics cannot solve yet.” Since he finally had the chance to explain himself, William told them all he had wanted to say in one go.

However, Wilkinson still didn't believe William despite his explanation. If not for what Lin Li had said earlier, Wilkinson would have taught this old man a lesson already.

Lin Li sat there quietly, tapping the table softly with his fingers. He was unbothered by all the commotion, and commented, “I also feel that Mr William wouldn't come all the way here just to joke with us. However, if you, Mr William, think that your formulae are real, what do you want us to do for you?”

William didn't sense anything strange about Lin Li's comment, but Wilkinson felt a tug in his heart. William didn't know Lin Li's abilities, but Wilkinson had undergone training in the Tower of Dusk for such a long time that he was fully aware of Lin Li's capabilities in pharmaceutics. Though he was very respectful towards his teacher Balbo, he couldn't help but acknowledge that Lin Li was superior to his teacher in every aspect of pharmaceutics.

Now, judging from how he spoke, Lin Li seemed to be quite excited about that counterfeit potion formula. Or rather, maybe it wasn't even a counterfeit; could William be right? Wilkinson and his companions all wors.h.i.+ped Lin Li's abilities to the point that they almost blindly believed in him.

“President Felic, I came to visit because I hope that you can introduce me to a pharmaceutics Master to see if he can get anything from these formulae.” William didn't want to test the waters anymore, so he revealed his intentions in coming here. If not, he might not have any more chances to speak.

“Pharmaceutics Master? Whom did you hear it from? Our tiny Tower of Dusk doesn't have any pharmaceutics Masters.” Lin Li wasn't wrong to say this. The Tower of Dusk really didn't have any pharmaceutics Masters—it had a pharmaceutics Guru.

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Since William had already lowered himself to seek help of a junior, that was Lin Li, he naturally wouldn't give up so easily. He continued, “Of course, I cannot ask you to help me for nothing. How about this: if this potion can be formulated successfully, both of us can collaborate in its sales. What do you think about this suggestion?”

 These words were a little harsh. What did it mean if they were unworthy of trust? William's heart jumped. If this got leaked, he would become an enemy of all pharmacists! It couldn't be helped; pharmacists were quite unreasonable. What could he do? They were sufficiently capable to be arrogant.

 Even Lin Li was momentarily stunned by Wilkinson's words. What Wilkinson had said seemed to be quite subtle, but in fact, anyone who wasn't a fool could sense that this was an undisguised threat.

Other than those living legends at the Sanctuary-realm, only pharmacists who were capable of making the impossible possible could be so boldly unreasonable. With Wilkinson's status as a high-level pharmacist, even true Legendary-realm powerhouses would treat him as an equal.

“Wilkinson, they are Mr William's formulae. Although we don't know the authenticity of the formulae yet, Mr William is their owner, and has the freedom to decide whether he wants to let us see them. It's too much to say such things.” Lin Li pitied William, so he lectured Wilkinson a bit. He then turned to William, and said, “Don't mind him, Mr William. His personality is just like that, and he speaks whatever he wants. You see, we don't really have much time. Do you want to think about this back at home?”

William didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This President Felic appeared to be extremely reasonable, and was subtle in his speech, but was in fact more vicious of the two, and directly attempted to chase him out.

 Thinking about this carefully, William knew that it was meaningless whether he held back a trick or not. Those formulae were already deemed impossible to formulate by the pharmaceutics Master from the Pharmacist Guild. Now, the only hope remained in the Tower of Dusk here. If the Tower of Dusk was also unable to concoct these potions, so what if he gave all these formulae to them? However, if the Tower of Dusk could really concoct these potions, he still had to rely on them and give them these formulae in the end. What else could he do but comply? Kidnap that pharmaceutics Master?

 This meant that even if the Tower of Dusk had decided to pocket these formulae and hang him out to dry, William wouldn't lose anything from the deal. At most, he would have felt happy over them for nothing.

 To get them was luck; to lose them was fate. Thinking of this, William calmed down, and replied, “You're overthinking, President Felic. I didn't say that I didn't trust you. I will pa.s.s you the formulae now.” He stood up and pa.s.sed Lin Li a wooden box carved with patterns.

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