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Chapter 516 - Visitor

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Chapter 516: 516

“But we should at least do something . Why don't I a.s.semble some people and chase those outsiders away at least?” Gavin actually knew that Lin Li was right . Even the members of the Pharmacist Guild enjoyed the freedom of going wherever they wanted . Hence, they couldn't lock the senior pharmacists up like slaves .

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 “Nah, let them be . They can't poach my people unless they have what it takes . ” Lin Li was extremely confident . He thought, They're trying to poach my pharmacists? What a joke . They might be able to do so if they have a pharmaceutics Guru .

 Gavin wanted to say something else, but could not think of a better idea even after racking his brains . He had just chased the people away, but he was just saying those things in a moment of spite . Although they were openly poaching the pharmacists, there would definitely be a public outrage if they were to get into a physical fight . Regardless of how strong the Tower of Dusk was, they might not be able to secure a footing in the Breezy Plains .

Hence, the young owner of the Tower of Dusk, President Felic, allowed the matter to go on without doing anything . Not only did he not take any precautions to prevent the pharmacists from interacting with others, he even instructed the receptionists who were in charge of receiving the mages to summon people to help him as long as the outsiders tried to bribe him .

“Master Felic!” Wilkinson yelled at the end of the lecture, trying to stop Lin Li who was about to leave .

 “Oh, is there a problem?” Lin Li asked as he turned around, though he already knew what Wilkinson was about to say .

“Master Felic, there is a sudden increase in the number of people outside . Could we trouble you to arrange for us to get some help? Whenever we go out, we end up getting hara.s.sed, and it takes us a lot of effort to shake them off,” Wilkinson said resignedly .

“Yeah, Master Felic, we don't know them, either . They're making us scared to go out,” the rest chimed in .

 It was just like Lin Li had expected . He smiled, and asked, “Did they give you presents too?”

 Wilkinson and the rest hurriedly explained, “They did, but we didn't accept them . ”

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 Lin Li clapped with a regretful expression, and said, “Why not? Who says no to gifts? I've been teaching you guys for so long, yet you didn't even pick up such an important mindset!”

“So… we should accept it?” Wilkinson asked apprehensively, as dumbfounded as his peers .

“Yeah, it'd be a waste if you don't . Since they're willing to give you gifts, just accept them . It's no big deal,” Lin Li said nonchalantly .

 “But…” Wilkinson and the rest, who had never done something like that before, were extremely shocked . However, Lin Li left before they could even ask him another question .

 Since Master Felic said that we should accept them, I shall not stand on ceremony, Wilkinson thought to himself . After having been led astray by Lin Li, Wilkinson and the other pharmacists eagerly accepted the gifts, which was to the joy of those who gave them gifts .

 “Sir, the targets have already accepted the gifts; they seem to have wavered . ”

 “Leader, the target has chatted with me for a longer duration than yesterday . I suggest that we continue to curry favor with them . ”

 Both the givers and recipients of the gifts were on cloud nine . However, the mages of the Tower of Dusk were living in fear every day, afraid that they would wake up one day and realize that there were no longer any senior pharmacists .

However, there was an exception during the sucking up . Whenever the outsiders badmouthed Lin Li and the Tower of Dusk, they would relentlessly throw the presents onto the ground .

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 Although the pharmacists were not good in magic, they were all ancestors1 . Even if they went overboard, no one would dare to disrespect them .

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 The outsiders might disregard the Tower of Dusk, but they wouldn't dare to ignore the presence of the pharmacists . Perhaps there were only a few capable ones in the Pharmacist Guild, but there were plenty of forces that were waiting to stand up for them .

 Plenty of forces and factions were all trying to cast their net and see how many pharmacists they can get . They would give every pharmacist that they saw a gift . They were thinking that they could at least recruit one . However, the White Shadow decided to take a different approach . Gaget chose to gather all of his resources and make a heavy bet in hopes of being sincere enough to move the senior pharmacist called Wilkinson .

 Gaget knew his weakness . Although he ran businesses all over the Breezy Plains, he was not the wealthiest . If he were to choose to cast his net, they might end up not getting a single pharmacist . Hence, he felt that it would be better to bank on just one pharmacist to beat all of their compet.i.tors .

 It was a decision that made Gaget feel extremely smug . Unlike others, he handed out one hefty gift on four separate occasions instead of several minor ones . He naturally had to stand out from the other forces since he had to give the pharmacist a good impression .

Every day at daybreak, all the forces would gather in the parade square of the Tower of Dusk . There were also people sent by the external forces1, but were all chased away by the more powerful forces . They camped in front of the Tower of Dusk and would immediately try to bootlick whenever they saw a pharmacist exiting . They would then go through the process of giving a gift and currying favor with them .

In the eyes of the people who had no idea what was going on, this scene was indeed too weird and absurd . There had to be a proper time and place for gift-giving and recruiting . How could they be so unconcerned about the location? However, everyone knew that the problem was that there was no decent venue in this small place, and that the pharmacists did not accept any invitations at all . One of the forces put in plenty of effort by hiring a chef to whip up delicious dishes with the finest ingredients in a bid to sit down and have a chat with a senior pharmacist . However, the pharmacist responded by telling them to leave the gifts at the door because he was too lazy to receive them .

 They had no choice but to suck it up, since the pharmacists were big shots . Hence, everyone began bootlicking and sucking up to everyone for the sake of presenting the gifts .

Gaget rushed to the Tower of Dusk with a hefty gift and waited quietly for the doors to open together with the rest of the crowd . He saw plenty of people, some of which were allies, while others were archenemies . However, everyone was a fellow compet.i.tor, be it friend or foe .

 Looking up at the towering Tower of Dusk, Gaget could not help but sigh . Although this tower had just been established, its foundation was indeed solid, and it was no wonder that it was favored by the Malfa Family . If the senior pharmacists were to spend more time in the Tower of Dusk, the rise of the Tower would be inevitable . However, Gaget felt that they did not have what it took to keep them around .

 Gaget began to feel a little nervous, for the recruitment of a senior pharmacist would affect the rise of the White Shadow, yet he had so many compet.i.tors .

 Time pa.s.sed while he waited anxiously, and the doors of the Tower of Dusk finally opened slowly . Everyone in the plaza immediately sobered up, but they did not rush forth at once . After all, they were all figures of status, and still had to maintain their image during the recruitment . Hence, they slowly made their way into the hall of the Tower of Dusk in an orderly fas.h.i.+on .

 As everyone walked into the Tower of Twilight, the s.p.a.cious and elegantly decorated hall immediately made Gaget's eyes light up—especially the furnis.h.i.+ngs, which exuded a strong and refined elegance . However, Gaget soon shook his head secretly, and sighed in his heart while thinking to himself, Such a delicate elven-style decoration may not be bought even with an exorbitant amount of money . It's such a pity that the President of the Tower of Dusk can't afford to enjoy such a luxury at all1 . What is he thinking?

 Next, Gaget witnessed another strange thing . Although he had heard it from his close friends, he still couldn't believe it . As it turned out, they could register an appointment with the mage who was in charge of the reception at the Tower of Dusk . Although their att.i.tude seemed hostile, they did not make things too difficult for them .

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