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Chapter 504 - Progress

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Chapter 504: Progress

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Lin Li was not too worried about Gavin who was ambitious. It was not a bad thing to be ambitious. In fact, it could also be called being a driven and motivated person. Ever since the Tower of Dusk was built, Gavin arrived and registered to become one of the members. He had always been very attentive and serious when completing tasks, and would always be at Lin Li's beck and call without any complaints. Hence, Gavin was the best candidate for the leader of the reconstruction of Black Clouds Town.

Lin Li was certainly confident in his own designs. After the new Black Clouds Town was completed with the installation of the Grandmaster-level magic gears, raiding bandits would not be able to break through even if there were 10 groups of them. Hence, the new construction would definitely be able to guarantee the safety of the citizens of the town.

Hence, Lin Li handed the construction over entirely to Gavin, after which he instructed the rest of his subordinates not to disturb him unless it was absolutely necessary. He locked himself in the room and ignored everything that went on outside.

Gavin's status in the Tower of Dusk was akin to that of a senior majordomo. In the Guild of Magic, a majordomo was not an official position, and to put it crudely, he was just the President's errand boy. However, all Presidents of the various Guilds of Magic would definitely have a right-hand man like him. Hence, the majordomos did enjoy immeasurable power and authority even though they did not hold any official position.

Gavin was a powermonger, but he was not the kind to resort to despicable means for the sake of obtaining power and authority. He knew that the young President, Lin Li, did not like handling all of the miscellaneous matters of the guild. Hence, Gavin's power would not be taken away from him as long as he paid attention and performed all of his tasks conscientiously. As the construction of the Tower of Dusk progressed, Gavin's status would increase greatly, and he'd become a huge authority in the entire Breezy Plains.

After obtaining the blueprint from the President Lin Li, Gavin knew that it was the best opportunity for him to prove his abilities.

He usually handled trivial and miscellaneous matters, but the construction of the new Black Clouds Town this time was definitely not one of them. The thought of it made Gavin feel extremely excited. He immediately gathered some subordinates and arranged the tasks appropriately.

If it were purely a project to create a small town where humans could live, the manpower and wealth of the Tower of Dusk would definitely be enough for the small town to be completed. However, the problem was that the Black Clouds Town designed by Lin Li was not only meant for people to live in.

Gavin brought the blueprint home and a.n.a.lyzed it carefully, only to realize that it had given him a huge headache. If the builders were of mediocre caliber, they would require more than two decades to complete the construction of the small town based on the blueprint, unless… a mage took part in the process.

However, mages would usually only join the construction when they were building a mage tower. Even during the construction of palaces, the royals could not compel the mages to perform such lowly tasks. Yes, there was a social hierarchy in every part of the world, and that included the workforce. To the mages, construction work was lowly and cheap, for it would make them tired and dirty.

However, in Tower of Dusk, Gavin was not the only smart one, and one had to be smart in order to become a mage. Everyone in the Tower of Dusk knew that Lin Li was different from others and that he was attached to the citizens of Black Clouds Town. Most importantly, he was very generous too.

It was no secret that Lin Li was an incredibly talented pharmacist who could concoct limitless potions. Those who were stuck as adepts could be promoted to become a mage, while those who were stuck at being a mage could be promoted to become a Magic Shooter. They even heard that the latter could depend on pharmacy to become an Archmage.

How much is pride worth? I may become a construction worker, but regardless of how prideful you may be, can you compare to me, a Magic Shooter!? he thought.

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Although Gavin was power-hungry, he detested mages who were obsessed only with gaining power. Those who were out to get into the good books of Lin Li were usually not inferior to Gavin. The young and promising Lin Li was a Legendary powerhouse who could create a Magical Domain. Even without the lofty potions and the elaborate magical equipment, a few enlightening tips from him would be enough.

However, they were secretly overjoyed with the crazy idea because they felt that they had made the right decision this time. The fact that Lin Li had put so much thought and effort into building a small town for the ordinary humans meant that the citizens of Black Clouds Town meant a lot to him. Some even wondered whether or not they should go see the children from Black Clouds Town and pick one of them to be their own student.

Under Gavin's lead, the construction of the new Black Clouds Town had finally kicked off. Large batches of construction materials and workers were transported. Others might just think that they were building a palace.

Despite being the designer of the new Black Clouds Town, Lin Li didn't even attend the foundation laying ceremony, and instead cooped himself up in his room.

It was actually inevitable. When he'd returned from the Blackstone Mountains, Lin Li's powers and abilities heightened rapidly—from level-19 to level-20. Although it was just a level's difference, it was an impressive achievement that other mages might never make in their life. Yet, Lin Li managed to do it within just a few months.

It was good to make rapid progress, but if it was too rapid, it'd inevitably lead to hidden dangers caused by instability. Nothing was perfect in this world, and although those who were naturally gifted were said to be blessed, they had to go through many more tests.

Since ancient times, there was more than one talent like Geresco in the land of Anril. There were many other geniuses who died young because of how conceited they were. An example would be the Dark Blade's heir, who was much more talented than Hutton. It had been only a matter of time before he became a Legendary-mage. However, he died young, and Lin Li could not even remember his name anymore.

Ever since Lin Li came back, he was keeping himself cooped up in the room so as to summarize what he had gained over the past few months, find the possible hidden dangers within himself, and then solve them one by one. He wanted to internalize his new knowledge and make it his own. He wanted to truly become familiar with the power of the Legendary-realm.

He advanced from the 19th to the 20th level and progressed to the Legendary-realm based on his own changes. It was not a result of acc.u.mulated energy and experience. The process was not as easy as the theory books made it seem, either. In the eyes of most magicians, this was an invisible divide that could hardly be crossed. Once the gap was crossed, one would face a huge disruption and experience drastic changes in his previous knowledge and experiences.

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