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Chapter 503 - Reconstructing Black Clouds Town

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Chapter 503: Reconstructing Black Clouds Town

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“That's not what I'm worried about…” Lin Li said calmly.

Actually, Lin Li had a hunch that the Retribution Knight Rodhart, who was seated on the throne made of bones, was not as simple as he seemed on the surface. Although the once-formidable Retribution Knight seemed to be dead ever since Lin Li entered the underground palace, Rodhart remained for Lin Li a sword of Damocles which seemed like it would fall someday.

There were also some fishy parts about the underground palace, for it was too easily accessible and unguarded, even for a place that was protected by magic gears. As the leader of the High Elves, Osric had plenty of talented, elite subordinates. Hence, how could he have constructed an underground palace that only contained magic gears? Lin Li did not think that Osric would build such a great underground palace just for the sake of waiting for the right person to collect the two magical weapons, Polar Snow and Raging Flames—the debris of the stars. It was not like Osric to play hide-and-seek with a fire dragon in a lava river.

It was for now inadvisable for Lin Li to seek the other secrets present in the underground palace. There were still no mishaps yet, even though he had already plundered so many treasures, killed the Crimson Dragon underground, and damaged the magic gears. That was lucky for him. However, it could not be guaranteed that he would be safe if he were to continue delving deeper and exploring. There was still a Retribution Knight Rodhart outside.

He was the first fallen knight in the history of Anril, the nightmare that disrupted peace. Even after being purified by the Holy Light belonging to the Prophet Willen of the Brilliance Shrine, he still was the legendary and powerful Rodhart. Lin Li could not guarantee that he would not awake Rodhart if he were to continue delving deeper into the underground palace. With his current abilities, there seemed to be a long way to go for him before he could battle such a legendary powerhouse.

Hence, Lin Li resolutely decided to retreat since he had already taken everything that he could. As for the rest, he had no choice but to come back for it another time.

After the two Undead rebuilt the wall, Lin Li began to decorate it simply. Although making modifications to the stone wall was not a difficult task for Lin Li, since he had destroyed the power core of the magic gears, he still had to supply it with another energy source in order for them to work again.

Those magic gears that had been activated could no longer be used. Fortunately, there were quite a few that hadn't been activated before, and only had to be modified a little. There were a few magic gears that shared a dozen or more magical crystals that could be sustained for a few years. After four of five days of effort, Lin Li finally reorganized the magic gears in the places that he had been to. As for those that he had not gone to yet, he would return and research all of it again once he made another breakthrough in increasing his abilities.

“Are you really going to leave? Aren't you going to give it some more consideration?” Although it would be impossible for him to acquire the other items, Connoris was still rather worried about it.

Too lazy to explain it further to Connoris, Lin Li brought the two Undead servants along and took the same path back to the front of the palace.

The Retribution Knight, Rodhart, was still seated on the throne in the same way he'd been when Lin Li and the rest arrived, exuding his immeasurably powerful aura.

There were definitely more secrets in the underground palace than what met the eye. However, his current abilities were not enough for him to deal with the crisis that could appear at any time. Lin Li glanced at Rodhart and turned around to leave the underground palace together with the two retainers of his.

When they were entering the underground palace, there were basically no obstacles in sight, except some Skeletal Warriors, Archers, and other Undead creatures, all of which Norfeller could get rid of easily. By the time they exited, there were no longer any Skeletal Warriors anywhere, and Lin Li returned peacefully using the same route which led him to the underground palace from the una.s.suming cave.

“Wait a minute. Should we do something to hide this cave's entrance?” said the worried Connoris when Lin Li reached the cave opening. It was not that he was old and naggish, for he wouldn't be in such a dilemma if it were the t.i.tan's Dragon Guns instead of Polar Snow and Raging Flames. Although he did not know of their origin, he could tell from experience that they were formidable and possessed pure Rule power. They were far more powerful than t.i.tans' Dragon Guns.

Connoris began to regret his decision after realizing that the two rare magical weapons had been left in the cave by Lin Li. He felt that he shouldn't have given Lin Li the idea of ​​collecting the natural magical domain. No matter how great an item might be, it was the best when one possessed it himself. The natural magical domain was indeed an unprecedented miracle. However, just because Lin Li could not bear to ruin it, it didn't mean that others would not succ.u.mb to the temptation of those two magical weapons.

Lin Li was confident enough not to be as worried as Connoris. He casually responded, “Alright, stop being so worried. You'd better give the matter of moving the Throne of Darkness some thought instead. I know that the people here will definitely be able to find the cave even if I cover the entrance. Those who don't know about this place will only grow curious if I conceal this cave. So, let's forget it!”

After spending nearly 10 days in the underground palace, Lin Li reckoned that the magicians of the Tower of Dusk should have already left, even if they had brought along plenty of supplies with them. Hence, there was no need to pay special attention to the underground. He headed straight to the Tower of Dusk.

When Lin Li descended on the small plaza in front of the Tower of Dusk, a big bunch of mages dashed out of the Tower of Dusk while screaming in shock, not bothering to keep their image up, either. They stared at him with looks of respect and admiration, and hurriedly arranged themselves in two rows, welcoming the return of the President. There was no contrition or hypocrisy in their reverent expressions—they were completely genuine. They truly respected the young President.

After this time, no matter how arrogant some of them once had been, no one dared to question Lin Li's abilities and rights to be the President. He was the youngest Legendary-mage in the history of Anril, who even Geresco, the G.o.d of Mages, could not compare to. If Lin Li wasn't qualified, no one else would be.

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“Welcome, President!” the mages chorused, giving Lin Li a great shock.

Gavin returned in the afternoon to get the blueprint. After giving it a quick glance, he was instantly dumbfounded. “Oh my G.o.d, this is not a town! It's not a town!”

Although Gavin could not understand the drawings, he could tell that they were extraordinary. Judging from the materials alone, he was almost sure that the new Black Clouds Town would be able to deal enemies and criminals a lethal blow. However, the problem was that the cost of the reconstruction was exorbitant. Although the total was not calculated yet, he knew that the price would definitely be a hefty sum after estimating the costs of the materials.

Although Lin Li had only spent half a day on sketching the blueprint, the new Black Clouds Town would definitely become the nightmare of beleaguers. Lin Li chose not to use alchemy and mageweaths in building the new Black Clouds Town. Instead, he opted to build it like the underground palace that contained the large magic gears.

There were plenty of benefits to using magic gears. Firstly, it would guarantee that almost no one would be able to break it. Although Lin Li had already attained the level of the Grandmaster in the field of mageweath theory, the requirements of the Grandmaster's magic pattern were very high, and even he couldn't use it casually.

The second advantage would be that Lin Li needed not partic.i.p.ate in the construction of Black Clouds Town from the beginning to the end. Regardless of the use of mageweaths or alchemy, Lin Li could not afford the time to do it personally nor find anyone to help. Mageweath masters and alchemists were much rarer than mages. Who would bother going through all that labor to help him provide a residence for ordinary people?

It was different for the magic gears. Although those learning the usage of magic gears were few and far between, the most important aspect was that they could be constructed and completed by ordinary humans. In the construction of magic gears, the most important thing would be the design sketches and blueprints. As long as the constructors built the place according to the blueprint, Lin Li would only need to make some final adjustments.

Another important advantage would be that they could cut back on resources. At this point, Lin Li did not have the time to capture a magical beast and use it as the power core of the magic gears. However, he could use some magical crystals to achieve the same results. It would be suitable for living and still be taken care of.

“Mr. President, that…” said Gavin. He felt a little hesitant with how much money was needed to build Black Clouds Town into a superb one.

“If you have no questions, get to it immediately. The faster, the better. Hurry and get the people of the town to move back there.” Lin Li, who knew what Gavin was about to say, waved his hand nonchalantly. Be it the acquisition of the Throne of Darkness, the loot from the base of the Syer bandits, or what they had gained in the underground palace, Lin Li had gained enough that he could not be bothered by however much it would cost to build the new Black Clouds Town.

“Yes, Mr. President, I'll arrange it immediately.” Gavin decided not to say anything else after seeing that Lin Li had already made up his mind.

When Gavin was about to leave, Lin Li suddenly stopped him to give him a reminder with a serious expression. “By the way, pay close attention and don't leak the blueprint to anyone irrelevant. Besides, all standards must be strictly in accordance with the blueprint, and no errors are allowed.”

“Yes, I'll remember it,” Gavin answered solemnly before handing out some instructions for the construction to others.

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