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Chapter 502 - No Ifs

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Chapter 502: No Ifs

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At the beginning in the Endless World, the seven pieces of the debris of the stars containing the basic Rules of the world had formed a relatively complete World Domain without human intervention. The World Domain was the holy grail of mages. However, Lin Li used to be a hunter; hence, he opted for violent objects and immediately collected the seven pieces of the debris of the stars, thus leading to the collapse of the emergent World Domain.

The natural fire-and-ice Magical Domain made Lin Li see the hope resurfaced. Even if it were an average human being in control of the Eternal Furnace, they would be on par with the deities.

Powerful, infinite possibilities were a fatal temptation that no one could refuse. Lin Li was no exception, either, and his thirst for power was no less than that of others, especially after he found out from Tutankhamun about the devastating disaster that would come in two, three years. Even if it was because of his own selfish needs, he had to try his best to make himself stronger.

Reaching the sacred Sanctuary-realm within two, three years was a task that seemed impossible to accomplish to most, especially for Lin Li who had just reached the Legendary-realm. Even a strong man who had reached the pinnacle of the Legendary-realm could not be certain of how long they would take to reach the Sanctuary-realm.

Actually, even Lin Li was not that confident himself. The Sanctuary-realm could not be reached easily, and simple hard work would no longer pay off once one reached the Legendary-realm. Talent and luck were absolutely necessary to reach the Sanctuary-realm. Lin Li remembered being told by a strong, successful man that success consisted of 99% sweat and 1% talent. However, in order to reach the Sanctuary-realm, one would need 1% sweat and 99% talent and luck.

Besides, reaching the Sanctuary-realm was only a basic goal. Tutankhamun said that it would take two or three years to get to the Sanctuary-realm. Actually, Lin Li was well aware that the stronger he was, the better he would be at overcoming the pending disaster and staying safe.

Lin Li still remembered the images of the terrifying battle between the G.o.d of Mages and the Evil Eye Tyrant that he saw through the time tunnel when he was in Tutankhamun's hut. Back then, Geresco was no longer as weak as he was when he'd just broken through to the Sanctuary-realm. It was that power that made it difficult for him to get rid of the Evil Eye Tyrant. This time, the disaster that Lin Li would face was definitely much larger than that of Geresco. G.o.d knew how many perverted guys would come through the cracks in time and s.p.a.ce. By then, given his weak abilities, all he could do would probably be just to escape.

Hence, improving his own strength was the most important thing to do now, and gaining more external help and power was mandatory too. Thus, Connoris' crazy ideas were absolutely tempting for him.

According to Connoris, the incorporation of the natural Magical Domain into the Eternal Furnace was indeed an excellent design. However, deep down, Lin Li also knew that those were just his imagination; he had to realize the design to compete with the Sky Castles and make it on par with the G.o.ds. He still had a long way to go.

The first thing that urgently had to be solved was the problem of a giant magical crystal which was an extraordinary one.

Although the engulfing of the Darkness Domain was equivalent to adding insurance to this natural Magical Domain and reducing the risk of collapse due to external influences during the fusion with the Eternal Furnace, that did not mean that one could take the natural Magical Domain lightly or think that it would never collapse regardless of how they manipulated it.

If there was no engulfing of the Darkness Domain during the fusion of the Magical Domain and the Eternal Furnace, Lin Li would need to find a magical crystal that had the same energy as the dragon's magical crystal at the core of the Eternal Furnace. He needed an identical ice element magical crystal to ensure that the fire-and-ice Magical Domain would not collapse.

There was a saying that went “There are no two identical leaves in the world, regardless of how many leaves there are”. Not to mention, dragon magical crystals were rare in the first place. A slight difference in energy inside would directly lead to the collapse of the natural Magical Domain.

The conditions in the natural Magical Domain could be made less harsh using the engulfing power of the Darkness Domain. However, if Lin Li were to find a random water-alignment Legendary magical crystal from a magical beast, the natural Magical Domain would still end up collapsing. Although the crystals needed not be exactly the same, it did not meant that there could be a huge difference between them. Lin Li still needed a magical crystal that was of an appropriate energy type.

According to Connorris, Osric had utilized the power of the entire Magic Legion to kill the ancient dragon that was residing in the Fire Plume Ridge in order to obtain the large and unparalleled giant magical crystal, which was the dragon magical crystal in the Eternal Furnace.

An ancient dragon was not to be taken lightly, for each and every one was above level-25. Even an iconic figure like Osric had to rely on the Magic Legion to stay alive and kill the ancient fire dragon. From every perspective, Lin Li seemed to be unable to hold a candle to him.

The thought of that Crimson Dragon that was shackled next to a lava river made Lin Li feel absolutely terrified. It was shackled with chains that pierced through its flesh. Not only was it prevented from flying, all its movements were restricted. It was trapped to power the magic gears in the underground palace for more than 1,000 years, and had long lost the power that it had had during its pinnacle in the Prehistoric Age. It was forced into a pathetic plight. Besides, it was just an ordinary fire dragon. What would happen if it were an ice dragon?

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Hunting and killing an ancient ice dragon that was above level-25! The thought of the terrifying task made the timid Lin Li get the chills. Not to mention, he could not compare with Osric. Even if his actual power was the same as Osric's, where was he supposed to find an elite Magic Legion?

Even Connoris who had once been an ancient deity could not remain composed when faced with the formidable weapons like Polar Snow and Raging Flames, especially since he heard that Lin Li was going to leave them there. It was a crazy idea. How could he not be aware of how precious the natural Magical Domain was? However, if Lin Li could not acquire them for his own use, it would be more in Lin Li's interest to destroy it.

“Since you can find this place, others probably can too. In the past, there were the magic gears to help guard the two magical weapons, but now, you have killed the Crimson Dragon and removed the power supply of the magic gears, causing them to become useless. If you leave these two magic weapons here, you are just paving the way for others, and there is nothing to stop them from taking what should have belonged to you,” Connoris persuaded anxiously.

“Hah, rest a.s.sured, I'm not that selfless. Have you forgotten about my abilities?” said a confident Lin Li who did not change his mind just because of Connoris's persuasion.

Lin Li was not a pure mage. The magic gears alone were already on a Master's level, what more the mageweath and alchemy. Lin Li indeed did not have the time to redesign an underground palace, but it was not a tough order for him to make amendments to the existing magic gears in the underground palace.

“But even then, if someone were to… ” Connoris was still feeling extremely worried. After all, the two magical weapons were too powerful, and no one would be able to resist the temptation.

“Firstly, I doubt anyone can really find this underground palace. Secondly, even if someone managed to enter the underground palace, they might not be able to make it here because of how strong my magic contraptions are. Thirdly, even if they make it here, there is only one Eternal Furnace, and it lies in my hands. How are they supposed to obtain the natural Magical Domain…?” Lin Li was not lying nor deceiving Connoris. It was unlikely that someone would be able to acquire the natural Magical Domain or Polar Snow and Raging Flames, even if they were left untouched.

It was extremely difficult to collect the natural Magical Domain of ice and fire, and it was almost impossible for others to acquire Polar Snow and Raging Flames, both of which were powerful debris of the stars. Besides, they were now in the natural Magical Domain, and if one had no special means, they would have to deal with them using power in order to acquire them. However, those two magical weapons possessed the purest fundamental Rule power. Even the strongest ones of Sanctuary-realm would not be able to subdue them forcefully.

Since Lin Li had already decided to leave Polar Snow and Raging Flames there temporarily, he proceeded to get Norfeller and Ujfalusi to begin constructing a wall with stones on the ground to protect the Magical Domain from external factors. The two Undead were rather skilled. Unfortunately, the simple wall was weaker and more fragile because there was no cement.

Staring at the two Undead who were getting busy, Lin Li took a glance at the unfinished wall before regretfully saying, “Had I known earlier, I wouldn't have broken the wall. How did I not realize that there was a magical presence behind the wall? It was an ent.i.ty that was too powerful for me.”

“Is there really going to be no ifs? Kid, you must consider carefully! Don't end up coming back empty-handed,” said Connoris who could not stop worrying and continuously nagged at Lin Li.

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