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Chapter 495 - Ice Flame

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Chapter 495: Ice Flame

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The Humerus Wyrm that Lin Li had sealed into the Summoning Lamp could not actually be considered a Wyrm. It was merely an Undead creature that possessed the skeleton of a Wyrm and a Dragon Crystal. The dragon's power was only from the Dragon Crystal as well as the remnant Wyrm aura left on the Wyrm skeleton.

Lin Li felt as though his limbs were bound fighting in such a situation as he had to do his best to defend against the powerful dragon while devoting more effort to adjusting the other magical elements apart from the fire element. Fire element magic did not cause any harm to a pure-blooded Crimson Dragon; hence, the abundant fire element was not only useless to Lin Li, but also posed a great hindrance.

Perhaps this gave the Crimson Dragon the home base advantage; however, Lin Li had an advantage as well. He was able to fly around as he pleased, while the Crimson Dragon was like a dog chained in the yard, unable to do anything about the children throwing stones at it because it was limited by the length of the chain.

Only, this Crimson Dragon could do more than just gross others out by spitting—it could actually kill with it. Even though Lin Li had Legendary powers now, his s.h.i.+eld could not hold up for longer than a few seconds in the face of the Crimson Dragon's fiery breath. The only thing Lin Li could do was to employ his honed Power of Flight to circle around the Crimson Dragon.

Abruptly halting, suddenly changing directions… Lin Li's movements were not graceful. In fact, he looked clumsy as he dodged the fatal dragon's breath time and time again only in the nick of time. Despite that, the spells he cast while dodging the Crimson Dragon's attacks would always. .h.i.t the Crimson Dragon without fail. Unfortunately, the Crimson Dragon was too resistant to the impact of spells; thus, none of them seemed to have any effect on it.

The explosion of spells and the Crimson Dragon's howls rang in the cave as the situation became tense. n.o.body could say for sure how long this tense situation could last, since it seemed like Lin Li might be engulfed by the dragon's breath at any time as he weaved around in the air.

Then, the Crimson Dragon on the black stone platform at the bottom seemed to have started breathing fire. Well, anyone would be annoyed to the point of breathing fire if there was a fly that wouldn't stop flying around them.


The slow flowing lava surrounding the black stone platform turned boiling hot following the roar of the dragon, and the temperature in the cave began rising. The yellow lava turned blinding silver so quickly that the change was visible to the naked eye; it was a sign that the temperature was reaching an extreme.

Flame Domain!

The Crimson Dragon threw its head back, roaring once again as the powerful magical wave spread out in all directions. The Flame Domain expanded in an instant and engulfed the whole cave. The network of tiny cracks on the glossy, mirror-like walls of the cave disappeared as the walls were melded together once again by the high temperatures.

The environment in the cave was already like a natural Flame Domain before; thus, when the Crimson Dragon's Flame Domain was unleashed in such circ.u.mstances, it would exponentially increase both in range and power.

The lava around the black stone platform continued churning like waves in an ocean as flying dragons formed with the silver lava flew into the sky, flapping their wings as they charged towards Lin Li. These lava dragons were at least level-15 each and their temperature was 1000 degrees Celsius. While one or two of them was nothing much, it was a sight to behold with hundreds of them appearing at once.

Lin Li was reminded of when he used Angels of Light and Dark to surround the Lord of Darkness back in the Throne of Darkness, except he was now the one being surrounded. The only thing that comforted him was the fact that these lava dragons were nowhere as beautiful as the Angels of Light and Dark that he had created.

Lin Li held his magic staff and swept it across in a circle in front of him with the magical crystal on the tip of it facing outwards. A dozen lava dragons that had been charging at him were immediately frozen and fell into the lava river by the side. However, the frozen lava dragons did not even completely submerge in the river before they were thawed by the high temperature and flew up again.

There was no absolute order in which the major elements that const.i.tuted the world of Anril triumphed over each other. The water element might dominate fire element, but it was also common for the fire element to oppress water element when it was at its peak. As a lava river flowed beneath the ground here, the density of fire element here was high, which allowed the Crimson Dragon's Flame Domain to become even more powerful.

“d.a.m.n it, this is its home base and I am unable to lure it away!” Lin Li said to himself angrily as he dodged the lava dragons. Fire element magic did not work on the Crimson Dragon, and now ice element magic was being suppressed as well that he could not even unleash his Frost Domain here. He wanted to lure the dragon away, yet it was chained here. Well, the dragon would have fled long ago if it could instead of working like a slave here.

As a descendant of the four Dragon Aspects, the Crimson Dragon was born possessing the Flame Domain. The Frost Domain used the basic Rule that const.i.tuted the world, and the flame element was the most violent and aggressive out of all the major elements. In comparison, Lin Li's Frost Domain was weaker, and on top of that, they were in an environment that could be considered a natural Flame Domain. In such circ.u.mstances, the Crimson Dragon that had been chained up for 1,000 years was likely comparable to level-24 in power.

“I already told you not to trifle with it; anyway, it won't be able to chase after you, so we should go back and think of something else.” Connoris was very worried even though he knew Lin Li could not be killed that easily. Still, they were facing an adult Crimson Dragon, and besides, it was far more dangerous here than in the Throne of Darkness.

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“Since it can't catch me, I'm going to see who gives up first! How is it so difficult to deal with even though it is chained up?!” Lin Li unleashed a Thousand Miles of Ice, which caused dozens of other lava dragons to drop from the sky.

“Shut up, you'll see.” Lin Li did not give any explanation as he stubbornly continued what he was doing.

While the Crimson Dragon was chained up, it still called the shots in the world of flames. Soon, the entire cave was covered in a layer of lava; it trickled down all the way from the ceiling to the cave walls, making it seem as though the entire cave was melting.

As the Light and the Darkness Rules depended on the Holy Light and the Gloomy Dark, and neither was a domain that Lin Li mastered, the dragon had to be lured out using the Frost Domain as a foundation to create a magical domain of Frost, Light, and Darkness. However, if he were to unleash his Frost Domain in this world of fire, he would be swarmed by lava dragons and lava cannonb.a.l.l.s even before the ice had solidified. His Frost Domain would be dissolved into nothing by the large amount of fire element in an instant.

Hence, Lin Li was not in a hurry to use his Magical Domain, and only used normal ice element magic to attack the restrained Crimson Dragon instead. Or perhaps it was more fitting to say that he was provoking the Crimson Dragon and causing it to use more fire element magic to attack him. While he seemed kind of clumsy trying to dodge all the fire element magic thrown at him by the Crimson Dragon, this was all part of his plan.

While the Crimson Dragon's magic seemed endless as its attacks chased Lin Li around in the air, Lin Li's Levitation Spell had already been similar to the effect of the Power of Flight even when he was still an Archmage. Now that he was truly a Legendary-mage, his Power of Flight was far more powerful than most other Legendary-mages'. He twisted and turned in the air and performed many difficult stunts, and the Crimson Dragon's magic that seemed to fill the air could not even touch the hems of his clothes.

With one flying in the air and the other shooting from the ground, the tense situation lasted two days just like that. Perhaps the Crimson Dragon was tired of such a boring game of shooting, but the frequency at which it shot at Lin Li finally started to decrease.

Lin Li detected this with his accurate senses, and inwardly shouted, Here's my chance! He suddenly dived and flew towards the Crimson Dragon, holding out his magic staff as the magical crystal glowed brightly. Meanwhile, he chanted an incredibly condensed form of a chant quickly in a sharp voice. “Thousand Miles of Ice, Thousand Miles of Ice…”

In less than a minute, Lin Li released over 100 Thousand Miles of Ice consecutively using his almost limitless mental strength and insane way of condensing chants. While a single Thousand Miles of Ice was nothing to the Crimson Dragon, over 100 of them stacked together brought about such a sharp decrease in temperature that its Flame Domain fell apart in an instant.

The sudden drop in temperature caused the slowly flowing golden lava to cease and turn into black igneous rocks. Not only did the cave lose its heat, but the solidifying of the lava and the flames being extinguished also caused the cave to plunge into darkness.

As the Wyrm was incredibly hardy, the bite of mana did not cause much harm to it, but the damage caused by the destruction of its Magical Domain was something that even a Wyrm could not take. As the Flame Domain was destroyed, the Crimson Dragon whimpered, and the chains on its fleshy wings rattled sadly.

Lin Li was aware that this would not last long, as only the lava's surface was hardened. The fire element would soon regain its position as the dominant element, and given the Crimson Dragon's ability, it would only need a short while to recover from the damage. However, even an instant was enough as the Magical Domain of Frost, Light, and Darkness spread out immediately, looming over the Crimson Dragon as it did so.

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