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Chapter 492 - Secret Chamber

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Chapter 492: Secret Chamber

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Lin Li glanced at the man before him. Could his present state be a result of Prophet Willen's purification? If Rodhart had lost the power he had with the purification, Lin Li would be able to use his Holy Light on Rodhart.

No matter what, he still could not determine if Rodhart was dead or all alive. Since he had the Holy Light, Lin Li knew that his journey to this palace shouldn't be a wasted trip. Lin Li stood there and cautioned himself against Rodhart while letting his Warlock's Eyes survey the entire palace.

The scenes the Warlock's Eyes travelled to see were reflected in Lin Li's eyes. Lin Li couldn't help but feel happy that he didn't escape in fear of Rodhart. The entire palace was a treasury! It seemed that he had made a wise decision in dismissing Hutton. As compared to this place, Vanskore's treasury was nothing.

Apart from jewelry and all sorts of magical materials, there were also high-quality and delicate weapons and magical equipment. Lin Li could not help but secretly jump in joy. The latter would save him a lot of effort!

What made Lin Li feel really excited was the different magical books, as well as huge piles of spells written in the High Elves' script that he saw through the Warlock's Eyes. Despite being a knowledgeable Legendary-mage, more than half of those spells were something he had not encountered before.

If he did not guess wrongly, there would be a huge portion of them that had been lost to the mainland of Anril with the pa.s.sing of time. This made them incomparable to the jewelry and equipment. He would be able to make all the mages in Anril crazy if he were to use any of the lost spells.

Lin Li subconsciously opened his mouth and started drooling excessively. The Warlock's Eyes was also known as the third eye mages owned. It was purely constructed from mana, and could travel anywhere within the reach of Lin Li's magical elements. However, there was something blocking the Warlock's Eyes now. Could it be that there was a place even his magical elements could not enter?

Lin Li composed himself, and decided to venture to that place personally. He was very curious about the thing that could obstruct his magical elements. After confirming that there were no signs of Rodhart awakening, he brought the two Undead followers towards a secret chamber in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

There was no reason to stay here. If Rodhart woke up, Ujfalusi and Norfeller would not have the ability to deal with him at all. Hence, Lin Li could only bring them along with him, and if Rodhart were to wake up, he would accept his misfortune.

Lin Li walked past the tall platform that was built with bones, and led the other two through the side entrance behind it. After pa.s.sing through a considerably short corridor, they found themselves in a room. If the structure of the palace was like a common palace's, the room should be for guests to rest in, which meant it was just a normal room.

There was a tall bookshelf by the wall. Apart from magic books, there were also many biographies written in the High Elves's language. Lin Li found the hidden levers very quickly with the help of the Warlock's Eyes. He walked towards one of the thicker books and gave it a hard push. What followed a noisy sound of some mechanism was the opening of a secret door below the table in the room, revealing a pa.s.sageway leading down.

They saw a wall at the end of the pa.s.sageway when they walked along the path. There were no more doors or hidden levers. It was as though they had encountered a dead end. If not for Lin Li's Warlock's Eyes' lack of ability to pa.s.s through it, Lin Li would have thought that there wasn't anything behind that wall.

“Master, should we blast this wall to pieces?” Ujfalusi asked.

“Yes,” said Lin Li as he nodded. Yet, after giving the wall a closer look, he waved a hand to stop Ujfalusi who was about to cast his spell. “Wait, there's no point. It is a Magic-resistant Gem.”

There were many dim-colored gems etched on that wall. People who were unaware of it might have thought that those were some common stones due to their grayish hue. However, Lin Li was very sure that these dark gray stones were authentic gems.

The function of the Magic-resistant Gem could be inferred from its name. It had a strong resistance to magical elements, and each one of them was as good as an Elemental s.h.i.+eld. With the help of inscription, the gems were arranged according to the magic-resistant mageweaths. For each additional Magic-resistant Gem used, the resistance to magic would be raised severalfold. When hundreds of such gems were inlaid into the same wall, the power would be as strong as 1,000 Elemental s.h.i.+elds. Not to mention a Lich like Ujfalusi who was as powerful as an Archmage, even a Legendary-mage like Lin Li himself or a powerhouse from the Sanctuary-realm would have to sigh when they were faced with such a wall.

Lin Li could not help but lament Osric's wealth. It was no wonder that he was overthrown as the ruler of the Felan Kingdom. How many acts of extortion did it take for Osric to acc.u.mulate such wealth? Each of the Magic-resistant Gems was worth up to a million gold coins, and they were rare on the market. Anyone who was not working in the magic industry would definitely want to hide the Magic-resistant Gem if they were to find one. It would act like an Elemental s.h.i.+eld for them against mages.

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It would be a total nightmare to a mage if a Warrior were to possess any equipment that had a Magic-resistant Gem. The magic that the mage prided himself on would not be able to harm even a hair on the Warrior, giving the Warrior full confidence to launch all of his attacks against the arrogant mage.

Osric might not be as well-versed as Lin Li across the different occupations, but he was the great leader of the High Elves. How could he be unable to find any inscription talents?

“Connoris, can you tell what's happening on this wall?” Lin Li asked Connoris casually.

“Nope. In fact, the design looks rather aesthetic. Are you thinking too much? What if these are just beautiful patterns?” Connoris sounded guilty when he said that. Frankly speaking, he knew that Osric was not a man who pursued luxury. Hence, he had to have his reasons for arranging the mageweaths in such a manner.

If these were mere decoration, it would be a waste to use so many Magic-resistant Gems on the wall. Lin Li shook his head, and did not blame Connoris for his lack of knowledge. After all, he did not expect there to be a legitimate answer. But, that reminded him of the purported mageweath arrays that people discovered on the four Alchemy Colossuses. Lin Li thought that it might be the Alchemy Array on the four figures instead as it was something that could provide the Alchemy Colossuses with a source of energy.

Lin Li knew that despite being an ancient deity, it was impossible for Connoris to be an expert in everything. He was content with the information he had acquired.

The source of mana would make sense if it was the Alchemy Array, yet when Lin Li tried to look at all the patterns in detail, he gradually frowned. Even though he had never seen a real Alchemy Array, his knowledge in the basic theory behind it was really solid. However, the patterns before his eyes were very different. He wasn't able to form any connections between them and the theories.

It would be useless trash even if it was an alchemy array on the wall. If Lin Li were any common man who considered that, he would be finding ways to acquire these gems. However, Lin Li subconsciously felt that even if there was no sign of energy in the seemingly harmless wall, it might not be appropriate for him to act so recklessly.

Lin Li lowered his head and closed his eyes gently. Although he stopped looking at the patterns on the wall, he put his fingers on the bridge of his nose, deep in thought. He didn't believe that Osric would leave behind a useless pattern on the wall. If it was neither a mageweath array nor an alchemy array, what could it be?

Apart from the sound of Lin Li's breathing, the entire secret chamber was filled with silence. While the two Undead creatures never dared to disturb the thought process of their master, Connoris, who felt guilty, similarly did not want to make any noise in Lin Li's mind.

Lin Li organized the information he'd gathered about the underground palace. In fact, there wasn't any mention of the underground palace in the diary Gerian told him about. The parts about how there had been valuable objects and important construction works being conducted in the place were mere guesses. Not only did it seem that there might not be any useful information from the diary, Lin Li felt that the author of the diary was unsure if Osric was building an underground palace or it was only a one-time transportation of goods. Although the place was the Breezy Plains, the Dragon Mountains weren't named in the diary. Hence, Lin Li did not have high hopes about gaining any information about the interior of the palace.

He knew that if he couldn't verify the information Gerian told him, it would be a waste of time to delve into the matter. After all, there were too many legends that circulated over thousands of years. There were people who tried to verify those tales arduously, but were turned into fools by the others. Gradually, no one cared about such stories anymore.

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