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Chapter 475 - A Bit of Trouble

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Chapter 475: A Bit of Trouble

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Average humans would never be able to understand the thinking of Legendary powerhouses. Even if the three elders had great authority in the Malfa Family, such as impeaching the patriarch, all of their power would be meaningless before a Legendary powerhouse. Any slightest mistake would render them eternally doomed.

The atmosphere in the study turned solemn. The three elders who were there to condemn the patriarch cowered at a side, not daring to breathe in too much air…

“The alliance Hutton formed in the Blackstone Mountains was approved by me. We are not going to talk about it anymore…” Cheyenne was extremely calm when he said that, just as though he was not talking about an alliance that would affect the family's survival, but about a burnt bread they had for breakfast.

“Noted.” The three elders agreed to Cheyenne's calmly spoken words without further ado.

“Alright, Sorenson. Let me look at the letter Tower of Dusk sent us.” After helping Sorenson out of his difficult situation with a few words, Cheyenne requested for the letter of a.s.sistance from the Tower of Dusk.

The letter was not long. It only had a hundred words. In fact, if Beckley did not try to make the content more fancy, the length of the letter would be even shorter…

Cheyenne finished reading the letter very quickly. Then, a rare smile appeared on that cold marbled face.

“Hehe, this President Felic is very interesting…”

“Mentor…” Hutton gasped. He wanted to help to speak for President Felic. Hutton had read the contents of the letter. Although the word choice was nuanced and full of euphemism, the aggression and coercion within it was obvious. How could the wise and clever mentor not understand the real meaning behind those words?

The letter was a risk for great trouble. How would any Legendary powerhouse be able to tolerate such coercion? Their pride reached deep into their bones…

“It's alright…” Cheyenne shook his head smilingly, and unlike what Hutton expected, he had zero rage in his expression. “Having stepped into the Legendary-realm at the age of 20, it is only normal for President Felic to have such a temperament… Don't worry, I will not object to the alliance between the Malfa Family and the Tower of Dusk just because of how the letter is written. To reject such a formidable ally just because of that would be an impulsive act that could only happen between you youngsters. I'm far from that impulsive age…”

When he was speaking, Cheyenne's smile carried an unabashed sense of compliment. No one knew if he appreciated the potential of that young President or was impressed with how overbearing the letter was.

“Alright, we will let Hutton be in charge of the a.s.sistance we provide to the Tower of Dusk. Hutton, I will let you decide on the date and manpower.”

“Alright, Mentor.”

“Brother…” Gromm turned anxious upon seeing how that decision was going to be fixed. “I beg your pardon. We are not even clear about the background of the Tower of Dusk. How could we bet the future of the Malfa Family on them? Why don't we postpone the decision? We can wait till they settle their scores with the Syer Bandits. They will have to succeed to earn the right to form this alliance with the Malfa Family…”

“Right? Haha…” All Cheyenne did was smile. Yet, that smile instilled a sense of terror in Gromm. “Gromm, I think that you are becoming more and more muddle-headed as you age…”

“W-wha… What…?” Gromm was stupefied by Cheyenne's response.

“Did you not hear what I said? The President of the guild of magic you were referring to is a Legendary-mage at the age of 20. Do you know what it entails? This means that it is fated for him to enter the Sanctuary-realm in his lifespan… That's the Sanctuary-realm, an invincible realm that even I have fear for. Did you not realize what it would mean for the future of the family if we were to offend a young Legendary-mage with great potential?”

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“I-I… I only suggested to postpone the agreement to observe them, and did not have the intention to offend…”

“Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, the Syer Bandits, attacked Black Clouds Town while we were away from the Tower of Dusk. I heard that they dug something out from the church, and had harmed many villagers. Even Old Salatt…” Gerian scoffed with anger. Even the flesh on his plump face trembled with rage. Gerian looked as though he had a strong urge to burn the bandits into cinders.

In fact, Gerian did not know much about the situation. He only heard it from Beckley. After giving Gerian some time to cool down, Lin Li again asked, “Wasn't Syer left with a few fishes? I've gotten rid of Vanskore and his 300 men in the Blackstone Mountains. What took you so long?”

“What could we do about it? We have beaten that group of scoundrels up the moment we entered Dragon Mountains. The weird thing is, when we were about to burn their nest down, it was as though these fellas had consumed something indigestible. They became more aggressive than usual. Our 100 mages battled them over the span of a few consecutive days, but failed to make any progress. The most absurd thing was, their team suddenly had 10 level-18 Archmages. G.o.ddammit, if I had not reacted fast enough, we would have lost,” Gerian complained with a sense of injustice.

“What, 10 level-18 Archmages?” Lin Li jumped. He felt bad for letting Gerian and the team suffer such a long deadlock with the bandits. The powers of 10 level-18 Archmages would not be weaker than any common guild of magic's.

“Yeah, and they are all unfamiliar faces. I presume there are other forces in it as well,” said Gerian angrily.

“Other forces…” Lin Li could not understand the link within. The leader of the Syer Bandits, Vanskore, as well as the 300 elites had died long ago. Although the Tower of Dusk had just been established, anyone could see the potential it had. It was like a rising star in the Breezy Plains. Lin Li could not think of any force that had their head slammed on by the door hard enough to a.s.sist a organization that had bad reputation and risk enmity with the Tower of Dusk.

“I suspect there to be a cave.” Gerian shared his guess.

“Cave?” Lin Li asked doubtfully.

“Forget it, let's not talk about that first…” Gerian said as he took a seat. “Things were still going quite smooth at the beginning. Thanks to you, we located the darn nest of this bunch of rascals easily. It is no wonder that the troops of the castellan of Roland City always fail to eliminate them. Look at this unlucky place that they chose.”

Lin Li looked where Gerian was pointing his finger. There was a newly drawn map on the table that was placed in the middle of the tent. The map was rough, and only had a few territories drawn on it. It was mainly the region where the nest of the Syer Bandits was located, as well as the surrounding areas.

“Look at this part…” Gerian stood up and gestured Lin Li over. He pointed on the map with his short and stubby finger. “There is a canyon here, and we predict it is where their kennel is located. They have three lines of defense outside the canyon, which acts as a fortress for the organization. They actually have six ballistae and two catapults on the first line of defense here.”

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