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Chapter 474 - Difference

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Chapter 474: 474

“Alright, I will talk to Mentor Cheyenne . ”

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Just when Hutton was about to leave the study, he heard frantic footsteps . Then, Hutton saw three elders of the family entering the room in rage, as well as a panicking Hahn…

“Good morning, Elders . ” Hutton greeted the elders with courtesy as soon as he saw them . He had no other choice . Although he was appointed as the successor of the patriarch by the family, the three elders were biological brothers of Cheyenne . Their status and positions were not what Hutton could compare with . Not to mention Hutton, even the present patriarch, Sorenson, had to be very polite to them .

“Hmph…” The three angry old men scoffed as they saw Hutton . They showed zero basic courtesy as they walked past Hutton .

Hutton laughed awkwardly before leaving the study . He knew what brought the three elders here, but he had no intention to meddle in the situation . Hutton had the confidence that his father Sorenson would have the ability to resolve the situation . Yet, he could not help but feel secretly affected .  Are they not afraid to damage their old health by being so angry…?

“What brings the three elders here? Come, quickly have a seat…” Sorenson stood up in shock . He politely invited them to sit down .

“Hmph! If us three old men would not come, were you plotting to sell out the Malfa Family with your son?” That was the chief elder, Gromm Malfa . He had been a.s.sisting Cheyenne when he was still the patriarch of the Malfa Family .

It was only 20 years ago when Cheyenne finally got a glimpse of the Legendary-realm, and decided to pa.s.s the patriarch's position to Sorenson . He chose to explore the entire Anril World alone and finally entered the dream realm of all mages . As the right-hand man of Cheyenne, Gromm naturally became the chief elder of the family .

Gromm had always put in his best in all of the family's matters, and the present patriarch Sorenson also showed a lot of respect for the chief elder . As the young Hutton grew up to be a man of great potential, the Malfa Family also managed to maintain their status against the Dark Blade . It could be said that a great part of Malfa's achievement could be credited to the three elders .

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“Elder Gromm, w-why… why do you say that? After I took over as the patriarch, I have always been prioritizing the family's interests . How could you say that I am selling the family out?” Sorenson was dismayed by Gromm's remarks despite all the respect for him .

After that, a sense of regret hit Gromm . He felt that he had been too direct with his words . Since Sorenson became the patriarch, he had been working very hard for the family . Although he did not have too much significance in the rise of the family, his efforts were great . Yet, that sense of guilt was quickly replaced by anger .

“Always prioritizing the family's interests? If not for Harvey, we three would be kept in the dark about your plans . How could you and Hutton want to send the family's elites to a.s.sist that Tower of Dusk? What's the Tower of Dusk? Is it even in the Breezy Plains? Could your a.s.sistance bring the family gold coins or territory? Stop joking, Sorenson . That is just a force that has been established half a year ago . They only have a dozen men including their President . I presume they wouldn't even be able to pay our travel fees if we were to go there…”

“Elder Gromm, please hear me out… This time, when Hutton went to the Blackstone Mountains—”

“Stop mentioning Hutton!” The elder snapped upon hearing the name . His fury was on the verge of burning down the study . “The three of us were always in approval of your decision to appoint Hutton as the heir of the family for his careful and thoughtful att.i.tude . But, this time, he really disappointed us . How could he make such a ridiculous decision without us?”

“Elder Gromm…”

“Alright, Sorenson . I will be straightforward with you . Hutton's decision is too absurd . We do not believe that it could be a decision made by the future patriarch of the Malfa Family . As for the reason behind it, we cannot help but suspect there to be a shady deal going on between Hutton and the Tower of Dusk . And you, Sorenson… since you are Hutton's father, I presume that you should know it very well . Hence, our intention in visiting you today is to request that you temporarily step down from the position of the family's patriarch . The three of us will take over the management and hand the seat of the patriarch to a more suitable person . ”

“Elder Gromm, you… you must be joking… That's right, the elders of the family have the power to impeach the patriarch, but it must be during a critical phase . Do you think the people in the Malfa Family would agree that I step out of my seat over an undecided matter?”

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Sorenson could not help but feel a sense of injustice when he talked to Gromm . Although he'd expected that the visit from the three elders would not end well, he had not expected that things would be as serious as to reach an impeachment . The power of the Malfa Family had always been shared between the patriarch and the three elders . It was a rule that continued for centuries . There wasn't any instance where a party would try to overturn the other . The elders rarely tried to impeach the patriarch in the past hundreds of years . When it happened, it would really mean no turning back for both parties .

The three elders did not dare to start speaking before Cheyenne . Sorenson stayed in his place and did nothing to greet Cheyenne . At once, the atmosphere in the study became extremely stale .

“Sorenson, I heard that you are intending to betray the Malfa Family?”

“No, Father . As the descendant of the Malfa, I would never betray the family . ”

“Alright . ” Cheyenne nodded . No one could tell what was on his mind through his expression . This Legendary-mage gently put down the magic staff he always had with him . Then, he asked something that terrified the three elders . “Does that mean that Gromm and the others are spreading false rumors?”

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“B-Big Brother… We… We did not spread any rumors!”

“Alright . ” Cheyenne nodded again before glancing at the three elders once more . “Why don't the three of you explain why Sorenson wants to betray the Malfa Family?”

“It is like this, Big Brother…” Gromm spoke as he suppressed the terror within him . He told Cheyenne about the Tower of Dusk's request for Malfa's a.s.sistance . He took 10 minutes to finish his speech . Only after finis.h.i.+ng the story did he add his piece in self-defense . “Big Brother, the rule was set by the ancestors . The three of us did not want to make things difficult for Sorenson . Why should the Malfa Family form an alliance with the Tower of Dusk when they have been established half a year ago? They only have a dozen of people, including their President! Look, Brother, this might agitate you, but I'm still going to say it: Hutton and Sorenson have already damaged the interests of the Malfa Family!”

After struggling to finish his piece, Gromm felt that his back was wet with cold sweat . He could not help it . There was simply too much stress involved when he faced Cheyenne . So what if they were brothers by blood? Not to mention the dignity he had built as he took charge of the family over the years, his ability as a Legendary-mage alone was enough to instill fear in his brothers . It was fate that prevented his brothers from communicating with him like natural brothers .

Once a person entered the Legendary-realm, he would not be treated like a mortal . That realm was close to the divine . It did not matter if Cheyenne was the former patriarch of the family . The distance between a Legendary-mage and mortals could be compared to that between the sky and the ground . To some extent, he was void of emotions of normal humans . That was evident from how he treated Hutton . Despite being his grandson by blood, Cheyenne banned Hutton from calling him “grandfather” . Hutton had always addressed him as “mentor”…

This was the difference between Legendary powerhouses and mortals…

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