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Chapter 473 - Discussion

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Chapter 473: 473

The rise of the Malfa Family in Aminya only took place in the recent two or three decades . Although they had been involved in all kinds of underground businesses, they had maintained a good relations.h.i.+p with all the other forces except the Dark Blade . They couldn't help it . Ever since the two forces had their eyes on Aminya's land, the direct clash of their interests made them unable to see eye to eye with each other .

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Apart from that, other forces, such as a big shot like the Glittergold Trade Union, or the criminal organization Syer Bandits, would have a good relations.h.i.+p with the Malfa Family .

To some extent, this was the real reason behind the rise of the family . Before they managed to rise above everyone else, they experienced intense battles and had enemies everywhere . Similar to the Dark Age, the reign of a powerful force like the High Elves meant enough authority to enslave all the other races, and ma.s.sacres were commonplace . Yet, the conclusion was the fall of the entire race, and even the uprooting of the Tree of Eternity…

The Malfa Family was not High Elves, and had yet to offend the Tower of Dusk . The Tower of Dusk was fated to rise to power, and even the big shot like the Glittergold Trade Union would not have dared to offend them . That reason was: no one knew when their hard work they had taken years to achieve would get destroyed by a Sanctuary powerhouse after many years…

Furthermore, Mage Beckley had given himself an opportunity…

“Alright, Mage Beckley . You have traveled a long way from the Tower of Dusk to Aminya, and have to be feeling rather tired . Why don't I let my servants bring you to the guest rooms? As for Mage Felic's requests, I will give you a reply as soon as I discuss it with my father . ”

“No need for that trouble . Sir Hutton, most of the mages from the Tower of Dusk are having a battle in the Dragon Mountains now . I have to rush back to help rebuild the Black Clouds Town,” said Beckley as he glanced at Hutton . “This is Mage Felic's instructions…”

“I see… I won't insist, then…” Knowing that it was Lin Li's orders, Hutton did not try to hold Beckley back . “As for President Felic's request, I will give you a reply right after discussing it with my father,” Hutton said pa.s.sionately as he showed Beckley to the door .

“What, the Tower of Dusk had sent their people here? d.a.m.n it! If that lucky fella was still here, I would…” Harvey scoffed under his breath . He got furious after hearing the news of the visit from the servants when he was returning home . The encounter he had in the Blackstone Mountains was the biggest humiliation he had received in his entire life .

Harvey had heard from his father that the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who had insulted him was the President of some guild of magic . His intention in rus.h.i.+ng back today was to humiliate that messenger from that guild of magic to vent his anger . He had not expected him to be clever enough to have fled before his return…

At the same time, Harvey heard a piece of good news .

“Haha! That guild of magic was humiliated by the Syer Bandits?” Harvey snorted happily .

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Unfortunately, before he could express all his joy, he heard another bad news . “What? That guild of magic wants the Malfa Family to help them eliminate the Syer Bandits? Are they not awake? What are they to make such a request?!”

“Brother, Brother…” Harvey found Hutton in a hurry . He wanted to clarify the news he had heard .

“That's right,” Hutton ascertained Harvey's doubts . “I'm about to discuss this with father . ”

“Oh, G.o.d…” Harvey exclaimed in exasperation . “I say, Brother, are you having a fever? The guild of magic and the Malfa Family are two different ent.i.ties . Now that their guild has been humiliated by the Syer Bandits, why should we help to back them up? Anyway, Brother, do not forget that we have been doing a lot of business with the Syer Bandits over the recent years . What benefits would it bring if we help that guild of magic eliminate them?”

“Benefits? Not offending the guild is a benefit by itself…” Hutton replied after sizing Harvey up . He shook his head helplessly .

Hutton did not know if his father had made a good decision by appointing him as the heir of the family . Although this prevented the two brothers from turning against each other due to compet.i.tion for the position of the next patriarch, it turned this brother who was just a few years younger into a completely useless blockhead . He had not been doing anything meaningful, and had always been abusing his authority as a member of the Malfa Family . Things would still be fine if he did them in Aminya City as the family would generally have the power to wipe his b.u.t.tocks for him .

However, the problem now was that the trouble had been created in the Blackstone Mountains… No one knew what was wrong with that dude to have the guts to offend that young President…

The thought of this created fear in Hutton…

President Felic was not somebody Harvey could offend . Even a person like Stephen, an Archmage in his 20s, and the only heir of the Dark Blade, failed to escape retaliation from that young President despite having the backing of a few Legendary powerhouses .

Hutton really felt that it was a miracle for Harvey to still be alive!


“Alright, Harvey . We can talk more about it after I come back . I'm going to Father's study now . Are you keen on joining me?”

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“Erm… Forget it…” Harvey's expression changed upon the mention of his father's study . He was not afraid of the study, but of his grandfather, Cheyenne, who would be present in the room as well . He was not to be trifled with . To Harvey, this old man who personally taught his brother was the scariest existence on earth . He could feel his blood freezing every time he stood before him .

“Sigh…” Hutton shook his head as he watched Harvey leave . He proceeded to head towards the study with the letter in his pocket .

Sorenson Malfa was in his 40s . As the patriarch of a mighty organization, it was supposed to be the prime of his life . But, he suddenly felt that he had aged…

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His eldest son had always been nurtured as the next patriarch of the family . To prevent the brothers from fighting over the position, Sorenson even made a sacrifice by letting his youngest son turn into a real blockhead . These years, Sorenson had been watching Hutton's actions . He was glad that Hutton did not fall behind his expectations . Hutton's magical abilities were outstanding among the other mages of his same age . In fact, Hutton was a son whom even Cheyenne complimented smilingly despite being a man who was hard to please . Cheyenne said that Hutton had great potential and would have a chance to reach the Legendary-realm by the age of 50 as long as he did not go astray .

“This can't be… It is absolutely impossible . Not to mention the Breezy Plains, I'm certain that there was never a 20 years old Legendary-mage in Anril before . The G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, was only a Magic Shooter when he was 20 years old . How could this Felic…”

“This is the reality…” Hutton rubbed the end of his brows in frustration . In fact, he had expected his father's response . Who would believe that there would be a Legendary-mage who was only 20 years old? The news was as absurd as a man getting pregnant . Yet, Hutton knew how true everything was . This incredibly young President had broken through to the Legendary-realm before his very own eyes, and had used an impregnable Magical Domain to get rid of the terrible Lord of Darkness of Anril .

Although it had been some time since it happened, to Hutton, every detail was undoubtedly clear .

“Oh, yes . The relics in our ancestor's will had been acquired by President Felic…”

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If Sorenson was only in a state of disbelief before this, then this patriarch of the Malfa Family was really petrified now…

Despite not knowing what the several relics in the ancestor' will were, Sorenson had always believed that they had invincible powers . It was a fact that the ancestor was an existence in the Sanctuary-realm . How could the relics be something that could be described in simple terms?

“The three relics left behind by the G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, were namely the Book of Eternity, the magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant, as well as the key to the Sky Castle… Haha, what Geresco gave us was the pathway to become a G.o.d… Unfortunately, I did not have this luck…”

Sorenson could feel his heart being struck by an unknown object every time Hutton mentioned one relic . He was leaning against his chair with a pallid face by the time Hutton told him about these three relics .

Although Sorenson's potential was limited, and he did not have much achievement in the magical domain, his abilities as a level-15 Archmage and lessons from his father who was a Legendary-mage gave him sufficient knowledge of the significance behind the three relics . That was indeed the path to heaven . Just the Book of Eternity itself was said to be the strongest weapon of Geresco, and had the ability to destroy the world . Compared to the book, the Evil Eye Tyrant's crystal was scarier . The possession of it could allow any fool to get close to the Legendary-realm . As for the key to the Sky Castle, it was an item that only appeared in the legends of Anril . The seven Sky Castles were what the High Elves used as impregnable fortresses when they ruled over Anril…

And now, the three relics were all in that Felic's hands…

This means that one should never describe the guild of magic as represented by Felic as simply a new force .

Furthermore, according to the information the family had gathered from all over using their connections, it was a fact that this President Felic was on incredibly good terms with many strong forces . When he was taking over as President, the guest list of the ceremony included not only the shareholder of the Glittergold Trade Union, but also the Archbishop of the Brilliance Shrine and the High Priest of the Darkness Shrine…

“Alright, I understand it now . I will convince the elders of the family…” Sorenson replied solemnly as he placed the letter down slowly . It was as though the letter was not a thin sheet of paper, but a boulder that weighed a thousand kilograms .

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