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Chapter 472 - An Opportunity

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Chapter 472: 472

“Oh?” Hutton's expression turned serious as he looked at Beckley more cautiously . “You're from the Tower of Dusk?”

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“Yes . ”

Hutton gave Beckley a look . There indeed was the Guild of Magic's unique crest on the black robes, and from this, it seemed that this messenger was not an impostor . Since the fact that the Malfa Family and the Tower of Dusk were allies had not been made known to the public yet, the only ones who would know this secret beside himself were the people of the Tower of Dusk .

But if President Felic sent a messenger now, could it be that there were problems on the Tower of Dusk's side?

Hutton was secretly pondering this question, but he did not realize that the two guards had taken notice of his expression and completely misunderstood it . They thought that Hutton was getting annoyed, and that the Guild of Magic called Tower of Dusk was most probably just another force trying to get the Malfa Family's help . Having worked in the Malfa Family for over a decade, they had seen their fair share of such situations, and already knew how to handle it without Hutton having to give orders .

“Alright, alright, whosoever you are, just leave the letter and go . Young Master Hutton will look at it some time later . ”

Well, Hutton was to blame for being too deep in thought . When he realized what was going on, he was too late . The two guards had already flanked Beckley and escorted him out…

“b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l…” Hutton felt his mind go blank, and thought he really might be better off dead…

d.a.m.n it . I've gotten myself into hot water now…

Hutton looked up in a daze, and saw the two guards who looked incredibly proud of themselves, as though waiting to be praised . He really did not know whether he should burst out in laughter or tears…

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But above it all, he really wanted to break open their skulls to see if there was anything inside their heads . Did they know who that Felic of the Tower of Dusk was? d.a.m.n it, he was a 20 years old Legendary-mage, and had just gotten hold of three of Geresco's relics . He was sure to enter the Sanctuary-realm in his lifetime! No other force in the Breezy Plains would dare to offend such a lunatic, much less the Malfa Family…

Besides, Hutton knew what kind of att.i.tude this young president had towards him after interacting with him in the Blackstone Mountains . The Dark Blade was powerful, huh? Stephen had an incredibly strong backing, right? But just because they had injured a few of the Tower of Dusk's mages, they had lost about 10 Archmages . He did not even know whether Stephen was alive…

If Beckley were to tell on them when he got back, who would be able to deal with the consequences? This was not something that could be solved with some bickering or a few fights . Given the personality of President Felic, he would most likely laugh it off but silently take note of this . When he got an opportunity, he would make sure that the Malfa Family would never be able to make a comeback . What was worse was that he definitely had the means to make sure this happened…

Hutton could not help turning pale when he heard this, and did not even bother to deal with the two idiots . Instead, he rushed to Beckley's side and helped him up just as he was about to fall . “Are you alright, Mage Beckley?”

“I'm… I'm fine . ” Beckley finally regained his balance, only to realize that the person who had helped him up was the young master of the Malfa Family, the genius mage who was said to inherit the entire Malfa Family in the future . He could not help but forget his anger as he was pleasantly surprised, and quickly thanked him . “Thank… Thank you . ”

“You're too kind, Mage Beckley . Since you're a messenger from the Tower of Dusk, then you are an honored guest of the Malfa Family . It was a small misunderstanding earlier, I hope you won't take it to heart . ” Hutton smiled as he quickly soothed Beckley before waving over a few men . “These two gentlemen are no longer fit to be guards, take them away and settle it . ”

“Roger . ”

A few Warriors of at least level-15 charged over on Hutton's orders and dragged the shocked guards away…

“This…” Cries for help came from a distance, and Beckley would have to be a fool not to know that this would not end well for the two guards . His expression froze . This Young Master Hutton's att.i.tude was somewhat unlike what he had expected…

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Beckley walked with cautious steps as his head was filled with questions . He followed Hutton into the study, and was served tea and snacks while he exchanged greetings with Hutton before Hutton finally coughed dryly . “Say, mage Beckley, I wonder why President Felic sent you?”

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“You see, Young Master Hutton…” Beckley retrieved the letter he had written on behalf of Lin Li from his pocket before presenting it to Hutton while he briefed Hutton on the situation at the Tower of Dusk .

This was indeed President Felic's way of doing things . On the surface, he was low-key and mild, but only those who had interacted with him would know that this person was beyond arrogant . He had sent a letter over, and while he appeared to be friendly, the only thing the letter was trying to say was that the Malfa Family could either choose to be closely related to the Tower of Dusk, or they could choose not to have anything to do with the Tower of Dusk at all… Wait, Hutton suddenly remembered something, the handwriting was off…

d.a.m.n it, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d can't even write his own letters!

But still, none of that anger could be seen on Hutton's face . On the contrary, there was no anger on Hutton's face at all—all he did was smile even more widely at Beckley…

Well, that was how things were now .

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The Malfa Family and the Dark Blade had been feuding for the past century or so, and even Cheyenne, who had entered the Legendary-realm, could not lead the Malfa Family out of this predicament . Only during Hutton's time did an opportunity present itself in the form of the newly set up Tower of Dusk .

After experiencing the journey into the Abyss of Tharlen and seeing how the young President had pulled off a miracle after miracle did Hutton regret his decision back then . The biggest mistake of his life was convincing Vanskore to set up an ambush in the Scar of Death .

He had had to put in 100 times more effort to make up for that wrong decision, and only when they left the Abyss of Tharlen and the Blackstone Mountains did his effort result in a small payoff . The young President finally decided to make the Malfa Family an ally, but Hutton knew that this relations.h.i.+p was incredibly fragile, and a small mistake could render it moot .

When that happened, he would surely face more trouble than he had in the Blackstone Mountains . That young President of the Guild of Magic was definitely a paranoid man, one who would not hesitate to strike first if he felt threatened . He was the kind who would deal a fatal blow that'd ensure that the threat never had the chance to surface before it was completely wiped out . The only reason he was still fine was because he had put in enough effort after the incident and was lucky…

He had to admit, he'd been incredibly lucky back in the Blackstone Mountains .

Stephen's timely appearance had diverted the young President's attention, and Hutton could not help but celebrate the fact . If not for Stephen's arrival, he would most likely have been the one to meet with Stephen's tragic fate…

Looking back at the letter, he saw that he was to send out 50 mages who were at least level-10 to help the Tower of Dusk in their quest to exterminate the Syer Bandits . It was a difficult feat for the Malfa Family indeed—50 mages of at least level-10 would make a decent troop anywhere, and it was a difficult task to send out a troop like that just because this young President gave the word . What if the Dark Blade suddenly struck? The Malfa Family would be in huge trouble…

But still, this was a rare opportunity for the Malfa Family to be tied closely to the Tower of Dusk—an opportunity for the Malfa Family to be set free of the Dark Blade!

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