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Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 470 - Return

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Chapter 470: 470

Connoris sent another segment of ancient demon language into Lin Li's consciousness, and said, “Because the Lord of Darkness has already been fused into the Dragon of Destruction's magical crystal, this Throne of Darkness has already lost its master . You can leave behind your own Soul Brand on the Throne of Darkness by using this demon language phrase and become the new master of the Throne of Darkness . As for those treasures, won't they belong to you?”

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“Is that so? I wouldn't be kept here forever, right?” Lin Li asked carefully .

“This Throne of Darkness is actually similar to the Eternal Furnace . They both float within a Crack of s.p.a.ce . As long as you find another Crack of s.p.a.ce outside, you can summon it whenever you like . ”

Hutton saw Lin Li steer the Humerus Wyrm to land and quickly brought the Magic Lamp over, saying, “President Felic, we have to find the Throne of Darkness next . I wonder if you have any suggestions?”

Lin Li took over the Magic Lamp, and smilingly said, “Don't be hasty, we can't leave immediately . ”

All of their experiences after entering the Abyss of Tharlen had allowed Lin Li, this young President of the Guild of Magic, to leave an impression in Hutton's mind that he was omnipotent . Achieving the Legendary-realm by 20 years of age, single-handedly defeating the Lord of Darkness left behind by the Dragon of Destruction, and s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g over the notorious Lord of Souls, Mephistos, while he was at it . From Hutton's point of view, this was no longer considered human . Only the word “demonic” could be used to describe this monstrous young president . Hutton was even unable to imagine whether there was anything in this world that this monster could not achieve…

Since this monster already had plans, then Hutton would naturally be at ease and patiently wait . After all, everything had already surpa.s.sed his imagination . Even if he wanted to worry, he did not have the ability .

Lin Li glanced at Hutton and did not do much . He just gently closed his eyes, and the ancient demonic runes that Connoris had sent in appeared in his consciousness . His lips moved, and obscure syllables escaped his mouth…

The magical elements in the surroundings started seething . The light and darkness of the countless stars in the void started superseding each other . The whole world was filled with a mysterious yet powerful energy .

All of a sudden, all of the stars dimmed . After that, they suddenly erupted with a brilliance that was 1000 times bigger than before . It was like the destruction of the world and the stars shattering . It was like thousands of suns had emitted light steadily all of a sudden . At that instant, Lin Li suddenly felt that he fused together with the Throne of Darkness . A shred of understanding appeared spontaneously in his mind .

“This is the power of the Lord of Darkness' domain…”

“That's right . This Throne of Darkness was originally made by the Dragon of Destruction for its own incarnation . There's even a portion of the Evilness and Darkness rules included inside . The Lord of Darkness just needs to be within the area of the domain, and its power would always be at its peak . Unfortunately, the Dragon of Destruction fell, and the domain got weaker day by day as it lost its source of power . If not, do you think you would have had any chance just now?” Even at this point, Connoris' voice still had a tinge of lingering fear .

It was only at this point that Connoris understood that he'd been wrong all along . This young mage was definitely not as gentle and harmless as he seemed . Only after this incident did Connoris find out that this fella was a true lunatic, because only lunatics would be so reckless .

Just look back at the situation previously . This fella was inside the Throne of Darkness . In front of him was the raging Lord of Darkness, while behind him, Mephistos was eagerly coming in for a backstab . What this fella thought about was not escaping, but how to kill of Mephistos and the Lord of Darkness at the same time . This, this… If this wasn't being a f*cking lunatic, then what was it?

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And he did it…

Just thinking about this, Connoris could not help but curse .

“The rules of Darkness?” At this point, Lin Li did not have time to care what Connoris was thinking about, because Lin Li had already fused his mental strength with the Throne of Darkness, leaving his own brand on this powerful domain that the Dragon of Destruction had created . From this point on, this powerful domain completely belonged to Lin Li .

Lin Li could control the powerful energy at will, and he could even fumble around the portion of the Rules of Darkness that was contained within the domain itself .

Although the Rules of Darkness contained within were incomplete, they were still miles apart when compared with Lin Li's Laws of Ice . It couldn't be helped . Even though the Ice Domain was formidable in his hands, in the end, it was still the most superficial and low-level use of Rules . There was absolutely no room for comparison when placed beside fundamental Rules like Light and Darkness .

Lin Li could even confirm that when he completely mastered the included Rules of Darkness, the Gloomy Dark in his hands would become an even more terrifying weapon…

“How's it, not too shabby, right? This is the Magical Domain that the Dragon of Destruction had created . The Rules of Darkness contained within are more complete than the mastery of any mage in this world . If you are to completely master these Rules of Darkness, you might be able to infuse them into your own Magical Domain too . ”

“No, no, no, I don't plan on fusing these Rules of Darkness into my own Magical Domain…” Lin Li shook his head, disapproving of what Connoris said .


“Power that belong to yourself is the best . I would never reach the peak of magic if I relied on engulfing and fusing . ” This time, Lin Li was not lying . Although fusing Magical Domains could bring powerful strength, it would also produce some very troublesome side effects . The worse ones could even cause Rule Disorder .

It was not that the more rules there were, the better the Magical Domain . Only one genuinely powerful rule was required, and it was enough to push the powers of the Magical Domain to the peak .

Lin Li did not understand these principles before, but after observing Geresco's battle through the s.p.a.cetime Beacon Spell, Lin Li slowly felt that he seemed to have discovered something .

“If that is the case…” After hearing what Lin Li said, Connoris did not continue convincing him . He just took a pause, and then again suggested, “I do have a plan that can allow you to execute this Magical Domain's power fully . ”

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“What is your idea?”

“Eternal Furnace . ”

“What you mean is… to fuse the Throne of Darkness into the Eternal Furnace?”

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“That's right . The current Eternal Furnace does not have much combat power other than the ancient dragon's magical crystal . If you are able to fuse the Throne of Darkness into it, it should be able to restore some of the Floating Castle's former glory . ”

“You will know about this later . Since you've pa.s.sed the test, then these three items will be pa.s.sed to you as arranged . ” Tutankhamun did not answer Lin Li's question, but gave him the three items that Geresco had left behind instead .

Lin Li was finally at ease . It seemed like he did not have to exchange anything . Since it was like this, there was no need to stand on ceremony . Lin Li impolitely pocketed the items with excitement .

“You still remember what we talked about, right?” Tutankhamun asked .

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Lin Li, who just kept the items, nodded his head, and said, “Yes, the issue about the Crack of s.p.a.ce . ”

This time, he also thought that these three items were not given for free . No matter how much he did not want to be a savior, there were some things that he had to do for his own survival .

“That's right . You must remember that there is not much time left . If you are unable to reach the Sanctuary-realm before the Crack of s.p.a.ce opens, then there'll be dire consequences…”

“Yes . ” Lin Li nodded his head and did not ask what the consequences were .

After all, those consequences surely would be something like the total destruction of Anril…

Lin Li was not concerned whether Anril would be destroyed or not, and he had no interest in becoming some great hero that saved the entire world . But the issue was that once the Tear of s.p.a.ce opened, countless prehistoric magical beasts would charge into Anril . This was not something funny . If it was not dealt with properly, it could be fatal to everyone…

Lin Li was not willing to save the world, but if he could save his life by saving the world, Lin Li would not mind it…

But, wasn't the Sanctuary-realm a little too far? Furthermore, it had to be within three to five years . This was simply forcing him to do the impossible…

Although he had already obtained the three treasures of Geresco, only a mage that had truly broken through to the Legendary-realm would know how hard it was to proceed to the Sanctuary-realm from the Legendary-realm . Every level from level-20 to level-24 had a gigantic gap before it . For many Legendary-mages, one such gap was sufficient to spend their life on .

Which mage that had entered the Legendary-realm was not a person filled with talent? But how many of these people filled with talent had advanced past level-20 in their lives?

Tutankhamun raised three fingers, and said, “Three years . You'd better be prepared that you only have three years . Geresco estimated the next magic tide's arrival time, but he could not accurately pinpoint the year . There were too many anomalies, and thus he could not take everything into consideration . Hence, although it is said to be within three to five years, you need to prepare based on the shortest deadline possible so that no accidents will happen . ”

To attain Sanctuary-realm within three years . This was something impossible no matter whom you asked . There was not a single person that dared to say that he'd reach Sanctuary-realm in 30 or even 300 years, not to mention three years .

“I'll try my best…” Lin Li's face had a wry smile . Time was running out .

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