Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 460 - Or else there would be a lot of trouble

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Chapter 460: 460

“How… How could this be…”

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Hutton and Stephen were still in extreme disbelief when Lin Li walked towards them . The shock was terrifying . The Legendary-level Necromagic had been broken instantaneously, and that was not what people would expect an Archmage to be able to achieve .

It was obvious that the frightening Necromagic had formed a Magical Domain . Only a stronger Magical Domain would be able to balance it out . No powerful magical equipment or casting technique could cover that unbridgeable gap .

The two young men were both very talented Archmages in the Breezy Plains . Coming from a family of magic and the Dark Blade, their knowledge and experience was not a little behind that of the old men who had been around for more than a century . The different exposure and information they had would be beyond the imagination of common men .

However, even the two knowledgeable young Archmages had no idea how an Archmage would have the ability to break a Magical Domain . That was absolutely a subversion of their general knowledge . Even the most foolish mage apprentice would know that that should be impossible .

Those impossibilities were displayed before their eyes . The young Archmage that was standing on the back of the Humerus Wyrm had just used an Illuminating Spell to counter a Legendary-level Necromagic, and slain two Rainbow Manticore Kings instantaneously .

“There is no perfection in this world, let alone for Magical Domains . Once people find any fault with the seemingly perfect Magical Domain, it will become like a bubble with a mult.i.tude of colors, bursting upon gentle contact…” Lin Li's voice was very gentle . No one knew whether he was speaking to Hutton and Stephen or just to himself…

The time the battle lasted was extremely short . It ended as quickly as it started, and was neither thrilling nor intense at all . As compared to the many battles Lin Li had experienced before, it was definitely not worth mentioning . Strictly speaking, the battle did not really concern Lin Li . The Dark Decay shattered like gla.s.s immediately after the Holy Light was released .

To Lin Li, however, that neither thrilling nor intensive battle had a very special meaning…

Lin Li had always been dealing with difficult battles with mere strength even when his opponents were in the Legendary-level, such as Ujfalusi and the Lich in Scar of Death . This was his first battle where he dealt with a Magical Domain directly .

Nor was the victory of the battle or that Legendary magical crystal too important . To Lin Li, the real reward was the process of the battle . The interaction between the Holy Light and the Dark Decay allowed Lin Li to gain a light taste of the Legendary-realm .

That slight feeling was not to be belittled . In fact, the current Lin Li had already reached the limits of an Archmage . His mental strength, skills in magic casting, as well as his knowledge in magic theory were at the maximum any Archmage could achieve . Even without the use of magical equipment and the Humerus Wyrm, Lin Li was already the most invincible man under the Legendary-realm…

Furthermore, when he was at the Scar of Death, he once used the All-Knowing Potion to break into the Legendary-realm temporarily to aid his battle with the Lich . That gave him valuable experience . Not to exaggerate, Lin Li already had one of his hands on the door leading to the Legendary-realm . If he were to give it a gentle push, Lin Li would be able to enter the dream realm .

That last step, however, had been troubling Lin Li for a very long time despite the fact that he had acc.u.mulated the maximum level of knowledge and skills set . The earlier battle enabled Lin Li to discover his deficiencies the moment he witnessed the clash between the Dark Decay and the Holy Light .

That slight inspiration was like a bright lamp that lit the path ahead of him . Lin Li knew that that was the first time he felt so enlightened and clear about the road to the Legendary-realm .

Apart from Lin Li, n.o.body else was aware of the benefits he'd gained from the battle just now…

That was a period of epiphany . Although Lin Li was still an Archmage who still could not make use of the force of the Magical Domain, he understood that he was dangerously close to the realm . All he needed now was time . A day would suffice for Lin Li to relate his life experience and knowledge together, and follow the clear path towards the Legendary-realm!

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But before this could happen…

There would be a need to defuse the time bomb: Stephen .

After using the Power of Dispel to get rid of the Vengeful Spirits, Lin Li called the Humerus Wyrm back into the Magic Lamp . “Alright, now that the trouble in the Abyss Arena is settled, let's head out from the entrance opposite us towards the Throne of Darkness . ”

Lin Li's action brought out a spark in Stephen's gaze . Things seemed to be like Stephen had predicted: Felic's ability to summon the Humerus Wyrm was not due to personal strength, but with the help from a lamp-like magical equipment .

It was rational for Stephen to be so certain about his predictions . Generally, the contract between a mage and a summoned creature was determined by the abilities of both parties . Under normal circ.u.mstances, an Archmage would never have a chance to summon a Legendary-level creature due to the huge disparity in ability . Even if the bond was signed by force, the Legendary creature would be able to escape the restraint easily . Unless powerful magical equipment was involved to forcefully draw the difference in abilities together, it would be nearly impossible for one to establish such a contract .

In Stephen's eyes, Felic had relied on that magical equipment to summon such a majestic Humerus Wyrm .

For Stephen, who had been eyeing on the Humerus Wyrm, that was most delightful news . If Felic used his personal strength to complete the summoning process, it would be extremely difficult for him to s.n.a.t.c.h the Humerus Wyrm . Apart from killing the summoner to destroy the contract, he would need to be recognized by the Wyrm as well .

However, if the process had relied on magical equipment, things would be much simpler . The Humerus Wyrm would immediately become his possession as long as he could get his hands on the equipment…

The thought of such a possibility brought sparks to Stephen's eyes .

“Oh, yes, you two…” Lin Li walked towards them for a few steps before stopping again . “From my past readings, we have to walk through a pa.s.sageway after exiting the Abyss Arena . There would be countless Vengeful Spirits of deceased demons of the Abyss under the control of the Lord of Darkness present in the pa.s.sageway . They would be waiting to tear apart any creature that dares to thread on the path…”

“Then… Then what should we do?” Hutton asked anxiously . He had just survived a confrontation with numerous Vengeful Spirits, and had yet to recover from the formless terrors . Lin Li's words worried him .

“I have a way to deal with these Vengeful Spirits . But…”

“But what?”

“I can make use of the Transcend Spell to disperse the Vengeful Spirits, but both of you should know that the Transcend Spell would require me to stay focused throughout the recitation . Once the recitation gets interrupted, the effects of the spell would vanish . Hence, I am not to be distracted…”

“Yeah, I understand what you mean…” Hutton replied as he nodded his head knowingly . “If there are going to be other demons or magical beasts in the pa.s.sageway, Stephen and I will be in charge of getting rid of them . Mage Felic, you just have to do your best in maintaining the effects of the Transcend Spell . ”

“That's great,” Lin Li said as he fished out the Robe of Light from his Ring of Endless Storm . He pa.s.sed the robe to Hutton . “You should wear this Robe of Light now . If you were to face too many Vengeful Spirits, transfer some mana into this robe and it will ensure that you won't be hurt by any of them for a period of 10 minutes . ”

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“Thank you,” Hutton said as he received the Robe of Light with trembling hands . As a high-level Archmage, how would Hutton not be aware of the value of the Robe of Light? The “10 minutes” concept would a.s.sure the person who donned the robe total safety from Vengeful Spirits when entering and exiting anywhere .

Lin Li glanced at Stephen after pa.s.sing the Robe of Light to Hutton .

“As for Mage Stephen…” Lin Li hesitated exaggeratedly before fis.h.i.+ng out the Magic Lamp from his pocket . “Mage Stephen, I will leave this Summoning Lamp in your safekeeping for the time being . You can transfer your mana into the lamp to summon the Humerus Wyrm to deal with Legendary-level enemies when we enter the pa.s.sageway . However, please be mindful not to activate the lamp if there is no need to, or else…”

Lin Li did not say what were the consequences . He knew it would be a waste of effort… .

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“No… No problem…”

However, the s.p.a.ce did not bring them the Humerus Wyrm that Stephen wanted…

Strictly speaking, it was not a real summoning process . It created a puff of thick fog that resembled gray clouds before an impending storm . The Abyss Arena became silent . There were neither gasps nor shrieks, just dead silence .

Immediately after the dark fog emerged from the void, it twirled tightly around Stephen . They saw how the black fog changed into different forms continuously, while the man in the middle stood rooted to the ground . Stephen became like a wooden puppet that lost his human qualities .

“Hey, I've told you that long ago . You shouldn't add mana in so recklessly…” Lin Li sighed and shook his head . “Or else there would be a lot of trouble…”

Frankly speaking, Stephen had some really bad luck to have put his trust in a hypocrite…

Who was Lin Li? He was a b*tch that might plot against anyone that he gave his copper coin to . After all, the Summoning Lamp was a powerful piece of magical equipment . Anyone who knew Lin Li well, such the boss of Gilded Rose, Ysera, would definitely not immediately accept Lin Li's offer to put his Summoning Lamp with him . His first reaction would be to inspect the lamp with a magnifying gla.s.s to see if there might be a bomb hidden in it .

Unfortunately, Stephen was absolutely unaware of it…

That caused him to step into Lin Li's trap very easily . He was right, the Summoning Lamp was still a Summoning Lamp . It would definitely be able to summon a powerful creature if one were to transfer mana into it . However, Lin Li did not tell Stephen that the Summoning Lamp did not just seal a Humerus Wyrm . In fact, there was also the former Lord of the Abyss within it .

Stephen would never have dreamed that the bond Lin Li signed with the Humerus Wyrm would not require the powers of the Magic Lamp . In fact, the Summoning Lamp was just a living s.p.a.ce for the Humerus Wyrm .

It was lucky for Stephen be still of use to Lin Li . Otherwise, he would not be just trapped by the Lord of Nightmares, but turn into minced meat under the feet of the Humerus Wyrm .

“T-this… What is this…?” Hutton gaped . He could not comprehend the ongoing events .

“Nothing much, I'm just borrowing Mage Stephen's dream…” Lin Li replied as he retrieved the Summoning Lamp from Stephen .

Of course, he would never reveal more . It concerned too many secrets .

However, these words were enough to drown Hutton in his sweat .

The treachery of the young President was beyond the imagination of common men . Every single word could be one of his traps, and every single action might let his enemies fall beyond redemption . Hutton knew he had made a wise decision to please the man after realizing the danger involved . Otherwise, he would be the other person being trapped in that black fog .

“But, Mage Felic, what should we do next? Are we going to leave Stephen here?”

“Leave him here? Hmph, how would there be such an easy way out? I've spent so much time digging this pit, and you want me to give all the s.p.a.ce to Stephen? Now that the b.a.s.t.a.r.d Lord had been watching the free show for quite a while, it's time to pay for the ticket now…” Lin Li smirked as he found the crimson piece of soul fragment very quickly…

“Connoris, go and unlock all the cages . ”

“d.a.m.n it, how do you know…?” Connoris jumped on Lin Li's back . His voice was filled with disbelief .

“Are you curious about why I knew you can unlock these cages?” Lin Li responded Connoris's shock with a smile . “Because I want to know…”

“F*ck you…” Connoris cussed, but proceeded to get down from Lin Li's back . He started to open the cages with some unusual recitation .

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