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Chapter 453 - Mephistos

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Chapter 453: 453

“Even if I have the mood to listen to your nagging, that Greater Demon might not have this patience…”

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“G-Greater Demon?” Stephen's heart tightened . Only after looking left and right for quite a while did he guiltily reply, “What Greater Demon are you talking about? Don't think that I will be scared when you weave that story . I haven't settle that score earlier on with you!”

“You can settle the score when you engrave the plate for your grave…” Lin Li did not look once at Stephen when he spoke . Right after speaking, he cast a Levitation Spell and swerved into the sky at top speed!

“Let's talk after we leave this place . ” Hutton looked at that blurred view of Lin Li's back and started to recite the spell for levitation .

“You really believe there would be a Greater Demon in such a place?” Stephen looked at Hutton in shock . He suddenly felt that the mage that had the same status with him had become very foreign to him . Hutton had not been like this before . He used to be a man who did everything with confidence and mastery, and always carried a confident disposition . Stephen's father had once told him during their first meeting that Hutton would be his strongest compet.i.tor in the Breezy Plains in the future .

However, the present Hutton was void of his past character . Now, Hutton had become an extremely agreeable man before that Felic . How could Hutton stay by Felic so religiously when the latter wanted to make use of a group of Azteks to get rid of himself and Hutton?

“Actually, Stephen…” Hutton, who was about to fly into the air, turned back . He stared at Stephen for about a minute . “I feel that you should believe what Mage Felic said . At least, there is no need for Mage Felic to turn against us before we find the palace . That being said, if Mage Felic had the intention to do that, we would not be able to find that palace . In this world, there are always a few people that are beyond your comprehension…”

After he finished his line, Hutton swooped into the sky .

In reality, the speech he gave to Stephen was actually more for himself .

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Hutton could not verbalize the feelings he got from the battle . This was the first time Hutton saw Lin Li partic.i.p.ate in a battle . This was also the first time Hutton felt that there would always be some monsters in this world that he could not understand . Before this, no matter how miserable the Syer Bandits were when described by Adelo, Hutton was firm in his belief that he would be able to achieve the same results if he were to put in more effort .

However, when Hutton witnessed the Azteks fall under the hands of President like a dozen marionettes, he changed his perspective . The dozen Azteks that were above level-18 were completely wiped out in 10 minutes . It was then that Hutton realized that no matter how hard he worked—even if he were to toil his entire life—it would be always impossible to bridge the gap between himself and the young President .

This gap was not only about magic powers . It was about confidence . Hutton felt that the young President was invincible and too impeccable . President Felic had carefully considered every move from the start to the end of the battle . He executed all plans perfectly . The dozen Azteks turned into mere puppets in the hands of President Felic, manipulated according to his will .

Hutton remembered that when he reached the Archmage-realm, Mentor Cheyenne once told him that it was not magic that made mages powerful . It was the mind .

Hutton was not yet capable of understanding these words then, but everything was clear now . One would never be able to defeat a mage who could control a situation perfectly .

Although the young President had not reached the realm Mentor Cheyenne was speaking of, Hutton knew it wouldn't be long before that happened…

It was a fact that one's magic powers could be enhanced, and magic realms could be surpa.s.sed . However, talents would not be imitable . The thought of the battle earlier a.s.sured Hutton of one thing: even if he had the ability to let the Azteks turn against each other, and if he had the powers of President Felic, he would never be able to achieve such perfect results .

“Hope Stephen can be cleverer…” Hutton muttered . He could not help but grin .

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No, no, no . He had heard of one…

This Spirit Walker was mentioned in the library of Bright Moon City . When Lin Li was researching about the Abyss of Tharlen, he stayed in the library for a couple of days . It was where he came across an encyclopedia of the Abyssal demons . This book had records about a Spirit Walker by the name of Mephistos . It was once the Lord of the Abyss of Tharlen, at least of level-21 .

Unfortunately, no one knew what happened to the legendary Spirit Walker . It was as though it had vanished from the Abyss of Tharlen . The author of the encyclopedia even predicted that one of the reasons had to be related to Azardas . That Dragon of Destruction descended upon the Abyss of Tharlen and killed the former Lord .

However, while there would be a chance for them to defeat him, it wouldn't be possible to kill him .

Lin Li was 100% sure that that frightening Spiritual Force had to come from a Spirit Walker . There were only Legendary-realm Spirit Walkers in the whole of the Abyss of Tharlen . Only they had the ability to emit such a daunting force . What if the Legendary-level Spirit Walker was the true Mephistos himself…?

That was not a joke . Although Lin Li had the ability to challenge a normal person from the Legendary-realm, it would be incredibly dangerous if he were to meet the Mephistos . Mephistos was a terrifying existence . As the formal Lord of Tharlen, even if he were not as powerful as the shadow of the Dragon of Destruction, he was not someone he could trifle with .

“Mage Felic, may I ask you a question…?” Hutton asked as he caught up with Lin Li when he was plotting his moves quietly .

“What question?” Lin Li replied . His impression of the heir of the Malfa Family had changed for the better after the earlier battle . Although it was not sufficient to let him forget the clashes they had before, Hutton was a man he could hold conversation with . After all, unlike Stephen, Hutton was a clever man .

“Is there really a Greater Demon in that forest?”

“Yes…” Lin Li looked at Hutton for a long time before nodding his head gravely . “A Greater Demon that is beyond your imagination…”

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