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Chapter 447 - The Abyss of Tharlen

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Chapter 447: The Abyss of Tharlen

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It was actually the key of the seventh Sky Castle…

This time, Lin Li really understood everything. No wonder the High Elves only mobilized six Sky Castles all the way till the end of the battle, while the most destructive and powerful seventh Sky Castle was not seen during the battle at all. So this was the cause of everything. Activating the seventh Sky Castle required a single key, and this key was just nice in Geresco's hands!

But one thing was weird. Why did Geresco have the Sky Castle's key?

It ought to be known that the seventh Sky Castle was built by the High Elves after expending countless years and infinite effort. For the High Elves, this seventh Sky Castle was not only their strongest weapon, but it was also the key to the final step for them to ascend into the domain of G.o.ds. The seven Sky Castles had always been in the control of Azshara, the queen of the High Elves, ever since they were completed.

Although Geresco was known as the G.o.d of Mages, back in those days when the High Elves were ruling the world, it was not Geresco that was accepted as the strongest mage in Anril. Instead, it was the queen of the High Elves, Azshara. This female High Elf that carried the Moana Magic Staff when being born under the Tree of Eternity was the strongest in magic in Anril. Geresco was powerful back then, but to steal the key of the Sky Castle from Azshara was equivalent to sleep talking…

But for Lin Li, how all of this happened was actually not important…

It was because Lin Li was very clear that no matter how many secrets or doubts there were in this, he had to get these three treasures in his hands.

There was no need to mention the Book of Eternity. The last page recorded an incantation that could overturn the whole magic system, and could be described as omnipotent.

The magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant was equally important. There was no mage that did not want to have more and stronger mental strength. It was especially so for a monster such as Lin Li that had mental strength in the abnormal range. Once he obtained the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal, it could only be described as redoubling his might. This terrifying strengthening of mental strength, coupled with all of the knowledge found within the Book of Eternity, meant that Lin Li almost had a 100 percent chance to reach the realm of Geresco. It was not impossible for him to surpa.s.s Geresco, either…

Furthermore, there was a key that opened up the seventh Sky Castle here…

For an average person like Hutton or Stephen, the key was just an icing on the cake at the very best. Its purpose was significantly lesser than those of the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal and the Book of Eternity. They could, at best, only hope that they were lucky enough and find the Sky Castle that was lost in s.p.a.ce and time one day.

But for Lin Li, the purpose of this key was not so simple.

It was because the blueprints of the seventh Sky Castle were currently within the Ring of Endless Storm…

Ever since he found the blueprints in the Scar of Death, Lin Li had always been researching their secrets. Numerous parts of High Elves Print had already been translated by him. Even though he was worlds apart from deciphering everything in the blueprints, Lin Li understood a few secrets thoroughly just from the few translated sentences.

These secrets might not have much use now, but with the pa.s.sing of time, Lin Li's strength would grow stronger and stronger. Breaking through to the Legendary-realm was just round the corner, and even breaking through to the Sanctuary-realm was no longer impossible. At that point, Lin Li could use the coordinates in the key to enter the turbulent flow of time and s.p.a.ce and find the Sky Castle that was lost was for 1300 years, thus gaining control over this unparalleled war machine!

A Sanctuary Master controlling a Sky Castle would not have any fear even when going face to face against a deity…

“As for who will obtain these three treasures amongst the three of you, you three would have to decide yourselves.” After introducing the history of these three treasures of Geresco, Tutankhamun seemed to have let out a sigh of relief, and slowly retreated to the wooden chair after placing down the key in his hand.

“What should we do?”

“What you need to is actually very simple…” Tutankhamun suddenly smiled, but this smile was rather weird. “You just need to enter a compet.i.tion with killing prohibited. Whoever can get the final victory will be able to obtain these three treasures.”


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“Yes, a compet.i.tion that is race with death…” After Tutankhamun smiled weirdly. He suddenly stood up from the chair, and then he used a roaring voice to recite an incantation. When the incantation resounded, Lin Li could clearly hear that this was an incantation in the ancient language of dragons…

All in all, it was delayed in the long run. When Lin Li was swallowed by the black hole, he never had the time to complete this mission that filled him with doubts.

He did not think that he would enter the Abyss of Tharlen in another world after a year or so…

“Things are going to get spicy….” Thinking about this possibility, Lin Li could not help but frown.

The Abyss of Tharlen was still that Abyss of Tharlen, but he was no longer the same person. The Lin Li that was wielding the Stars of Fury in Endless World could've been said to be an invincible ent.i.ty. Even one of the four great Dragon Aspects, Azardas, was slain by him. Although the Abyss of Tharlen was incomparably dangerous, it was not enough to make him flinch.

But now…

Lin Li lowered his head and looked at the black robe on his body. How was sending a mere level-19 Archmage to a place like the Abyss of Tharlen any different from using meat buns to hit dogs? Level-10 Minion Demons, level-15 Demons, and Greater Demons ranging from level-18 to 20 could all be forgotten. With Lin Li's current abilities, he would be a match even for a Greater Demon that was level-20. But what if he were to encounter Azardas' shadow?

That was the shadow of one of the four great Dragon Aspects…

Even if it were to inherit a fraction of the Dragon of Destruction's powers, it was definitely not something the current Lin Li could resist. Azardas controlled the dark and evil forces of the whole of Anril. Even if it was a shadow with 10% of his power, it would still be a terrifying existence that was close to Sanctuary-realm.

Although Lin Li was now rated as the first person under the Legendary-realm, and he could still go up against a Legendary powerhouse like Sendros when he controlled both Holy Light and Gloomy Dark while having a Humerus Wyrm behind him, this did not mean that he had the power to challenge someone at the peak of the Legendary-realm. Lin Li could rely on the power of Holy Light and Gloomy Dark to close the gap between him and someone at level-20, 21, and even 22, but when the opponent reached level-24, the power of both sides could be said to be miles apart. Holy Light and Gloomy Dark would no longer be able to protect him from the Legendary-realm powers. As for the Humerus Wyrm… It would just be a laughingstock when facing a powerhouse that was close to the Sanctuary-realm…

“This is the 27th floor of the Abyss. It is mentioned in many legends in Anril, and it's also called the Abyss of Tharlen. Now, what the three of you need to do is to think of a way to find a palace located in the deepest depths of the Abyss of Tharlen. After that, use the Teleportation Portal in the palace to teleport back here. Whoever is able to win this compet.i.tion will win the three treasures that Geresco left behind.”

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