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Chapter 446 - Magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant

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Chapter 446: Magical crystal of the Evil Eye Tyrant

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“What would happen if the Tear of s.p.a.ce grew bigger?” Hutton instinctively asked, but when his words fell, Hutton already knew that he asked something stupid. Prehistoric magical beasts were not mere cats or dogs. Once they escaped from the Tear of s.p.a.ce, what good could it do?

There was no need to talk about the others. Just a single Evil Eye Tyrant was enough to cause chaos in the whole Breezy Plains. Its power was at least at the Sanctuary-realm. There were only three powerhouses that could match up to this power in the Breezy Plains, and one of them was the Ashen Warlock, a monster that was more of a demon than a human.

Furthermore, there wasn't just a single Evil Eye Tyrant at the other end of the Tear of s.p.a.ce. Tutankhamun just said that there were a lot of prehistoric magical beasts trapped in that terrifying s.p.a.ce. Minotaurs, Hydras which were Kings of the Swamps, the most venomous Vipers, etc.

Their numbers could reach up to the thousands. Once they rushed out of the Tear of s.p.a.ce, all that awaited the whole Felan Kingdom and the world of Anril would just be a cataclysmic disaster.

Tutankhamun did not answer Hutton's question. He just looked at the three young mages. “Which one of you still remembers the time when the three magic tides happened in Anril?”

“I do!” Naturally, Stephen was rather happy to see his rival, Hutton, doing something stupid. Even an idiot knew that whatever Tutankhamun was doing now was to help those three treasures find an heir. Every single word the three rivals said could possibly affect to whom these three treasures would belong to.

The stupider things Hutton said, the lower the chances of him obtaining the treasure. A mage like Geresco would definitely not allow his treasures to go to an idiot.

“Let's hear you talk.”

“The first magic tide happened in the first decade after the collapse of the Tree of Eternity. During that year, Geresco set up the Supreme Council, and numerous Magic Councils were being established. With the arrival of the magic tide, large numbers of mages broke through their original realms. The number of Archmages reached the highest ever in history. Yet at the same time, the first Black Current's flow arrived at the Sunset Mountains, and countless magical beasts went on a rampage. In a single night, they destroyed 13 outposts of the Felan Kingdom, and there was a casualty count of tens of thousands of soldiers. From then on, the Sunset Mountains became a true forbidden zone. Even the Legendary-realm powerhouses did not dare climb the Sunset Mountains during the overflow of the Black Current.”

“Indeed…” Tutankhamun nodded his head. That expressionless face of his gave off a rare look of praise.

“As for the second magic tide, there has not been a single explanation with authority in Anril. Some said that it was the year when the Church of Dawn was established, and some said that it was the year when Geres...o...b..came a G.o.d…” These words received Tutankhamun's praise. Stephen was happy on the inside. This was a good start. As long as he gave himself another push, he would definitely leave a good impression. “However, there is another saying in Dark Blade…”


“This would have to start from the origin of the Dark Blade. The origin of the Dark Blade is actually a secret that was made known to the public. A lot of people know that it is the Darkness Shrine supporting Dark Blade,” Stephen spoke while glancing over at Lin Li and Hutton. His gaze had a tinge of arrogance that was hard to hide. “So, we know a little of the Darkness Shrine's inside stories…”

No wonder Stephen was so proud. Although the current Darkness Shrine was no longer one of the three great factions in Anril, how could a mere disaster completely obliterate something that had been around for more than 1300 years? The Darkness Shrine had been keeping a low profile in the recent centuries—so much so that the Brilliance Shrine no longer saw them as a rival—but the Darkness Shrine's true powers were incomparable. It was just that they did not have the same goal as the Supreme Council or Brilliance Shrine—being able to rule Anril.

Stephen was the only heir of the Dark Blade, and he had such a terrifying faction backing him up. Of course he had the right to be arrogant.

Naturally, Stephen definitely would not know that the true High Priest of the Darkness Shrine was currently waiting at the Crimson Python's nest for a certain rival to give him some pointers…

“Mr Tutankhamun, surely you know that the decline of the Darkness Shrine was actually due to a terrifying disaster. During the disaster, the Darkness Shrine lost hundreds of powerhouses level-15 and above, 13 Legendary Priests, as well as a High Priest that'd just broken through to the Sanctuary-realm. All of the Darkness Shrine's elites seemed to have been completely lost overnight.” After Stephen reached this point, he took in a deep breath. “A few years ago, I found the records pertaining to this disaster in the diary of one of my ancestors. According to the memories of that ancestor, the disaster back then was due to the magic tide. It was just that this magic tide was not the same as the first one, bringing prosperity to Anril. This magic tide tore open a Tear of s.p.a.ce in the Ledin Kingdom. Tens of thousands of magical beasts surged forth from that Tear of s.p.a.ce and attacked the Darkness Shrine. This was a true disaster. The Darkness Shrine was dyed in blood overnight. Countless elites fell victim to the magical beasts' attack. The battle raged on for seven days and seven nights before the Darkness Shrine finally killed all of the magical beasts, but they also paid a very heavy price…”

“This definitely sounds interesting. If there is a chance, I would have to ask somebody in the Darkness Shrine…” Tutankhamun smiled without showing any opinion, signaling Stephen to continue speaking.

“As for the third magic tide, it was the most bombastic one. The descendants of the prehistoric magical beast descended upon the Sunset Mountains, causing the whole of Anril to fall into panic. The Supreme Council and the Brilliance Shrine, the strongest factions in Anril, worked together for the first time. Back then, it was Archbishop Rosario and Arbitrator Apophis that led the most elite attack force of the two strongest factions to attack the Sunset Mountains. They even killed all of the prehistoric magical beast descendants before the Black Current, finally stopping this terrifying disaster.”

“Yes.” Tutankhamun nodded his head, and then he suddenly changed the topic. “Then, can you tell me if there was anything special about the time when these three magic tides appeared?”

“Something special?”

Stephen was dazed when he heard it, but Lin Li, who was at the side, instantly reacted. “A magic tide every 400 years?”

“That's right.”

“So the next time…” Lin Li calculated silently for a while before his complexion changed. “Wouldn't it be within the next few years?”

“The latest would be five years, and the earliest would be three years…”

“…” Lin Li drew in a breath of cold air.

“Now do you know why I asked for the three of you to come over? I have to admit, you humans are a really lucky race. A monster like Geresco has appeared amidst all of you. Geresco had left you a way to deal with it a long 1300 years ago already. Now, let me tell you what these three treasures are used for…” Tutankhamun picked up the Book of Eternity and quickly flipped to the last page.

“Wa!” Lin Li instantly froze. The last page of the Book of Eternity only had an incantation, and this incantation was not too long. There were only 100 runes or so. For a mage, an incantation with a segment of roughly 100 runes did not have any difficulty at all. Most Archmages could complete it within 10 seconds. Those that were stronger, such as Lin Li, could even compress to the casting time to within 5 seconds.

But seeing this incantation, Lin Li could not help but swallow his saliva…

It was because the language for this incantation was actually the ancient language of the dragons and the divine language of the t.i.tans.

“d.a.m.n it, Geresco, this monster…” Lin Li really had not imagined that Geresco could actually create such a scary incantation. One had to know that this was a magnificent feat that even High Elves would not dare to think about attempting. The ancient language of the dragons contained the eight Rule Powers, and the divine language of the t.i.tans contained the seven Elemental Powers. These two languages themselves were the strongest and most mysterious incantations. Every single rune had infinite valiance. Using them to create incantations was simply something only a madman could do…

Geresco was indeed a madman…

“This incantation was left behind by Geresco. Any mage that has the Book of Eternity would be able to use this incantation to seal the Tear of s.p.a.ce.”

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Tutankhamun's words that were casually spoken were like a bomb blasting in Lin Li's ears.

The Evil Eye's magical crystal had always been a bestseller in the black market. A good Evil Eye magical crystal could make countless mages go for it like a flock of ducks. It was because the Mental Spell proficient Evil Eye had immense mental strength by nature. After the Evil Eye's magical crystal had been processed with special techniques, it could be worn as an accessory. Although this accessory didn't provide any offensive or defensive abilities, when it was worn, it could increase a mage's mental strength!

For a mage, what else could be more important than mental strength?

Unfortunately, the Evil Eye's magical crystal had always been rare. Its numbers absolutely could not fulfill the wishes of these numerous mages. Thus, the Evil Eye's magical crystal's price had been increasing. According to the Gilded Rose's Ysera, a single Evil Eye's magical crystal could be worth up to 800,000 gold coins in the market currently. Furthermore, this price was not often followed by purchase. There were a lot of times when it could not be bought even if you had the money…

Back at the Endless World, Lin Li had a few of these high-quality Evil Eye's magical crystals, prepared for his mage smurf account all along. A perfect initial mental attribute with the Evil Eye's magical crystal could allow the mage smurf's mental strength to be pushed to a terrifying state.

However, when compared to this abnormal magical crystal, those few high-quality Evil Eye's magical crystals did not amount to much. This magical crystal's aura was simply too powerful and pure. If Lin Li was not mistaken, there was an 80-90% chance that the magical crystal held in Tutankhamun's hands was the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal…

“Oh my G.o.d…” Thinking about this possibility, Lin Li could not help but swallow his saliva. This was really too terrifying. The Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal was an item mentioned in myths even at Endless World. Even a person that stood at the peak of the game, Lin Li, had not seen one with his own eyes, not to mention those average players.

Lin Li had occasionally seen it mentioned briefly in the libraries. The Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal had the same effect of raising mental strength. Furthermore, this effect would rise by 100 or even 1000 times when compared to a normal Evil Eye's magical crystal. If the Evil Eye's magical crystal was a water pipe, then the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal was without a doubt a raging river!

Even if it was a mage apprentice that had the worst talent, he would definitely become at least a level-19 Archmage if he was able to get the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal. Furthermore, his mental strength would definitely surpa.s.s that of an average Archmage. As to why it was just a level-19 Archmage but not a Legendary-mage, it would be because the Legendary-realm was no longer decided by mental strength and mana. The Legendary-realm required the understanding and control of Rule Power.

Without any exaggerations, the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal was more valuable than the Book of Eternity for a mage!

This time, Lin Li believed that Tutankhamun was not spouting nonsense. If the three young talented mages present were to have the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal in their hands, they would then not be as far from stepping into the Sanctuary-realm as they thought.

“This…” Lin Li swallowed his saliva with difficulty, and looked at Tutankhamun dully. “This… This wouldn't be the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal, right?”

“Good judgment.” The smile on Tutankhamun's face was very pleased. “This is the Evil Eye Tyrant's magical crystal. Back then, Geresco set forth for the Sunset Mountains to block the Tear of s.p.a.ce and obtain this magical crystal.”

“So it really is…” In an instant, countless thoughts revolved in Lin Li's mind. The temptation that Tutankhamun took out this time was really too intense, so much so that Lin Li could not hold back anymore.

An incantation that pointed to the path of becoming a G.o.d and a magical crystal that could amplify mental spells to no end. Not a single mage could resist such temptation. Not Hutton, not Stephen. Likewise for Lin Li…

All of this could no longer be described as benefits. Tutankhamun was right. Whoever were to obtain Geresco's three treasures, they really had a chance to become the next Geresco!

“As for this key…” Just when the three mages were dumbfounded, Tutankhamun took up the remaining key. “Geresco left a set of s.p.a.ce-time coordinates in this key. One of you is able to use this s.p.a.ce-time coordinates set to find the last Sky Castle that the High Elves left behind, and this key is used to open the Sky Castle.”

“Sky Castle!” At this point, Lin Li only felt his mind go ballistic…

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