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Chapter 441 - Black Current

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Chapter 441: 441

“If you kneel down and beg, I might consider letting you off, or else…”

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“Or else?” asked Lin Li . He looked at Stephen and lifted his foot before stepping on him with full force…

Stephen shrieked . Apart from being a mage, Lin Li was a real Guru in blacksmithing . His deep experience from smithing gave him great body strength . If his strength was considered outstanding amongst the Warriors, the force he placed in his leg was as if a huge boulder had landed on Stephen's chest .

The critical thing was that the boulder did not only fall once onto Stephen…

Before Stephen could catch his breath, Lin Li gave him another blow with his leg . What followed was the third and the fourth one…

To Stephen, this might be the darkest time of his life . How could the heir of the Dark Blade, the son of a Legendary powerhouse, and the most talented mage of the Breezy Plains be stepped on like mud?

Despite having the determination to fight back, Stephen was not sure why he could not channel the mighty mental strength he had prided himself on . It was as if the strength had gone into hibernation . It couldn't take effect no matter how hard Stephen tried to awaken it .

There was no other thing more terrifying than this . The mental strength was everything to a mage . Without the support of one's mental strength, a mage would be more useless than a farmer who had lost his hoe .

Stephen was very shocked by such a blow . The arrogant and vengeful gaze in his eyes disappeared . Instead, it was replaced by fear and confusion . He had always been priding himself on his strong background and powerful abilities . When his background and powers failed to instill fear in his opponent, his arrogance would naturally be extinguished…

Although he had his teeth tightly clenched together, the fear and confusion grew within his eyes . At last, underlying his gaze was a hint of plea .

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Unfortunately, Lin Li had no mood to entertain Stephen's thoughts . To Lin Li, since he had already offended the Dark Blade, he should just take the chance to vent all his unhappiness . Otherwise, he would regret this moment when the three Legendary individuals started to hunt him down .

That convinced Lin Li to make use of the Lord of Nightmares . The combined ability of a level-19 Lord of Nightmares and a level-19 Archmage was extremely close to the Legendary-realm . It was not impossible to lock the mental strength of a level-17 Archmage .

At that moment, the wooden house became very silent .

Stephen fainted four times from all the humiliation and suffering—he helplessly fainted again and again every time he woke up . It was like a nightmare . Even Hutton who was supposed to be Stephen's enemy started to sympathize with him after seeing his misery…

Of course, other than sympathy, there was delight…

Hutton was proud of his decision to introduce them to each other . Senior Adelo had been right . President Felic was a scary man that no one would dare to offend . Once an enmity had been established with him, one had to take all precautions to prevent him from taking revenge . He was like a venomous snake hiding in the gra.s.s . He would not have anything against you on normal days, but would go for your throat when you let your guard down .

On top of that, this venomous snake was a little too strong…

While Stephen was still thinking that Lin Li had defeated him because he made use of a magical weapon, Hutton, who was viewing the confrontation from the side as a third party, held a different view . Yes, there was the use of magical equipment . There was, however, true ability as well…

The mental strength of President Felic had reached a terrifying extent . Hutton could sense the pressure of the magical waves even though he stood many meters away from them . He could feel resistance when was trying to channel his mana . The only thing that would result in this would only be the suppression of mental strength . That being said, it would not be the usual mental suppression . As long as someone had twice the amount of mental strength compared to the others, it would create a difficulty for the others to activate their mana .

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Thank goodness… Hutton wiped off his cold sweat discreetly . It did not matter if Felic was a man with great power . The fact that he was a daredevil caused him to negate Master Borg's existence . Although Stephen was Master Borg's son, Lin Li gave him over 10 kicks . No one would know if Stephen would still have the guts to leave home in the future…

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“Alright, little mage…” said Tutankhamun, breaking his silence when Stephen fainted for the fifth time . “Hold on first, I haven't finished my piece…”

“Oh d.a.m.n, that's the Sunset Mountains!” Lin Li exclaimed after the scene before him grew clearer . That was right, the scene that appeared from the s.p.a.cetime Beacon Spell was the Sunset Mountains Lin Li was extremely familiar with!

Lin Li had lived in the Sunset Mountains for two months when he first entered Anril World . Having battled different monsters every day, he was incredibly clear with the environment in the Sunset Mountains . When he saw the forest projected from the s.p.a.cetime Beacon Spell, he immediately recalled that that was the peak of one of the mountains, a region that many level-15 magical beast roamed .

Lin Li remembered very clearly that that was the region Andoine did not permit him to enter due to the presence of dangerous beasts . It wasn't until Lin Li managed to use the Nightmare Seed he found at the borders of the forest to produce some bottles of Water Spirit Potion that it tempted Andoine to bring him there .

Because of that, Lin Li got the chance to witness the greatness of a Legendary-realm mage . Those level-15 beasts that he could not defeat then became as insignificant as ants . It did not matter whether there was one, 10, or 100 beasts . Andoine managed to turn them into ashes instantaneously with just a few fire spells . To the Lin Li then, that was absolutely out of the world…

Hence, the forest had left a deep impression on Lin Li .

“That's right . It's the Sunset Mountains…” Tutankhamun said in low voice while he controlled the spell . “However, it was the Sunset Mountains 300 years ago…”

Tutankhamun's words were followed by a s.h.i.+ft in the scene as projected by the s.p.a.cetime Beacon Spell . Booming steps could be heard from that forest, and their volume was increasing exponentially as though it was just beside their ears .

There were noises from booming footsteps, growls of beasts, and shrieks of the wind . It was as though the entire forest was trembling . Huge crowds of magical beasts dashed out of the forest in a frenzy . Amongst them there were the Three-eyed Demon Wolves and Wyverns, and Lin Li even saw the shadows of two Crimson Pythons…

There were too many magical beasts that were rus.h.i.+ng out of the forest . The scene was like a water current that was surging out of the forest…

“Wait a minute . Current…?!” Lin Li exclaimed . “Could this be the Black Current Andoine was referring to?”

In reality, Andoine was not the only person who had spoken of the Black Current . The Archbishop Englos of the Brilliance Shrine mentioned it once during the ceremony when Lin Li was taking over as President…

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