Another World's Versatile Crafting Master

Zhuang Bifan

Chapter 44 - Ysera

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Not long after the richest man in Jarrosus left, Gerian came over with a creepy look on his face.

"That kid wants to discuss a business deal with you, are you interested?"

Lin Li knew the old fellow had to have gotten something good judging by the look on his face. "What business deal? Tell me…"

"Three bottles of Magicka Potion. As for the rewards…" Gerian raised up three fingers and his expression was slightly exaggerated. "You get to choose any three items from the Mannes Family's equipment bank!"

"Not interested!" Lin Li replied without even thinking about it.

"F*ck!" Gerian felt his legs turn weak, and his old illness almost relapsed from the scare. The old man barely managed to steady himself by holding onto the chair and didn't even have the time to straighten his tilted hat; utterly discomfited, he roared, "You're not interested?!"

Faced with the President's sudden rage, the group of mages were scared silly at once. They looked at Gerian with trepidation and desperately shrank back for fear that the old fellow might spill blood on them. For the moment, there was a big s.p.a.ce around Lin Li, and he sat there by himself as if nothing had happened and still had the time to stretch out his hand and point to Gerian's head, kindly reminding him of his image.

"Your hat is tilted…"

"Oh…" Gerian was taken by surprise at his words and quickly straightened his mage hat. But halfway through, he remembered the reason for his anger. "d.a.m.n it, don't change the topic. I'm asking you a question, are you sick? The Mannes Family's h.o.a.rd is something that many people could not dream about. You get to choose any three items from them and you're still not interested? Are you trying to p.i.s.s me off, you little b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

"Sit down first, I'll explain to you slowly…" Lin Li pulled Gerian back to his seat and continued, "Say, you're an old man, how could you still have such a big temper? It'll hurt your health if you get too agitated easily… To tell you the truth, it doesn't pay for this business."

"How does it not pay?" As soon as Gerian heard the word 'business', all his anger was gone. In particular, he was dumbfounded when he heard that it would not pay, and looked at Lin Li with confusion on his face.

"The Magicka Potion is not that easy to concoct as you think it may be."

Gerian got anxious at his words. "Even you're unable to concoct it?"

"Not that it can't be concocted, it's just that the ingredients are not easy to get." Lin Li shook his head and held out his hand, counting each and every one out for Gerian. "The essence of two elements, fire and water, the blood of a high-level demon, magical crystal above level-fifteen. Can you get all these items?"

"I have a level-fifteen magical crystal, as for the others…"

"So, don't think about it."

Lin Li concluded with the sentence.

Actually, there was another reason that he did not reveal—mainly because he was worried it might frighten Gerian. The old man was 60-something this year, and if anything happened to him, it would lay heavy on Lin Li's conscience.

The Mannes Family was indeed the richest in Jarrosus. Lin Li had no doubt they had an abundant collection in the family. But choosing three pieces of equipment had no meaning for Lin Li. He was a guru well-versed in five series; as long as the ingredients on hand were enough, was there any equipment he couldn't get?

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Gerian pondered over it and was unwilling to give up. "If not, I'll go ask Ysera again to see if he has enough ingredients?"

"550,000!" Little Merlin said with utmost resolution, going completely head on with Reuben Saruman.

But what kind of a character was Reuben Saruman? He was someone who said he'd kill his father and brother and really did it without even batting his eyelids. He raised the price by another 100,000 once more. "650,000!"

Little Merlin felt his heart bleeding. He only had 800,000 gold coins with him. If he went with that lunatic Reuben's increment speed, it would only take two rounds for him to be kicked out of the contest for the Arcane Magic Potion.

"700,000!" Little Merlin felt his liver churn when he shouted the price out…


As soon as Reuben Saruman uttered the price, everyone present fully believed the fellow to be a lunatic. 800,000 gold coins were thrown out without even a wrinkling of his brows. This was an absolute sky-high price! So what if this was the Arcane Magic Potion? With this 800,000 gold coins, you could get ten level-five mages with a just a throw of the money…

"…" Little Merlin could see nothing but blackness, and blood was almost spat out from his mouth. This fellow was really a lunatic. He didn't even have the strength to speak; he barely managed to lift his arm, and with the idea of leaving things to luck at last, he quoted a price with much difficulty, "8… 820,000…"

"You win."

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