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Chapter 439 - Magical Crystal

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Chapter 439: 439

That gave that kid a huge advantage… Tutankhamun thought to himself . He was not an amateur like Hutton and Stephen . Although he did not specialize in magical enchantment, the vast knowledge and experience he had acc.u.mulated over the years allowed him to grasp critical aspects of any issue . Elemental iron was one of the most valuable magical metals in Anril . During the Dark Age 1300 years ago, only the royals of the High Elves had the right to use magical equipment made from elemental iron .

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Furthermore, the powers of elemental iron grew with time . When Geresco created this crate, the elemental iron mineral vein he used was at least a few thousand years old . The mana within it was comparable to a magical crystal's .

By itself, the essence of magic had neither form nor substance . It would only radiate dazzling beams of light after undergoing a complicated elemental sequencing . Although the halo on the tip of the gold rod was faint, its mere existence was terrifying enough .

If one were to make good use of that essence of magic, he would be able to complete at least three magical enchantments at the Master-level!

Furthermore, it being extracted from the elemental iron allowed the essence of magic to inherit qualities unique to the elemental iron . This meant that if one were to use that essence for magical enchantment, the equipment undergoing the enchantment would also grow in power as time pa.s.sed . Over time, it would be as great as the legendary Divinity Metal!

If we let this essence of magic take its effect on a magical weapon that was made of the Divinity Metal…

The thought made Tutankhamun smile . How could the Divinity Metal land in the hands of a mortal? All of the Divinity Metal had been dug out during the prehistoric times, when the t.i.tans battled with the Dragons . Those metals were used to create 12 t.i.tan Dragon Spears . Now, anybody who wanted to get their hands on any magical weapon made from that metal could only enter the Pantheon to look for the remains of the 12 Golden t.i.tans .

Tutankhamun still did not know that it was exactly what Lin Li intended to do . By this time, Lin Li had already planned out what magical equipment he wanted to forge . He just had to bring that essence of magic back to start work immediately .

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“Oops, I opened it accidentally…” Lin Li said as he smiled hypocritically, and put away the gold rod with the essence of magic casually .

“…” Hutton nearly went out of breath .  Can you put more effort into your pretense of humbleness? How could you say that you unlocked the box when you actually let such a big crate disappear? What a shameless man!

On the other side, Stephen realized that he would never see Felic embarra.s.s himself . He realized he was the joke . If that happened to any other man, it would be nothing to fuss about . However, Stephen was a man who experienced comfort and luxury ever since he was born . No one in the Dark Blade would go against his wishes . This included his three elders . They would dote on him and fulfill all of his requests . Over time, he had grown to become a man who could never handle any failures .

Stephen had thought that he would be the first to claim all the objects within the metal box . He had not expected himself to be attacked so miserably by the numerous magic arrows when he actually employed the utmost refined skill of lock-picking which most mages did not know .

How could that Mage Felic resolve all issues with just one gentle touch of a metal rod? The stark difference between himself and Felic naturally induced hate within him…

However, Stephen had not been blinded by anger . He knew that there was still a Hutton who came from the Malfa Family by his side . If he were to start a battle, Hutton would be very happy to join forces with Felic to get rid of himself . Hence, Stephen only gave Felic one deadly glare before lowering his head again . No one knew what was on his mind…

After the blinding light beams faded, the relics of the G.o.d of Mages appeared .

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There were three items lying quietly on the wooden table . They were namely a book, a key, and a magical crystal . There was a handwritten sentence on the cover page of the book: “Knowledge is the most powerful belief of a mage!” .

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“This is really the Book of Eternity…”

The remaining half of the crystal he had seen would be the one dug out from Azardas, the Dragon of Destruction . The reason why it was 'halved' was because Lin Li still could not extract any bit of mana . He had tried everything he could for the past one year he travelled from the Endless World to Anril, but to no avail . It was as if that was just an ordinary stone .

Lin Li remembered very clearly that he had skinned Azardas and had ridden it of its veins . He had searched Azardas' body very thoroughly . He went through its skin, bones, veins, blood, and even fur, but could not find any other objects related to the Wyrm Crystal other than that stone .

Furthermore, how would there be a stone within the Dragon of Destruction? Unless it got gallstones from a sedentary life by sleeping in its cave… Alright, even if that happened, it did not make sense for the stone to be growing in its head…

After eliminating everything else that would never happen, there could only be one conclusion: the stone-like object Lin Li had got from the dragon was a real magical crystal . That was the largest magical crystal Lin Li had seen in his life .

Oh, yes . I shouldn't let Tutankhamun know this . Who knows if he is the son of the Dragon of Destruction? Although it was a different world, it would definitely offend him .  For his Sanctuary-level abilities, he would be able to seek revenge for his father any time he wanted . Even if Lin Li had 10 lives, the result would be his death .

That thought caused Lin Li to steal a quick glance at Tutankhamun guiltily . After realizing that the expression of the descendant of the Dragon of Destruction remained unaffected, he managed to calm down gradually and direct his focus on the magical crystal again…

Lin Li discovered that Stephen and Hutton were all looking intently at the Book of Eternity . They were not a bit interested in that magical crystal which came together with the book .

That was because the magical wave emitted by the magical crystal was definitely incomparable to that of the Book of Eternity . If the Book of Eternity was a bright moon, then the magical crystal had to be a firefly . Although its magical wave was not weak, it was certainly ordinary . Judging from the frequency of the wave, the maximum would only be around level-15 .

A level-15 magical crystal would be an uncommon treasure to the usual mages, yet when it came to Stephen and Hutton, coming from the Dark Blade and the Malfa Family, respectively, their taste had long surpa.s.sed that of common mages . To them, a level-15 magical crystal was good . But, it was just “good” . They would rather pay more attention to the Book of Eternity…

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