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Chapter 413 - Seal

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Chapter 413: Seal Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"Are the 12 lamps that powerful?"

"Are you talking c.r.a.p?" Connoris snorted. "Let me tell you another secret, then. Osric's motive behind the creation of the 12 lamps was to turn them into one of the most powerful weapons of the Eternal Furnace. Hehe, if not for the early death of that madman, the High Elves might have had the eighth Sky Castle. Or else, how could you humans defeat the High Elves so easily and dominate Anril?"

"Weapons? Do you mean that the 12 oil lamps are exactly part of the Eternal Furnace?"

"Of course, did you just a.s.sume that that madman had no better things to do, and just wanted to go to the Abyss for an expedition?"

Although Connoris told him the secret in a very calm manner, Lin Li was still utterly stunned by it. Lin Li had entered the Eternal Furnace before, and seen for himself the freaky Infernal Palace which hovered in the air. No one could be clearer than Lin Li about it.

And, that was still an incomplete Eternal Furnace.

If what Connoris said was true, if the Eternal Furnace were to recover its prime condition, and be integrated with the 12 oil lamps that had the Demon Lords sealed within them, it would definitely turn into the eighth Sky Castle…

Lin Li could only agree with the view that Osric was indeed a crazy man.

This was the only t.i.tle that suited that talented High Elves. While the High Elves only managed to construct seven Sky Castles after countless years, Osric had the ability to almost complete one by himself…

"Oh, yes. Almighty Soul Trader, you haven't advised me on the way to deal with that Humerus Wyrm…"

"Hehe, to be honest, it is really your luck to have met me. Since I witnessed the entire process when Osric created the 12 lamps, I'm confident to say that I'm the person that has the best understanding of the 12 lamps. It is very simple to seal that Humerus Wyrm. All you need is a recital…"

Connoris said a recital in the High Elves' Language. Perhaps it had been long since he heard it, for he stuttered along the way, and was not very clear at certain parts of the recital.

Fortunately, it had been over a year since Lin Li came to the Anril World. He was well-versed in the High Elves Language now, and had developed deep insight from the 10 core magical mantras. It was not difficult for him to a.n.a.lyze any magical recitation.

Lin Li memorized the recital in less than a minute. Along the way, he did not forget to correct Connoris' mistakes in p.r.o.nouncing certain parts of the recital.

"Very good. Almighty Soul Trader, you must be tired now. Why don't you go back to take a rest? We will discuss politeness and respect when we get back to the Tower of Dusk…"

With that, Lin Li cut off the Spiritual Communication between Connoris and himself immediately.

"Despicable…!" That was the only word Connoris managed to say before the mental strength was disrupted.

"Politeness and respect? I'm going to settle the deal with you after getting back…" Lin Li muttered in irritation as he walked towards the Humerus Wyrm. Now, the magical wave of the Lich was incredibly weak. If he was not an Archmage, Lin Li would not be able to sense such a minute magical wave…

The Humerus Wyrm had been forced into a corner by the surviving Death Knights who had ceased their attacks.

When Lin Li got to the wyrm, it was incredibly weak. Its gold skeletal structure was white-washed like any other Skeletal Warrior's. There was no sign on the poor wyrm that suggested it was a level-20 Undead creature. 'Pitiful' would be the most adept descriptor for the wyrm's remaining energy, and this pathetic amount was depleting at the speed of light…

The Humerus Wyrm continued to struggle. Its voice that sounded from the cave lacked the usual power; it was as though it was a low-level magical beast, wimping before its death…

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"I've found a new place for you to live…" Lin Li took out the lamp from his Ring of Endless Storm, and started the recitation.

After the Lich shattered into pieces, and the Humerus Wyrm got sealed up by the lamp, the ominous and eerie cave became clean and ordinary again. n.o.body could smell any scent of decay when the cold wind blew pa.s.s occasionally. Lin Li led the group of men who had yet to recover from their shock across the piles of rubble and towards the altar.

Their journey there was incredibly peaceful, without any more interruptions from the Undead creatures. Yet, Lin Li was not at peace with himself. In fact, he was boiling with excitement. Lin Li knew that he was getting closer and closer to Gloomy Dark. Now that the Lich had fallen to death, and he had sealed the Humerus Wyrm up, there would not be anything that could prevent him from acquiring Gloomy Dark!

That was the best thing he had discovered at the Scar of Death.

The Humerus Wyrm sealed in his lamp was insignificant as compared to acquiring Gloomy Dark. Gloomy Dark and Holy Light owned the two purest forces in the world—darkness and light, respectively. To others, they were just two sets of powerful magical weapons. To the formal owner of the Stars of Fury, however, they had the potential to generate an invincible amount of energy.

Not to exaggerate, even if he was a weakling, as long as he were to get his hands on both Gloomy Dark and Holy Light, he would certainly become unrivaled in the Legendary-realm!

"It's been long, Gloomy Dark…" Lin Li mumbled as he stopped in his tracks 10 meters away from the altar. That altar was indeed a masterpiece of the High Elves. It was constructed entirely of moonstone, which produced a gentle glow in the dark.

The entire altar was 30 meters tall. It was not much smaller than the gigantic Humerus Wyrm. It looked like a tall tower with a pointed roof, and its summit had a moonstone sculpture of a High Elf from the waist up.

The unique magical wave of Gloomy Dark seemed to be emitted by that half-bodied sculpture.

"That…!" Lin Li gasped. His suspicion rose as he saw the face of the High Elf sculpture. Although it had the eyes and ears like any other High Elves, it just looked too familiar…

Lin Li cast the Warlock's Eyes skeptically.

As the Warlock's Eyes approached the sculpture, Lin Li had a closer view of its face. However, despite the clear sight thereof, Lin Li just could not recall where he saw someone who resembled this High Elf.

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